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Media Audience Measurement &
Online Audience Measurement
2nd July 2010
 Essence Of Media Planning
 Expectations From Media Investments
 Measurement - The Key To Informed Decision Making
● Various Forms of Media Measurement
● Online Media Measurement
● Media Measurement Data Sources In Nigeria
Media Planning
The Art of
Reaching out
to the right audience
in the right frame of mind
at the right place
in the best possible manner
& at the best possible cost
Measurements - The Key To Accountable
Media Planning
● Pre - Investment Decision Making
 Objective Setting
 How much & In which media to invest
Target Consumer, P priority Markets, Competitive Behavior
● Post - Investment Analysis
 Delivery against set objectives
Objective Setting – AIDA Model
Action - Purchase
Desire - Preference
Interest - Consideration
Attention - Awareness
Measurement Metrics – Audience Measurement
●Demographics Gender
Socio Economic Classification (SEC)
Geographic Location
●Exposure to Media
●Product Consumption
Measurement Metrics - TV & Radio
●Coverage – Penetration of a TV / Radio Station
●Television / Radio Rating Points (TRP/RRP)- Percentage of Target Audience exposed to a
program or time band
●Reach – Percentage of Target Audience exposed to a station, time band, program or
Advertising Schedule
●Frequency – Average number of times the advertising has been seen
●Gross Rating Point (GRP) – The sum total of advertising exposures
●Cost per Rating Point (CPRP) - A measure of cost efficiency. The cost of 1 TRP
●Cost per Thousand (CPT) – A measure of cost efficiency. The cost of a 1000 exposures
Measurement Metrics – Print
●Circulation – The average daily net sales of a newspaper
over a period of 6 months
●Readership – The percentage of a given Target Audience
who have read a particular newspaper
●Reach – The percentage of a given Target Audience
exposed to a particular newspaper or an advertising
●Frequency – Average number of times a particular ad was
●Cost per thousand (CPT) – A measure of Cost efficiency.
Cost of a 1000 impressions
Measurement Metrics - OOH
●Daily Circulation – No of people
exposed to a given billboard daily
●Cost per thousand (CPT) - A measure of
cost efficiency. The cost for a 1,000
Measurement Metrics – Digital
●Impressions – Exposure to an ad message. An impression is complete when the ad loads
●Click Through – When a person clicks on an ad it is called a click through
●Click Through Rate - The number of Click Through achieved for a campaign as a percent of
the total impressions
●CPT – A measure of cost efficiency. Cost per 1000 impressions.
●Cost Per Click (CPC) - A more accountable measure of cost efficiency. The advertiser only
pays if the consumer clicks on the ad
●Conversion – A factor like sales, clicks, sign ups, etc. measured as a percentage of total
●Cost Per Acquisition - Cost of a sale or a sign up to an offer
Tools for Measurement – Television & Radio
●Basic and most cost effective way of measuring
TV viewership and Radio listenership
●Diaries are placed with a panel of consumers
●Consumers record their viewing / listening
behaviour on a daily basis
●Diaries are collected from the respondents on a
weekly basis and reported on a monthly basis
●Viewership / listenership is reported in 15 minute
time bands
●Based on Consumer Recall
Tools for Measurement – Television People
●Advanced measurement system of Television
●A people meter is placed in every household on
the panel
● The people meter collects minute by minute
viewership behaviour and transmits it online back
to central server
●More accurate since it is based on behaviour and
not recall
●A parallel collection of broadcast material
enables estimation of Ad viewership
Tools for Measurement – Radio Portable People
●Advanced measurement system of Radio
●Portable people meter is carried on the
respondents person
●Records the radio listening behaviour of the
●Data collected in 1 minute intervals and can be
reported on a daily basis
●A parallel collection of broadcast material at
the central server enables estimation of
advertising listenership
Tools for Measurement – Print Audience
●A large scale research exercise
●Has a large sample size
●Usually done twice a year
●Uses the mast head method
●Respondents are shown the mast head
of various publications and asked if they
have read the publication within the
duration of its periodicity
●ABC compliments this.
Tools for Measurement – OOH Site
Classification & Rating
● Site classification involves a thorough listing
of the universe of billboards in a town and their
classification based on parameters such as
● Distance from road
● Height
● Size
● Lit/Unlit
● Angle from road
● Clutter
● Site rating involves physical measurement of
number of people that pass the site on an
average day. Includes pedestrian and vehicular
Tools for Measurement - Online
●3rd party Ad server data – 3rd party ad servers add links to your digital ads to be
able to collect cookie based information on consumer online behaviour.
●The ad server data allows us to ●Measure all connection points along the path to purchase - how often a consumer has
been exposed, did he click on the ad, what was his behaviour after reaching your brand
website, did he purchase online, after how many exposures did he purchase , etc. The
cookies enable tracking a consumers behaviour over a period of time enabling analysis of
the link from impressions to purchase
●Deliver sequential messaging – Different messages can be delivered at different points
of the user session by site or placement and at different stages of the path to purchase
●Optimisation – By creative, site, placement, time of day or day of week
●Popular 3rd party ad servers include Double Click and Tag man
Media Measurement Of Delivery Against Set
Objectives – Offline Media
●Offline media measurement systems offer
metrics that allow for measurement of
exposure to the ad campaign.
Action - Purchase
●Exposure is one step before awareness and
is the most commonly used measurement
metrics for offline media
Desire - Preference
Interest Consideration
Attention - Awareness
Media Measurement Of Delivery Against Set
Objectives – Online Media
●Online measurements are more
sophisticated and allow for measurement
right from exposure to purchase and even
●Impressions are an equivalent of Exposures
Action - Purchase
●Click throughs are an equivalent of
Consideration and Preference
●Online sign up or purchase are equivalents
of Purchase
●Social media even enables measurement of
consumer loyalty
Desire - Preference
Interest Consideration
Attention - Awareness
Current Data Sources In Nigeria
• Demographic and
Psychographic Audience
• Reach of Media
• Product Consumption
• Print Readership
Television &
Radio Diaries
• Viewership and Listenership
of TV and Radio
Media Monitoring
• Monitoring of Brand Activity
• Analysis of competitive
media behavior
AMPS – All Media & Products Survey
Survey commissioned by Media Planning Services
Research conducted by Media Research Consultancy
20,750 respondents pan-Nigeria
Covers Urban & Semi-urban locations
Readership of all major print titles covered
Consumption of more than 120 product categories covered
All respondents above the age of 7 years
Television & Radio Diaries (MPS Diaries)
Survey commissioned by Media Planning Services
Research conducted by Media Research Consultancy
20,680 respondents across 15 locations
Monthly studies in Lagos, PH, Abuja & Kano. Other locations quarterly
Data collection using daily diaries
Provides TV Viewership and Radio Listenership in 15 minute breaks
Enables choice of station and specific programs
Media Monitoring (MediaTrak/MMS)
Monitoring of brand activities on TV, Radio, Print and OOH
Covers media activity across 80% of Nigeria and almost all state
TV and Radio activity monitored using automated picture and
audio matching technologies
Enables monitoring of brand activities and
Analysis of competitor’s media activities
Way Forward – Offline Media
TV & Radio – People meters are expensive to implement. Invest
gradually focusing on the big markets as a start. Use diaries for
national coverage in the interim
Print – AMPS is already providing the required data. Continue
research without gaps. Start ABC with advertisers’ demand
Out of Home – Expensive to implement and needs frequent
updating. Updating involves a recurrence of entire spend
Invest starting with Lagos
Way Forward – Online Media
World standard tools and processes are available to advertisers
in Nigeria
Training is key
Need is for both advertisers and media agencies to access
international experience and start operating at international
Thank You

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