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Pips Pro TV is a distributer of a decoder that provides its customers with access to
a variety of Christian, Kiddies and International News Channels. It also gives its
customers access to local radio stations such as Ukhozi FM, Inkwenkwezi FM etc
and SABC channels.
Although it gives customers a variety of many other channel to view and enjoy, its
sole mandate and key benefit to its customers is the provision of Christian
channels. This is what makes Pips Pro TV different from all other TV providers
internationally. It is a perfect choice for all Christians across Africa.
• To reach out to as many Christians as possible across the Country .
• To spread the Gospel of Christ to both the converted and not converted.
• To encourage and promote entrepreneurship and self-employment through the
Independent Business Owner (IBO) strategy.
• Is to complement and extends the activation of faith in the comfort of your
Pips Pro TV is a television decoder that provides its viewers (customers) with
access to a variety of Christian, Kiddies and International News Channels. It also
provides its access to local radio stations such as Ukhozi FM, Inkwenkwezi FM and
SABC channels. It’s a free to air TV that offers constructive TV content for all age
groups and cultures.
Product benefits to beneficiaries (customers)
• Constructive TV with channels for all ages and cultures
• An automatic opportunity to earn extra income as a Pips Pro TV customer – IBO
• A variety of exciting channels ranging from Christian to kiddies, to
international news channels and radio programmes such as Ukhozi FM,
Inkwenkwezi FM, Lesedi FM etc
• 1 year warranty
• Once-Off payment of R1600: No monthly payments required!!!
• We have a product that is needed these days . The current
television content that we watch have a direct impact on Good
and Bad things in our society. Pips Pro TV brings constructive
television for all age groups and cultures.
• The other important aspect about Pips Pro TV decoder is that
there is no monthly subscription.
Once you have the decoder , You don’t pay every month.
• Once you buy the Pips Pro TV decoder you automatically become
a Independent Business Owner.
• Pips Pro TV presents a ‘‘ Pips Pro TV Decoder’’. Our decoder cost
• Pips Pro TV decoder works with any satellite dish.
• We have exciting range of channels from Christian Channels to Kiddies
Channels and International News Channel.
When you purchase the “Pips Pro Decoder” you automatically become an Independent
Business Owner (IBO)
To start earning money you will need to introduce a minimum of 2 Directs into the business.
Once you have successfully introduced 2 Directs You will receive a Pre Pay-out of R300 per
person. That will be a Total payment of R600.
Then you will have to successfully introduce 4 more Directs in order start earning from your
down line. For the 3rd person upwards you introduce you will receive a commission of R300 PP
The IBO will earn up to the 6th generation. The compensation plan is as follows:
1st Generation : 6 x R300 = R1800
2nd Generation : 36 x R150 =R5400
3rd Generation : 216 x R75 = R16200
4th Generation : 1296 x R25 = R32400
5th Generation : 7776 x R15 = R116 640
6th Generation : 46656 x R10 = R466 560
- Silver Status
- Gold Status
- Platinum Status
- Diamond Status
You can expand your income by having more than 6 directs. The more directs you
have the more income you can receive.
• Weekly pay-outs for the qualifying IBO’s will be done every
• The cut off date for payments will be every Tuesday at
• Pips Pro TV decoders will shipped every Monday afternoon
to IBO who have deposited R1600 the previous week
• The Pips Pro TV decoders will be shipped to your nearest
Post Office
• The estimated shipping duration is 7 working days.
Phone No. : 011 593 2372
Phone No. : 011 056 9621
Cell No. : 081 463 1971
Physical Address:
377 Rivonia Boulevard
Account Name: Pips Pro
Account Number: 62395274542
Bank Name: FNB Cheque Account
Branch Code:250655
Ref: Cell phone Number
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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