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EMB1006 Computer Science Tutorials
Welcome To Swansea
Important Information
• My Name is Jon Jones
• Email me on [email protected]
• I can be found in the office, 4th Floor, Faraday Tower
Important Information
• On this page you will find various links
• I will post anything related to you and any support you
require on here.
• It is my experience that most first year students require
support with the programming modules, so there will be
extra support for those here.
Tutorial Format
• Most tutorials will take place in the room shown on
your timetable (It may be here unless we get
• Some tutorials will take place in the Faraday
computer labs.
• I will tell you in advance if this is the case.
• In order to facilitate this, can you please ensure to email
me with your student number (I have your ICWS
number, I need the Swansea Uni one) so I can get you
access to the system.
Tutorial Format
• Tutorials are compulsory, if you are not present I
will mark you absent and the college will be
informed. If you have an excuse I will forward this
to them as well.
• Anything you require support with either ask in a
tutorial or email me. I will do my best to arrange

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