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Very Early Warning Detection Systems & Technologies
Flexible fire protection
engineered for data centers
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Robust fire protection that’s customizable
to your unique site and specific needs
Intelligent Spot Detection
Siemens multi-criteria ASAtechnologyTM
with a No False Alarm Guarantee
Dual optical
Dual optical
thermal & CO
Aspirating Detection
VESDA aspirating detection
High level interface to broad
portfolio of VESDA devices
Siemens FireFinder® XLS
Multi-criteria detection with ASAtechnology
from Siemens
 Very Early Warning Fire Detector
complaint with NFPA 76 (Telco),
NFPA 720, and UL 2075
 2 thermal, 2 optical and 1 CO sensor
 Operating temperature range of
32°F to 120°F
1st detector in the U.S. with dual optics, forward
backward, light scattering for highly sensitive
ASA or Advanced Signal Analysis is a dynamic
algorithm that continually adjusts
 Programmable supervisory
temperature warning (32°F to
 9 selectable temperature and 26
selectable environment settings
 No False Alarm Guarantee
 Green detection (no ionization and
RoHS compliant)
What makes detectors with ASAtechnology unique?
11. Two IR light sources
4 Patented labyrinth
22. Scattered light from smoke
5 Two redundant temperature
(Forward & Backward)
sensors measure the
6 Monitored CO sensor
33. Optic Receiver
measures the CO
Only Siemens offers UL listed Forward and Backward Light Scattering Detection
Siemens FireFinder XLS provides unrivaled
interface with VESDA fire detection
 Compatible with most VESDA-NET devices
 100 VESDA detectors on VESDA-NET
 Up to 4000 VESDA detectors per FireFinder XLS panel
Typical Application with Siemens and VESDA
Single point of control to view/control any VESDA detector
Reduces complexity and cost –no monitor modules required
4 Levels of Alarm, detailed fault codes, scan signals, obscuration levels appear at user interface
No need for VESDA displays

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