jay-z powerpoint

On Tour with Jay-Z
This presentation will take you on tour with the greatest
rapper still alive.
Presented by: Matt Shannon
Project 13: My Favorite Band
Shawn Carter
 Hip-Hop/ Rap
 Founded Roc-a-Fella Records, and former
CEO of Def-Jam Records.
 Part owner of New Jersey Nets
 The Blueprint 3x- Platinum
 The Black Album 3x- Platinum
Meet Jay-Z
Born Shawn Carter
December 4, 1969
Jay-Z’s Top Selling Albums
In My Lifetime, Vol 1
Vol 2, Hard Knock Life
The Blueprint
The Blueprint 2: The Gift &
The Curse
The Black Album
American Gangster
Jay-Z Bio
Shawn Carter, born on December 4, 1969
Stage name Jay-Z.
Blend of hardcore rap and radio hip-hop. He was born in
Brooklyn, and was raised in Bed Stuy, and Trenton,NJ
created a $450,000,000 net worth out of a legendary
rap career and
Businesses :Roc-a-Wear, and Roc-A-Fella Records. New
Jersey Nets
Couldn’t get a record deal when he first started.
Married to Beyonce
Favorite Songs by Jay-Z
10) Empire State of Mind
9) Dirt Off Your
8) H to the Izzo
7) Change the Game
6) 22 Twos
5)Young Forever
4) It’s A Hard Knock Life
3) Girls, Girls, Girls
2) 99 Problems
#1 Favorite Song by Jay-Z
Politics as Usual
“You ain't seen money in your life, when it
comes to this cheese y'all like Three Blind Mice”
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