Model 8000 - Sierra Monitor

FieldServer Technologies
The gateway for device and
system interoperability
Company Introduction
Worldwide Operation
 Division of Sierra Monitor Corporation
 Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley
 Offices in major cities in the U.S.
 Factory trained representatives throughout
the U.S., Europe, Latin America and
Company Introduction
Sierra Monitor Corporation
 Micro-cap Public Company – SRMC-OB
 Headquarters - Milpitas CA
 Design Center – Johannesburg South
 Manufacturing – Milpitas CA
 ISO 9001 and TUV Certified Panel Shop
Corporate Culture
 Quality Products
ISO 9001;2000 Registered
FM Approval
UL Recognized
CE Mark
City of Los Angeles Approved
Mil Spec Approved
Bellcore Approval
Quality award from Defense Department
Communication Challenges
 Various systems in a plant or building must
communicate with each other or to a
common control system
No common protocol in the industry
No single hardware supplier can provide
devices for all factory functions
Real world is not a controller speaking only
to a chain of slave devices
Data must be accessible at different points
for different uses
Company Introduction
FieldServer Solution
 Protocol inter-communication is our
business, not a sideline
A solution system, not a one-of-a-kind patch
Experienced in driver development and
protocol translation – building automation
and industrial automation industries
Robust, reliable hardware combined with
proven software results in adaptability for
any interface challenge
Ease of start-up combined with proven aftersale factory support
Company Introduction
FieldServer – the Interoperability Solution
 Wide range of products
• QuickServer – low cost, 250 points,
Building Automation protocols
• FS-B20 – 500-1000 points, all protocols
• FS-B35 – multiple serial & Ethernet
ports, ControlNet, Profibus, DeviceNet
• FS-B40 – 10 ports, multiple devices
 Largest driver library in the industry
Company Introduction
FS-B30 Series
Interoperability Solution
Single device to device interface
 Compact Size
 Four Serial Port
 Two Ethernet
 LonWorks Option
 ControlNet, DeviceNet
& Profibus
 Internal buffering
Company Introduction
FS-B30 Interface
RS-232 or RS-485
Serial Port
Ethernet Port
Company Introduction
How it Works
 User configurable
• Poll times
• Protocols
• Port usage
 Data caching
Data Array
 Modem support
Communications Bridge
FieldServer Architecture
Plant Controls
(BACnet IP, Modbus TCP,
or other Ethernet protocols)
Proprietary Protocol
BAS Devices/Drivers
BAS Devices/Drivers
 Comprehensive BAS driver library for:
Distributed Control Systems
AC Controls
Boiler controls
Fume Hood Controllers
Energy Management Systems
Fire Alarm Panels
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Fume Hood Controllers
Building Automation Systems
Current Drivers
Building Automation Control Drivers
 BACnet
Fire Alarm Panels
 Canatal
 Grinnell TFX - Minerva
 Caterpillar
 EST3 & EST Quickstart
 Cleaver Brooks Hawk
 Notifier – AFP, INA, AM
 Data Aire
 FCI 7100/7200
 Carrier
 Fike Cheetah
 McQuay
 Secutron
 Lutron
 Simplex 4100
 LonWorks
 Siemens MXL & XLS
 Metasys N2
 Vesda
 Yorktalk
Current Drivers
Company Specific Drivers
 SMC 2460
 Zellweger System 16
 Zellweger CM4
 Pneumatic Products
 SGS Ethernet
 United Power
 Weightronics
 Cyberex
 Telosense TGM/ACM
 Spectronics
 Gardner Denver
 RussElectric
 Canatel
Current Drivers
Process Control Drivers
Allen Bradley DF1
 Allen Bradley DH+
 Allen Bradley TCP
 ControlNet
 DNP 3.0
 GE Mark IV
 Opto 22
 Modbus ASCII
 Modbus RTU
 Modbus TCP
Modbus Plus
 Profibus DP and MS
 Telnet
 TL1
FieldServer Options
 Custom Configuration
• User supplies point information, FieldServer will configure the
system with mapping of all desired points
 Memory upgrade –
• Standard FS-B20 is for 500 points – upgrade to 1000 points
• Standard FS-B30 is 1000 points – upgrades to 10,000 points
• Standard FS-B40 is 1000 points – upgrades to 10,000 points
 Mounting
• FS-B20 – DIN rail mounting option
• FS-B30 - DIN rail mounting option
• FS-B40 – 19 inchRack mount or wall mounting options
 Factory Training
 Extended Warranty
Custom Configuration
 FST provides a custom configuration service in
which we will map the LonWorks data to the other
protocol and download and test it on the
FieldServer prior to shipment
 Information provided to FieldServer
• Network diagram/topology indicating Server and
Client side network connections, media type,
protocol identification, master/slave relationships
and routing devices
• LonWorks node descriptions and network variable
descriptions (data points, node name, input/output,
SNVT type
• Non-LonWorks node descriptions and variable
descriptions (if FieldServer is client to that network)
FST Support
 Inter-communications is the business of
FieldServer Technologies, our only business
We can offer standardized gateways
With factory configurations or factory trained
personnel, installation is made easy
The future is unlimited in the capability to
interface to other building control and
automation devices and networks
Proven factory support before, during and
after the sale
Company Introduction
CE Marked
UL 1950 – FS-X40
Tested to
Comply with
FCC part 15
UL 916 – FS-X20
Company Introduction
Quality Policy
The Quality of
FieldServer Technologies
Products and Services
will Meet or Exceed
our Customer’s Requirements
FieldServer Technologies’ Quality
System is ISO 9001 Registered
Company Introduction

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