Tricks Module - USA Water Ski

Course Layout
• TC Responsibility to ENSURE that the course layout meets IWWF/AWSA rules.
• Most sites don’t have setup were the skier can choose the boat path
(which side of buoy to drive on)
• IF the site does not meet this requirement, need to ensure the TC report clearly identifies
the setup (I have requested for several years that IWWF delete this setup)
• Visual verify that the course is straight, this ensure that the boat drive same path for all.
• Distance, either using existing slalom buoys as reference to ensure the course is correct or
step off on shore line, or survey (at trick course?)
• FUTURE-I have requested (IWWF) to keep GREEN buoys were there at (provides a straight
boat path) move the RED buoy over out of the way. The skier can start any where near the
RED buoy (before/after- since we have the declared OOC trick now)
• ENSURE the camera operator has review existing video and they clearly understand the camera (battery
life, record status, zoom, etc) OPERATOR to test.
• Use Cameras with SD cards, Camera with internal memo/hard-drive have created problems.
• Camera must be min 30fps, all new ones are.
• Ensure you can play the capture files –practice beforehand.
• Use clip boards with running order attached, camera operator to record # sequence on the running
order (use multiply clip boards- pending # of skiers) Example:
Natl’-12-15 clip boards with SD cards and 4 cameras/operators – Only 1 or 2 skiers on SD card
Local with 30 trickers - 4 clip boards/SD cards and 1-2 cameras/operators –
Do it by divisions (6-10 skiers on SD card) – Every tournament varies.
• Record on running order if the skier going to do an OOC trick (pass 1 or 2)
• Video running order.
• OOC Trick, have OOC label on back of boat (inside), the camera operator can video that just prior to
skier (several ways to ensure that the first trick is OOC or not)
• Driver to CALL out Green buoy, then the camera operator can announce skier name and ensure that it is
recording, and this allow the video computer operator to start recording.
• Boat Path should be as close as possible to the GREEN buoy to ensure that camera can pick up the buoy.
• VIDEO It is recommended that the camera be held /mounted higher than top of windshield to provide a
clear view of the ski.
• Playing the trick run for judges have been done several ways:
• Use the camera with splitter one going to trick timer and one going to big screen TV (small tournament)
• Use a computer to capture/play the SD card, VGA out going to a VGA splitter;
from the multiply VGA splitter- go to monitor(s) for judges and one VGA out to VGA-RCA splitter which
goes to Trick Timer.
• Use a computer to capture/play the SD card, HDMI-out to HDMI splitter. One side goes to HDMI-to-RCA
converter and then to timer computer (BC/Splasheye) and the other side goes directly to TV(s) or
• Connect sound/speaker to computer/TV.
• BC Trick timing system and Splasheye are the most common used. However, QUICK TIME Pro has been
used. Any Timing System that is used, it is the TC Responsibility to ensure it is correct.
• Timing device should be within +/- 0.10 seconds in 20 seconds for Class C and a Video-based framecounting device must be used for Records (599 frame is the last trick that is in.
0-599 frames = 20 seconds, capture at 30 fms (29.97) which is live.
• Using a Stop watch (phone) and the camera, video the stop watch running, then take the SD card play
back thru the Trick Timer computer and verify that is 20 seconds.
Quick Time Pro ( starting at 10 seconds)

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