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What is Freckle TV?
• A family-friendly channel for children 3 and up that
both entertains and educates
• Quality content from some of the worlds top content
• Part of the Channel Base suite of networks – from
children’s entertainment and classic movies to extreme
sports and hot cars, Channel Base delivers the content
you want.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to bring family-friendly content for
children to homes around the world.
From science and nature to friendship to social skills,
Freckle TV attempts to answer a child’s curiosity about
the world around them. Always focusing on the “Why”
and “How does that work?”, Freckle teaches and
• Currently available to over 10 million homes around
the world.
• Being viewed in multiple territories in Asia, North
America and Europe.
• Available for multiple platforms, reaching children
wherever they watch.
Content percentage by Age:
3 years+
6 years+
8 years+
12 years+
Education: (samples)
• Science and the City:
• A fun way to learn science
• Secret World of Gardens:
• Ecosystems and animals
• Daily Planet in the Classroom:
• Exploring today’s science questions
• Prime Radicals:
• Mathematics
• And Many More!
Exploration: (samples)
• CG Kids:
• Exploration and Education
• A World of Wonders:
• Exploration of the world around us
• Curiosity Quest:
• Exploration of the world around us
• And Many More!
Entertainment: (samples)
• Bolts & Blip:
• Entertainment and Friendship
• Auto-B-Good:
• A fun time and learning social skills
• Beet Party:
• Exploration & critical thinking
• Meteor:
• A fun time and learning social skills
• And Many More!
ChannelBase TV is a premium channel production and distribution
company which specializes in world-wide distribution of channels
to operators of Cable, Satellite, IPTV and Mobile platforms.
Be sure to ask about our other channels which are also available in
your territory!
[email protected]
+1 901 842 5340
1780 Moriah Woods Blvd, Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38117

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