Newberg Linebackers - Newberg Youth Football

Newberg Linebackers
We run a 4-3
Our positions are
Stud - Strong side backer
Mike - Middle backer
Will - Weak side backer
Our overall goals
The hardest part of being a backer is reading
every play and it slows us down
Some of the reads are blockers, flow,
counter, pass, cutbacks
As coaches, we want to limit all the reads
This will allow the player to just pursue and
 Keep it simple, take the thinking out of the it
Our goal is to turn all those reads into instinct.
To do that, we have to have a at least 50 of
reps of each read per day.
Read players
Our backers have 3 players that they read at
the snap. Once they read those 3 players,
they run and allow instincts to take over.
Stud reads TE, tackle to backfield
Mike reads Guards, Center to Fullback or
Will reads guard, tackle to backfield
Every backer is 5 yards from the ball.
At the snap, the first step is forward
That step needs to be in the direction of the flow
 They get that flow read from their 3 read players
 If they see lineman going right, they need their
first step to go that direction
Coaching point, don't let them take a false step. Their first
step needs be to the flow direction
3-4 Flow drill
Coach steps in either direction and backers run
to get around cones
Make sure they step in the right direction
3-4 Blocker Drill
Backers have to take on linemen. They are
bigger, so we have to be faster. Flow drill
gets us a step ahead of their linemen.
When we take on a linemen, we use our Butt
We want to coil up our legs and unload that
power into the linemen.
We focus that power through our hands,
then to our triangle (helmet and shoulders).
Butt drill
In groups of 3 to 4.
One player faces the others about 1 yard away
and is the backer.
One of the other 3 takes a step forward and the
backer needs to hit through the chest to the
outside shoulder.
Remember, hands, then helmet and
Tell them their hands should be grabbing
Now we needs reads of counter.
We use that same flow drill, but add a person
behind the ball.
The person playing the ball takes a step any
The person playing the running back takes a step in
the other direction.
Players should take their first read step, then
re-route to the other cone.
Speed is key, we need to beat the slow
Push pull drill.
When doing butt drills their hands should be
grabbing cloth. Have them focus on pushing
and pulling the jersey.
7-8 cutback
We use the same flow drill and add the counter
drill, but now instead of cones, we add 3
players with hand shields. These 3 new
players need to be staggered.
7-8 Cutback cont.
You can send them that way, or re-route
them to the shields. This drill gets out
backers in different layers.
When they get to the shields, it is now our
butt drills. Hands to helmet and shoulders.
Chest through outside shoulder
Once they get it, you can send them any
direction, they still need to get their reads.
Pass reads
Our first step is forward
Outside backers have back out.
If no back out, then we turn and look for routes
coming in.
If we see a route coming in, hit/bump them
and jump it underneath, look to intercept.
If nothing coming in, look to the other side,
there might be one coming it.
If nothing, drop and read QB
Mike is always thinking screen/draw every pass.
These are just a few drills, a base guideline.
There are plenty of other drills out there.
Our goal is to make their reads become
Then we can just play.
When we get to the ball, we get there with an
We need to be fast, speed is our ally. It's ok to
make a mistake, just make sure we are going
Lastly, thanks for helping Newberg Football the
best it can be.

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