ucu - Showtime Management

Ucu Sawitri
January 15th
Culinary Institute Of America (CIA) New York
IKIP Rawamangun ( Universitas Jakarta ) Jakarta
Fons vitae I Marsudirini High School, Jakarta
Non-Formal Education
 Graduated Course from Nila Chandra Baking and Cooking School
 Graduated from The Wilton Method of Cake Decoration
 Graduated from UFM Baking and Cooking School Bangko, Thailand
 Graduated from Braun Backmittel Und Essenzen KG, Germany
 Indonesian Food & Cake Festival Participant with Royco
 Work in Oasis Rest,Jakarta as Pastry Assist
 Work in Catering Service, “Dewi Sri,Matraman “
 Owner Japanese Resto,Bedugul,Singaraja,Bali
 Winner Indonesia Cake Decoration in Bogasari Expo 2000
 Winner Indonesia Cake Decoration in Bogasari Expo 2001
 As a writer for Bazaar & Peluang Megazine
 Cooking Road Show with Nova in 30 city
 Cooking Seminary with Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana,Malang
 Co Host in TV Programme “ Santapan Nusantara “ (TPI) 26 Episode with Ajinomoto
 Cooking Demo with Ramayana Dept.Store sponsored by Phillips & Gulaku
 As a writer for Perwita Kencana Monthly Megazine,Manggala Wanabakti
 Source Person for Radio Track FM,Smart FM,I Radio,Women Radio,Trijaya FM,Prambors
 Star for TV Programme “ Luar Biasa “ with AN TV
 Co Host In Tv Programme “ Rahasia Dapur Kita “ (SCTV) 13 Episode with Femina
 Speaker in Cooking Demo Seminary with Bogasari
 National Champion 2002 Cake Decoration
 Chocolate Artist for Fashion Show Chocolate in Tulip Expo
 As a jugde for Cake Decoration with Simas
As a jugde for Cake Decoration Exhibition
 As a jugde for Tv Programme “ Allez Cuisine “ ( Indosiar )
 Launching for Milmaid Spread with Nestle ( Bandung & Jakarta )
 Seminary Presentation by Bogasari
 Kids Cooking Class with Nova,Ranch Market,Loyang Cake Shop,Cikal School,Global InternationalSchool,Lalanys Coooking School,Indonesia Montessorry
 Presentation Pastry di Perwita kencana,Manggala Wanabakti
 Wedding Cake Decoration For Clairmont Cake Shop
 Cooking Demo for UNESCO and BRR for tsunami at Aeh
 Cooking Instructor for Tsunami Victim’s in South Nias
 Cooking Demo for Distributor of Chocolate PT.Prambanan Kencana
 Cooking Demo For PT.Nestle Indonesia
 Cooking Demo For Phillips
 Cooking Seminary with Sari Husada Pusat in Jogyakarta and Jakarta
 Cooking Seminary with Angkatan Laut,Kolinlamil,Tanjung Priuk,Jakarta
 Spoke Person for Coffee & Cacao Indonesia at Simposium Cacao 2004
 Host For Tabloid Nova
 Cooking Independent Class
 As a Host At Tv Cooking Programme Selera Nusantara For TPI
As a Host at Tv Cooking Programme for SCTV
 As a Consultant for Pastry and Chocolate
 Decoration Fashion Show with Chocolate with Chocolate Tulip
 Hand Made Character of Wayang Kulit made by Chocolate
 Conduct Cooking Class at Cake Shops distributor such as : Toko Mira,Toko Ani,Toko Berkat,Toko Wilton,Toko San Merio
 Cooking Class For Kids at Giant Ciledug Jakarta
 Cooking Class For Kids at Carrefour Lebak Bulus Jakarta
 Cooking Class For Kids at “ Ceriwis “ Tv Programme for Trans Tv
 Cooking Demo With Femina Megazine
 Lecturer in Universitas Negeri Jakarta ( UNJ )
 Bakery Consultant for Clairmont & Delicious
 Cooking Class at Bali Boga,Denpasar Bali
 As a Source for Tv Programme “ Healthy Life “ ( Metro Tv )
 As a Source for Tv Programme “ Ibu Selalu Bisa “ ( Metro Tv )
 Cooking Demo with Kalbe Nutritional ( Nu Life for Diabetes
 Cooking Demo Road Show with Mother Choice & Keju Pro Chizz
 Cooking Demo with Chessy & Noor Magazine
 As a Source for Tv Programme “811 Show” ( Metro Tv )
• As a Source for Tv Programme “Sarapan Pagi” TV One
• Filler Fiesta for Trans Tv
Dini Aryani ( Manager)
: 0817-888886
: [email protected]
[email protected]
Saiful Bahri ( Assistant for Manager)
: 0818 124 396
: [email protected]
The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna Epicentrum
Tower South Unit 19 J, JL. HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12960
No Tlp / Fax : 021 – 93904058

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