Statewide PowerPoint Template - Iowa Child Care Resource

Who? What? Why?
What do we do?
• Child Care Resource & Referral
(CCR&R) is a program to support quality
child care throughout the State of Iowa.
CCR&R is available to assist families in
selecting child care providers who best
meet the needs of a child and their
family. Child Care Consultants provide
on-site consultation to licensed
preschools, centers, non-registered
home providers, and Child Development
Home providers.
Our Mission:
Iowa Child Care Resource and
Referral provides resources,
education and advocacy to support
quality child care.
Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral
5 Regions
serving 99
*Funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Care Division, the regulatory agency
for child care.
Part of a bigger picture
Iowa Child Care Resource and Referral is part of a larger organization, Child Care
Aware of America. Child Care Aware of America is our nation’s leading voice for child
care. They work with more than 600 state and local Child Care Resource and Referral
agencies to ensure that families in every local community have access to quality,
affordable child care. To achieve our mission, we lead projects that increase the quality
and availability of child care, offer comprehensive training to child care professionals,
undertake groundbreaking research, and advocate for child care policies that positively
impact the lives of children and families.
Since 1987, Child Care Aware® of America has been working to improve the system of
Our Services
• Families
• Child Care
• Employers
• Communities
FREE Child Care Referrals
• Referrals to child care providers 24/7 online at
• Call a Parent Referral Specialist 877-216-8481
– Monday-Friday 8am-4:30 pm
• Education on choosing quality child care
• Referrals to other services
• Advocacy and support
Child Care
Helping Hands
Individualized support with:
• Licensing and Registration
• Consultation
• Technical Assistance
• Training
• Updating Files
• Referrals to other services
How do we put parents at ease?
Data on child care availability
Data on child care costs
Parent education services
Forums on child care issues
Early Childhood Education
What is quality?
qual-i-ty [kwol-i-tee]:
Degree of excellence
A distinguishing attribute
Source: Meriam-Webster
How do we
• Registered providers can
25 hour series course
through CCR&R.
– Small business improvements and
incorporating best practice into their
• Eligible to become certified
after series
– Complete certification visit with
• Must renew every 2 years
Iowa’s Quality Rating System
A five-star hotel means high quality…
so does a child
care program.
Iowa’s Quality Rating System
Stars of QRS
1 Star
• Program meets the Iowa standards for licensing and
2 Stars
• Program has made steps toward improving quality of
3-5 Stars
• Program has earned points in the quality indicators of:
• Health & Safety
• Environment
• Family and Community Partnership
• Leadership and Administration
• Professional Development
• Programs can become NATIONALLY
– Accreditation requires programs to meet a specific set
of standards
– National Association of Education of Young Children,
National Afterschool Association, National Association of
Family Child Care and more.
Why should you care?
Programs that participate in QRS,
ChildNet, Accreditation show their
dedication and commitment to
provide quality child care and are
continually working towards
improving the quality of care.
Because this little guy cares.

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