General Education Task/Research a topic related to Italy

General Education Task/
Research a topic related to Italy.
LCA general education task
T.Y. investigation project.
What is Italy famous for?
How about the themes of music?
Art? Food? Sport? As a starting point
for a general education task.
An Aspect of Italy…….
• This Power point could be used as
a starting point for ideas for the
General Education Task anchored
in Italian or to help them get
started on their research into an
aspect of their chosen country;
Italy .
The Development of a Product.
The Investigation of an Issue.
The Provision of a Service.
The staging of an Event.
An Enterprise Activity.
A production/ Live performance.
Example: Italy as a starting point.
brainstorm various ideas
A product? An Italian Sign/ Poster advertising an
Italian event. (Must be brought to the examiner
to look at.)
An investigation of an issue? Italian art/ food
traditions/music/crime/ history.
An event? Cook an Italian dish? An Italian themed
exhibition. (Photographs of the event are useful
to include).
Live Performance? Italian music/ dance. (Must
be recorded for the examiner to watch.)
• Interviews: an Italian person or someone who
has been there.
• Links with the local community: local library for
research/ books/ DVDs.
• Surveys: find out what others know about/ think
about Italy.
• Internet/ books: must be mentioned which ones.
• Personal experience: what have you learnt?
Interest in Italy? Why?
Tips/ Advice.
• Write up a contract for students to sign. “We
promise to work together/ help/ respect …
• If it is a group task each student must have
enough skills demonstrated.
• A calendar to highlight timescale is a good
• It is important for students to put their own
input into the task.
How about an investigation into an Italian city or
region? Italy has many cities and regions. Can
you name any cities or regions?
If you are interested in skiing, you could do an
investigation into a northern Italian region or area like
the famous dolomites, the food traditions there, ski
resorts, areas?
A development of a product like a
poster or a sign in Italian for example.
A food poster
A poster advertising a sport.
Posters advertising a place to visit or
Visit a city like Venice?
Or ski in a particular resort…
Italy is famous for it’s beautiful cities. Florence is
a good example. They would make a good
And Venice….
Italy is famous for it’s artists. Do you know who
painted this? An investigation into an Italian
painter is possible.
An investigation into an Italian chapel or
building is also possible. Do you know which
famous chapel this comes from?
Italy is famous for it’s buildings. Do you know what this building is?
Can you see it in the next film clip?
Italy is famous for how well they
play soccer. A well known song
Nessun Dorma is often used as a
theme song.– World Cup champions
Find the song in YouTube
An investigation into Italian football? A team/ national
team/ corruption problems in Italian football are all
possible investigations.
Italy is famous for it’s music. Can you
name this Italian singer?
Do you know of any singers who sang with Pavarotti? Italy has
many famous people. It could be the starting point of an
investigation into a famous Italian person or music. An event
with Italian music is also another idea.
• An example of a song sung by Pavarotti. The
song “O sole mio” is well known. Have you
heard it before?
• Italy is famous for the beaches, the sun and
beautiful places such as Napoli (Naples).
• It has fantastic churches.
Naples is famous for so many different things. An
investigation into the city in general or an aspect of the
culture would make an interesting topic.
The Famous actress Sofia Loren who was very famous during
the 1060s hails from Naples. Italy has many famous films and
film makers also. The films/ film makers/ actors would make
an interesting investigation.
An investigation into Roberto Saviano, a famous Italian
journalist who wrote about the Neapolitan mafia would
make an interesting investigation.
Roberto Saviano is an Italian writer
and journalist
• Since 2006, following the publication of his
bestselling book Gomorrah (Gomorra in Italian),
where he describes the illegal activities of the
Camorra business, Saviano has been threatened
by several Neapolitan “godfathers”.
• The Italian Minister of the Interior has granted
him a permanent police escort due to the threat
to his life.
• Because of his courageous stance, he is
considered a "national hero" by authorphilosopher Umberto Eco.
Italian music is used in many
How about an investigation into
where and when Italian music is used
in film?
• One of the characters in Shawshank says that he didn’t
have any idea to this day what those two Italian ladies
were singing about, and that it did not matter. Some things
are left unsaid. Music can make a man “feel free”.
• Italian music is used in lots of films like the one above.
• Do you think Pavarotti and his music was inspirational, and
helped people feel free?
• Can you think of films that were set in Italy? …that used
Italian music/ images?
Italy has world famous products/
services/ industry.
You could do an investigation into the
history and tradition of the beloved
Italy is famous for food. Making simple Italian
dishes for an exciting event with Italian food is
an idea.
• Have a look at what the founder of the “slow
food” movement Carlo Petrini says about the
importance of food!
• Look up
• The slow food movement which began in Italy
would make an excellent aspect of an
investigation into Italian food heritage. You could
also stage an event that would raise awareness of
the movement along with healthy Italian food.
Food for thought..
So now it’s over to you…
What aspect of Italy interests you?
What type of task would you like to do?
What are you good at? Would you like to find
out more about an Italian person/ place?
Food? Environment?

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