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Ways to raise money for your org at UCR
On Campus Vendors
All registered student organizations are
limited to sponsoring two (2) vendor days per
quarter with one (1) vendor on any given day.
All vendors must pay a minimum per day of
$150 to the sponsoring organization
For more information please visit
Block Party
Selling Food on Campus
Organization Night Off Campus
TV Taping
On Camera Audiences provides studio
audiences for various television shows
around the Los Angeles area. They are
constantly searching for quality people to
participate in those studio audiences and in
exchange for their participation, They donate
money to their organization.
Phone: 818-880-8200
Email: [email protected] and
TV Tickets Audiences Unlimited Group
Attending the filming of a TV show is a great activity for your
club, organization or tour group. The Group Dept. can arrange
advance reservations at most of our shows for groups of 10 or
more. Some shows offer fundraising opportunities and free bus
transportation may be available for your group of 40-47.
818.260.0041 ext. 7321
[email protected]
Staff Pro
Corporate Office:
15272 Newsboy Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Tel 714.230.7200
Toll Free 866.683.2103
Fax 714.230.7201
For general information:
[email protected]
Contemporary Services Corporation
17101 Superior Street,
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 885-5150
On Campus Marketing
OCM will assume the cost to mail a
letter on behalf of your organization
to parents of on campus students
Parents return their supportive
message card and check, and OCM
will ship the exact number of care
packages needed.
Jeff Oppenheimer
OCM - On Campus Marketing
800-220-4337, ext. 1329;
[email protected]
Entertainment Fundraising
In the last five years, Entertainment
Fundraisers have raised over $450
million for schools, community groups
and nonprofits across United States,
Canada, and Puerto Rico. We've been
helping Fundraising Chairpeople for over
45 years and would like to share our
experience and easy fundraising ideas
with you.
E-Waste Recycling Fundraising
E-waste recycling fundraisers are not only good
opportunities to serve and educate the
community; they can be lucrative fundraisers
too! A big part of an e-waste recycling fundraiser
is notifying the surrounding populous that the
event will take place. This is done by a driven
grassroots marketing campaign targeting all
different aspects of the local community
Getting Sponsorships
Identify mission and values of your org/event
Find local businesses who would connect with mission
Have a list of the things you need
Create levels of sponsorships based on value of donation
Promote on web and have sponsor us link
Craft a letter to sponsors describing how they will benefit
from their donation
Give potential sponsors the website link with instructions
on how to become the sponsor
Make sure to follow up one week after letter
This workshop is sponsored by

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