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-Will thirteen reasons be
enough to explain a suicide?
How is our narrator involved?
Why would anyone want to
read or listen when the
conclusion cannot be changed?
-This is for people who do not
get easily disturbed by sorting
out a dark mystery.
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Hunger Games
The Eternal Ones
The Eternal Ones is the first novel
in a series following a 17 year-old
girl named Haven . She begins
blacking out and having visions of
one of her past lives after seeing
Iain Morrow on TV . These visions
include mystery, murder and
Ethan, a boy whom she used to
love. She is convinced that Iain is
the present day Ethan. Determined
to find him she leaves for New
York only to find … You’ll have to
read it and see for yourself.
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The Maze Of Bones
Amy and Dan Cahill have the worst
lives ever. As children their parents
died in a fire and they were sent to live
with there evil Aunt Beatrice. The only
time they ever had fun was on the
weekend when they went to visit there
rich grandmother Grace who had just
died. At her funeral they receive news
they are part of a famous family that
has shaped mankind with relatives like
Napoleon, Louis Armstrong,
Shakespeare, Einstein, even Rihanna.
Amy and Dan are given a choice take a
million dollars or a Clue. Read it to find
out what happens!
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Fallen Angels
Stolen is about a 16 year old girl
named Gemma who gets
captured in a Bangkok airport by
a young man named Ty. He takes
her to the Australian outback. Ty
loves Gemma very much and
wants her to himself. Pick up a
copy to find out more!
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Neptune’s Children
The Perks Of Being
A Wallflower
Growing up isn’t easy when
you’re a child understanding
the world, when you can’t find
anyone to understand. We don’t
know who Charlie is or who his
letters are addressed to; all we
know is he is trying to find
someone who can listen.
Stephen Chbosky gives us the
truth and innocence of
adolescence through Charlie’s
experiences of high school,
making friends, falling in love
and just about everything
revolving around growing up.
Full of tears and laughs, this
novel gives you the raw reality
of every teen.
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Adoration of Jenna Fox
Water for Elephants
Experience the tragic, thrilling
and romantic journey of a
young man working with the
circus. He is faced with the
temptation of a beautiful young
circus performer, the danger
along with falling in love with
her, and the love he feels for
the elephant that drastically
changed his life.
Warning: This novel was written
intended for mature audiences,
but is amazing nonetheless.
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Leepike Ridge
Prince Aleksander, the would be heir
to the Austro-Hungarian empire is on
the run. His own people have turned
on him and his title is worthless
because of blood. All he has is a small
war machine and a crew of loyal men.
Deryn Sharp is a commoner, who
wants to be in the army; the only
problem is she’s a girl. So disguised as
a boy he sneaks into the British Air
Service. But her secret is in danger of
being discovered. As World War I
brews, Aleksander and Deryn cross
paths in unexpecting way, on an
adventure that will change their lives
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Theodore Boone
Pretty Little Liars
By Sara Shepard
Pretty Little Lairs is a book
about four teenage girls
dealing with the death of
their best friend, Allison.
Then they started getting
text messages from ‘A’
revealing their secrets that
only Allison knew. Together
they try to figure out who is
‘A’ and what does this
person want. This novel is
very mysterious; it’ll keep
you glued to this series .
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Theodore Boone
Life of Pi
-This is the story of a boy on a boat
with a tiger. Sounds unbelievable,
doesn’t it? Will he survive? What
will he have to do to survive? How
will this experience change him if he
can live through it?
-This book is good for those with
strong stomachs and focused
minds. It is metaphoric and deeper
than it appears.
-You will be talking about this one
for a while.
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Some people may find this a
challenging read. The subject
matter of abduction and
captivity is disturbing. The five
year old voice used by the
author can be trying at times. It
is definitely not a light, easy read
to curl up and relax with.
However, it will shake up your
perspective, test your patience,
and push you.
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are opinionated about what books to order, but once we pick, we
discuss them as a group. We are looking more wonderful people
to add to our wonderful society!
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