Cells compared to a football team

By: Riley
The nucleus is like the coach’s of a football
team. It makes all decisions that should
happen just like the coach’s.
The cell membrane is like the offensive line
of a football team it protects the qb like the cell
membrane protects the cell.
The cytoskeleton is like then the running
backs they move the ball up the field.
The mitochondria is like the player that gives
all the speeches to pump up the team before
and during the game. It provides energy.
The Golgi apparatus is much like the trainer
because it prepares the players injuries on
and off the field and also packages all the
medical equipment.
The ribosome's are like fans that make it loud
and give the players the push that they need
to succeed.
Smooth er is like doing the conditioning to
get in shape and get rid of all lipids.
The same thing as the smooth er.
The microtubules are like the defensive line
because they need to have a good solid
struture to power through the opponents
offensive line.
Lysomes are like receivers in a way that they
break down which way they need to move to
out run the corner.
The reticulum is the hole team the players
represent the network of tubules.
A linebacker is a good comparison for the
vesicles because linebackers have all their
power and energy stored up to release on the
 Centrioles are much like the running backs coach
because they are attached with the running backs
and tell them what to do.

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