UEFA-MLSZ Grassroots Programme

UEFA-MLSZ Grassroots
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Hungarian Football
Faith and Sport
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 Programme introduction:
5. step:
European Cup
4. step: Summer
Grassroots Football
3. step: Chance
2. step: Grassroots
Regional Finals
1. step: Grassroots Home
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The Grassroots Programme in Details:
 1.: Grassroots Home Championship
 2011-2012. Children from 8 foster homes played football
and did sports at 5 locations once a week, for 3 months. It
means that 280 children from 5 towns played football.
 Locations of the home championships were chosen by
the geographical proximity , which is an issue due to the
fact that the foster homes had to arrange and finance their
own transportation.
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Locations of Championships 2012
The Championships in Pictures
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 2.: Grassroots Regional Finals:
 The same locations were used for the finals because
besides their proximity they had efficient gyms.
 Teams from neighbouring counties joined the regional
 600 youngsters from 40 homes took part in the games
at 5 locations in 2012.
(The map below shows the regions in 2012, but the empty spaces show
the areas where we would like to expend in 2013-2014.)
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Grassroots Regional Finals 2012
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Pics of the regional
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 3.: The Chance Festival
 The participants are the winners of the regional finals.
 46 youngsters participated at the First Chance Festival in
Budapest in 2012.
 The Faith and Sport Foundation organised the festival.
 The teams successfully participating at the festival were
invited to a summer camp by the Hungarian Football
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The Chance Festival
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 4.: The Summer Grassroots Football Camp
 Location: Tiszaújváros,
 Date: 20-22nd June, 2012
 Participants: Dunavecse Children’s Foster Home (CFH),
Velence CFH., Komádi CFH., Tiszadob CFH.
A total of 48 people.
 An important philosophy of the camp was to allow the kids
to play free of pressure and without any requerements to
succeed, just for the fun and joy of playing together.
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5.: The Grassroots European Cup of Children’s
― The Faith and Sport Foundation started this programme in 2000 to help
international foster home groups to do sports in Hungary for 5 days.
― In 2012 The European Cup integrated into the Grassroots Programme, so
we would like to widen the programme on the top of the imaginery pyramid
together with the Hungarian Football Federation.
― In 2012 sportsmen from the following nations played football at the
Grassroots European Cup: Romanian, Serbian, Bosnian from Serbia,
Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Hungarian, all together 100
― 1074 people took part in the programme in 2012.
― The European Cup has been expanding throughout the years by other
European nations, so in 2013 in addition to all the above mentioned nations
Danish, Russian, German, Polish and Slovakian foster homes will have
been participating for the second time with the Grassroots Programme.
Grassroots European Cup
for Foster Homes
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About the future
 In 2013-2014 we would like to expand the areas of the
home and regional champoinships.
 We would like to increase the number of locations of the
regional finals.
 Given the possibility we also wish to involve more and
more foster homes to the Grassroots Programme.
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 The Faith and Sport Foundation puts a lot of emphasis on the
media representation of the Grassroots Programme. The
Grassroots Regional Finals and the European Cup was
broadcasted by:
Székesfehérvár TownTV
Somogy TV
Kecskemét Town TV
Nyíregyházi Kölcsey TV
UEFA reporters
Sport 1 TV
Duna TV
Local and county papers.
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The Aim of the Programme
―According to the UEFA and the MLSZ:
• regular physical exercise, playing football
• joyful and happy football
• creating and financing opportunities
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The Aim of the Programme
― According to Kálmán Radics the president of the Faith and
Sport Foundation:
• Our foundation agrees and identifies with the aims of the UEFA
and the MLSZ.
•The sportpedagogic values of football (such as the ability to
fight,selflessness, steadiness, personal and team building and
learning to deal with success or failure)should be embraced by
the individual as a sportsman. So the whole programme is
especially important for the foundation, because with its help
these children with no families have a better chance to become
stronger and better people for their own good as much as for the
benefit of the whole society.
•In addition to all this the Grassroots Programme not only
educates but it also entertains which might be the most important
for kids.
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Faith and Sport
http:[email protected]/page1/
Radics Kálmán
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Thank you for your attention!

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