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Robot safety
Robot safety standards
Worldwide standards
ISO 10218-1
ISO 10218-2
old standard
old standard
RIA R15.06 :1999
EN ISO 10218-1:2006
new standard
new standards
RIA R15.06-2012 draft
EN ISO 10218-1:2011
EN ISO 10218-2:2011
technical report on ISO 10218-1
collaborative robots technical specification
RIA TR 15.206
TS 15066 draft
Robot safety standards
ANSI: American National Standard Institution
RIA: Robot Industries Association
• US
• ANSI RIA R15.06 :1999
» old standard; about to be replaced by new standard
» contains outdated definitions
• ANSI RIA R15.06 :2012 draft
» consists of ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2
» including additional guidance for securing the operator
• ANSI is the american equivalent to the European CEN or Danish DS
» American National Standards Institute
Robot safety standards
TR: Technical Report
• US
• RIA TR R15.206 :2008
» technical report on how to use ISO 10218-1 :2006 in US
» recommends best practices for safe integration of industrial robots
» ISO 10218-1 :2006 provides safety guidance for both robot manufacturer and
robot integrator
» TR R15.206 covers the complete robot application
Robot safety standards
OSHA: Occupational Safety And Health Administration
• US
• It is not required to comply with standards when making an installation,
but it is recommended to comply with standards
» similar to ISO-standards in EU
• In general all regulations/standards in US focuses on safety protection for
the operator.
• In US the employer is 100% resonsible for the employee
» the integrator must conduct a risk assesment
• OSHA is law in US
» no specific OSHA standards covering industrial robots
» OSHA 1910: standard for machine safety (similar to Machine Directive in EU)
Robot safety standards
EN: European Norm
ISO: International Standard Organisation
• EU
• EN ISO 10218-1 :2006
» old standard expires end of 2012
» contained the 150N specification
• EN ISO 10218-1 :2011
» standard for guiding manufacturers of industrial robots
» specifies requirements for the robot to be classified as a collaborative robot
• EN ISO 10218-2 :2011
» standard for guiding integrators of industrial robots
• It is not required to comply with standards, but it is recommended to
comply with standards
Robot safety standards
• EU
• ISO 13849-1
» standard containing definitions of Safety Categories and Performance Levels
» UR complies with Cat. 3, PLd
• Cat. 3 means redundant safety system (two-way parallel safety channels)
• Performance Level D means that on extremely rare occasions a failure can
potentially happen
• The standard is rarely used in US
Robot safety standards
TS: Technical Specification
• EU
• TS 15066 draft
» collaborative robot technical specification
» draft contains at present a table specifying maximum allowed impact (in Newtons)
applied to specific body parts on a person and the subsequent injury
• Specification is expected to be finished in 2013
» it is widely expected that the specification will be altered before official release
Robot safety standards
CSA: Canadian Standards Association
• Canada
• CSA Z434-03 :2008
» canadian safety standard for industrial robots and robot systems
» standard is expected to be updated with implementation of ISO 10218-1 and -2
• General terms in Canada
» all robot installations must be validated by authorized personel
» Canada may have requirements forcing people to comply with standards
Robot safety standards
UL: Underwriter Laboratories
• UL
• Leading american test organisation that advises, validates and certifies for
a wide range of products
» focuses on the quality of a product
» focuses on the safety of a product, primarily in fire related issues
» not a requirement in US
• UL 1740
» old quality standard for industrial robots (17 years)
» new standard is planned > committee established (UR is in the committee )
• UR-robots
» not UL certified
» most internal components (e.g. cables) are UL components today.

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