(Hons) Telecommunications Engineering

Liverpool John Moores University
Faculty of Technology & Environment
BEng (Hons)
Telecommunications Engineering
BEng (Hons) in Telecommunications Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering in Liverpool started in 2012
and enables students who have passed the Advanced Diploma
at TAR College, Malaysia to achieve an Honours Degree in the
above subject. The performance of the students who have
completed the summer programme courses over the years has
been very high with an almost 100% pass rate and large
numbers of students gaining first class and class 2.1 degrees.
Career prospects are excellent, with paid employment
following for most students very soon after graduating and
many undertaking further study, either at Masters, or Ph.D.
Working in the Faculty of Technology & Environment
The BEng (Hons) in Telecommunications Engineering is taught
within the School of Engineering, Technology & Maritime
Operations, being part of the Faculty of Technology &
Environment. The School has an excellent research rating in
Electrical & Electronic Engineering and in General Engineering
from the UK Government agency responsible for assessing its
quality, with a high proportion of work of international
Course Delivery
The course runs for 14 weeks between early June and early
September. It is divided into four modules. The modules are
taught in two or four week blocks depending upon their credit
size so you will study one module at a time, completing all the
study and assessments before moving onto the next module.
Teaching methods vary from small group tutorials, seminars
and workshops, through formal lectures to computer based
laboratory work. Assessment is by a combination of
coursework, such as laboratory reports, design assignments,
and formal examinations.
Course Content
The course content is applied and is designed to link to areas of
potential employment in telecommunications engineering. The
course includes three taught modules with content that
includes the following:
Communications Engineering
• Physical communication layers, channel behaviour
• Modulation techniques, noise and error protection
• Data compression systems
• Modern emerging communication systems
Network Protocols, Security & Management
• Network protocols
• Security threats and system integrity
• Network management structures
Data & Telecommunications Network Design
• Designing communication networks to specification
• Application and transport of complex data structures
• Communications network architectures
Entrance Requirements
You will need to achieve the Advanced Diploma in Telecommunications
Engineering at TAR College and pass the entrance interview in order to
be accepted onto the course.
University accommodation is provided in the Atlantic Point Halls of
Residence which are a five minute walk from the Faculty of Technology
& Environment buildings. Students have their own en suite bedrooms
and share kitchen and living room facilities in small groups.
Prizes Available
Top overall student
Best improved performance
Excellent Career Prospects
Job prospects and opportunities for further study are excellent - all of
our students have secured good jobs in Malaysia or continued with
their studies at Masters level in Liverpool. Graduates with a BEng
(Hons) in Telecommunications Engineering are eligible to apply for a
range of our MSc programmes at a discounted rate. Recent graduates
have enhanced job prospects in a whole range of industrial positions.
What previous students have said about us:
"Thanks for the warm welcome, me and my friends really appreciate
the efforts of the staff of LJMU to make us feel at home. We are really
touched by your sincerity and friendliness."
"We appreciated the different learning styles of the tutors which
encouraged more comparative reading from a variety of journals as
well as textbooks"
"Thanks for the three months of teaching, the lecturers have been
really helpful and dedicated during the whole programme."
If you are interested in the course and think you would like to apply,
please register your interest with Ms Tan Siok Yen, Assistant Registrar,
School of Technology.
For more information on the summer semester Telecommunications
Engineering programme please visit:
http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/partnership/ SummerSemesterProgramme/
Alternatively you can contact the course leader, Dr. Mike Shaw by
emailing him at [email protected]

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