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Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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What happened to the Beef
Checkoff ads?
Apr 18, 2016 07:05AM
Cattlemen’s Beef Board
Why don’t you see those funny, creative beef ads on television
anymore? Because the consumer has changed, and the beef
industry has changed to keep pace.
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Why we should be concerned
about anti-ag propaganda
shown in schools
Apr 18, 2016 03:52AM
What are students learning about agriculture in classrooms across
the country? Unfortunately, the answer might disturb you.
Content Classification: Curated
BEEF Daily
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The coming revolution in
cattle genetics
Apr 14, 2016 12:47PM
The seedstock industry has been trying to produce low-input,
high-output cattle for a long time. Are we finally reaching the
stage where that is going to be possible?
My View From The Country
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Are you familiar with BVD?
Apr 14, 2016 12:25PM
BVD is a wreck if it gets into your cowherd. Surprisingly, however,
some producers are not familiar with the disease.
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Have you ever attempted to
follow the government’s
Dietary Guidelines?
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Beef Magazine:RecentNews
For many years, the government has established Dietary Guidelines
for Americans, which are designed to encourage us to eat a
“healthy” diet.
Yes, I have followed the old dietary pyramid and the new changes to
the Dietary Guidelines.
No, I have not tried to follow the government’s Dietary Guidelines.
What guidelines?
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Beef sustainability and
consumer perception change happens
Apr 14, 2016 12:04PM
By Bryan Weech
With the animal activist community successfully effecting change in
the pork and egg industry, a logical question is, will activists now
set their sights on the beef industry?
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Your horse is bleeding. Now
Apr 14, 2016 11:32AM
American Quarter Horse Association
There is no good time for your horse to get an injury. But if you
spend enough time horseback, it’s going to happen. Here are some
tips on what to do next.
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Weekly Cattle Market
Wrap-Up | Feeder cattle
market continues impressive
Apr 14, 2016 10:11AM
This week’s feeder cattle market saw another week of large runs
with 39,000 head at test auctions which is just 2,000 head below
last week, but 8,000 head over last year.
Audio File: beef mag fdr ctl and cow audio 2016 04 14.mp3
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Apr 14, 2016 12:05PM
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Nutrition Coalition suggests
dietary guidelines made
Americans fat
Apr 14, 2016 09:21AM
By Alan Newport
Data show Americans have followed the government’s dietary
guidelines — and gotten fat as a result.
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Meat Market Update | Daily
Spot Choice Cutout starts to
Apr 14, 2016 08:27AM
We have actually been following very closely the 2014 movement of
the Choice Cutout, which endured a brief decline in the early part
of the grilling season just like this year.
By Ed Czerwien, USDA Market News Reporter
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Why the idea of a “vegan
butcher shop” is ridiculous
Apr 14, 2016 04:00AM
A new vegan butcher shop has opened its doors in Minneapolis,
Minn. Here is what I think about that nonsense and why folks who
go meatless should start eating steak and bacon again.
Content Classification: Curated
BEEF Daily
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How much money have you
lost to BVD?
Apr 13, 2016 08:20AM
A lot of the losses from calves persistently infected with BVD
aren’t noticeable. But the disease wallops the beef business
with as much as a $2.5 billion hit.
BEEF Editors’ Blog
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13 things you need in your AI
kit; Plus: More tips for
put in your AI box.
Content Classification: Curated
BEEF Daily
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Merck, employees provide
wildfire relief
Apr 12, 2016 09:45AM
The fires are still smoldering, but the impact will be felt for years to
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Red Angus program breaks
Apr 12, 2016 09:27AM
If you want proof that value-added feeder cattle programs work,
look no further than the red-hided steers sporting bright yellow ear
tags in a feedyard.
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Who won the “Celebrate
Spring” photo contest?
Apr 12, 2016 04:00AM
We’re wrapping up our “Celebrate Spring” photo contest, and it’s
time to announce the winners!
Content Classification: Curated
BEEF Daily
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Projected lifetime returns:
Bred heifers
Apr 11, 2016 11:48AM
What economic and production factors impact the economic
value of preg-checked heifers in your cowherd?
Cattle Economics
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6 Trending Headlines: EPA
funds attack on farmers;
PLUS are you smarter than a
Apr 11, 2016 07:40AM
breeding success
Apr 13, 2016 04:00AM
It’s time to gear up for the breeding season. Here are 13 things to
Are you smarter than a cow? Take the quiz. Plus, learn how EPA is
funding anti-agriculture messages and more in this week’s
Trending Headlines.
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5 things to know about
Netflix’s “The Ranch”
starring Ashton Kutcher
Apr 11, 2016 04:00AM
“The Ranch” debuted on Netflix in April; here is what you need to
know about this comedy/drama about life on a Colorado cattle
Content Classification: Curated
BEEF Daily
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Cattle Market Weekly Audio
Report for Saturday, Apr. 09,
Apr 8, 2016 08:29PM
Yearling cattle continued to sell at steady to firm prices this week,
according to the Agricultural Marketing Service. Calves, on the
other hand, traded steady to $5 per cwt lower as the increasing
volume of the new-crop variety enables buyers to get choosier.
Audio File: FINAL-CMW-04-09-16.mp3
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
CattleNetwork:World Beef
Trade News
CattleNetwork:World Beef
Trade News
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Australian meat industry to
benefit from technology
Apr 15, 2016 03:38AM
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Global Meat News:Breaking
Kemin’s new ingredient
pledges to protect colour and
improve flavour
Apr 14, 2016 02:32AM
A new government grant worth AUS$4.8
million to help develop advanced
measurement technology in the meat
industry has been welcomed by Meat &
Livestock Australia (MLA). Acerola is the latest product launched by US
ingredients manufacturer Kemin Food
Technologies, which the company claims is “excellent”
for a range of meat producers, especially
cured meat makers. Supreme Poultry and
Chickens fined $30,000
Cogent Breeding forms joint
venture with Universal Sires
Apr 15, 2016 04:28AM
A poultry processing plant in New South Wales
(NSW), Australia has been fined for breaching
conditions of its Environment Protection Licence
(EPL). Meat imports may undermine
efforts to curb antimicrobial
Apr 15, 2016 04:11AM
The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics has called for
an EU ban on routine antibiotic use in poultry,
but conceded this may not be enough to protect
public health. Inner Mongolia Tianmu
Group invests in beef
Apr 15, 2016 03:53AM
A Chinese food processor is bulking up its
beef output with a RMB450 million
investment to breed 50,000 cattle. Apr 14, 2016 02:17AM
UK bovine genetics specialist Cogent Breeding has
entered into a partnership with dairy DNA business
Universal Sires Australia to form Cogent Australia – a
company that will provide beef producers with
high-quality genetics. US trade representative: TPP
inaction ‘alarming’
Apr 14, 2016 02:54AM
US trade representative Michael Froman used
his keynote speech at the National
Cattlemen‘s Beef Association (NCBA) annual
policy conference to bang the drum for
action on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Ukraine hits pork production
Apr 14, 2016 03:04AM
Ukraine’s pork production costs have spiked by
nearly 28%, from UAH15 (US$0.58) to UAH19
(US$0.73) per kilogramme over the past two years,
while pork prices are under significant pressure, according to reports.
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Apr 13, 2016 02:19AM
EU ministers rally to
safeguard beef from
Mercosur trade deal
In an address to the European Parliament on Tuesday 12
April, European agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan
said the response from Russia to reignite pork trade
dialogue had “not been very positive”.
Apr 13, 2016 04:16AM
The European Commission has faced opposition
from 20 politicians over plans to reduce tariffs
on Mercosur beef exports, a move many claim will
hurt the EU’s agriculture market. French government plan to
fine meat firms criticised
Apr 13, 2016 05:11AM
French agriculture minister Stéphane Le Foll’s
plan to boost transparency in the meat industry
will not halt the decline in France’s agro-food
sector, according to meat organisation Culture
Viande. Scandi Standard becomes
majority shareholder in
Danish poultry firm
Apr 13, 2016 04:42AM
Sweden-based poultry processor Scandi Standard
has bought a majority stake in Sødams Øko
Fjerkræslagteri ApS – which loosely translates in
English to Sodams Organic Poultry
US cattle industry calls for
vote on TPP
Apr 12, 2016 04:49AM
A total of 225 US food and agricultural
associations, including the National
Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA)
sent a letter to members of Congress on
Monday 11 April calling for an efficient
vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership
Bulgarian poultry processor
invests €8m to modernise
Apr 12, 2016 04:41AM
Bulgarian poultry processor Gradus has
revealed it has invested more than BGN15
million (€8m) to expand and modernise its
output capacity. Germany in social media
storm over halal meat
Apr 12, 2016 04:58AM
German social media campaigners have called for pork
to be placed in the halal section of supermarkets to
challenge the “cruel” way animals
are slaughtered, but critics argue
this is an Islamophobic attack.
Food trends: meat
consumption up, beef
Copa-Cogeca slams
‘unacceptable’ EU-Mercosur
Apr 13, 2016 04:29AM
Global meat consumption has recorded a
year-on-year increase when compared to
figures from 2014, according to data from
London-based market intelligence firm
Euromonitor International. Apr 12, 2016 02:09AM
Outlook for EU pork trade
resumption with Russia not
Farming body Copa-Cogeca tells EU ministers to
oppose a deal with South American trade bloc
Mercosur that would pave the way to lower
tariffs, leading to a “catastrophic impact”
on beef
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Earnings at listed Chinese
meat companies rise
Apr 11, 2016 04:32AM
A rebound in demand for pigs and poultry is
boosting the books of some of China’s leading
meat companies.
USDA plans to tighten organic
meat policy
Apr 11, 2016 02:40AM
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) will
make regulatory changes to organic meat and
poultry practices, to ensure there’s a national
standard to which high-welfare livestock
producers adhere.
South American trade show
Alimentec enjoys bookings
Apr 11, 2016 04:44AM
Alimentec acts as the gateway to the South American market
for the global food industry and organisers have said they are
pleased to report a year-on-year rise in exhibitor bookings.
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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New appointments to the FSA
FoodsAgency:All News
Mar 16, 2016 08:45AM
The Food Standards Agency has announced four new
appointments to the FSA Board. David Brooks, Rosie
Glazebrook, Stewart Houston and Paul Williams will
serve an initial three year term ending in 2019.
Science report on exciting
StandardsinAgency signs
pledge to cut food
Mar 15, 2016 05:45AM
The Foods Standards Agency pledged its support today
Apr 13, 2016 02:45AM
to the UK’s resource efficiency charity WRAP which
has today
published the
food by
its ChieftoScientific
Guy Poppy.
make food
and drink
and In this
third issue of more
the Science
Poppy looks
the future.
at whole-genome sequencing, the science of mapping the
genetic make-up of micro-organisms, and how this new
technology can
help the FSA’s work
to ensure
food is safe
and authentic.
15, 2016 05:30AM
The General Advisory Committee on Science (GACS) is
issuing an open invitation to its 17th meeting, which
will be held in London on Thursday 24 March.
FSA publishes list of incidents
for October to December
Views wanted on rare burgers
Mar 31, 2016 08:00AM
10, is
publishing a summary of food
incidents handled between October and
The Food Standards Agency is consulting on advice for food
December 2015. This list, which we have
businesses and local authority enforcement officers on the safe
compiled for the first time, summarises alerts
preparation and service of burgers that are served pink or less than
issued by the FSA to recall or withdraw
thoroughly cooked.
products. It also includes information about
where we supported foodborne outbreak
Triennial review of six FSA
Scientific Advisory
Mar 24, 2016 02:30AM
We have today published a review of our six Scientific
Advisory Committees (SACs), which was carried out to
ensure the FSA continues to get the best independent
expert scientific advice to support its work.
The Food Standards Agency
(FSA) has today published the
first assessment of food crime
in the UK
Mar 23, 2016 03:30AM
The Food Crime Annual Strategic Assessment (FCASA),
carried out by the FSA’s National Food Crime Unit
(NFCU) on behalf of the FSA and Food Standards
Scotland, examines the scale and nature of the food
crime threat to the UK’s £200 billion food and drink
industry. The assessment will inform the NFCU’s
priorities over the next year.
ACAF open meeting: 17
February 2016
Mar 22, 2016 05:00AM
The open meeting was held at Aviation House, London
on 17 February 2016. It gave stakeholders an
opportunity to observe the Committee at work and ask
Views wanted on bacterium
M. aurum by 11 April 2016
Mar 22, 2016 07:45AM
A company has applied to the FSA for bacterium M.
aurum to be approved for use in the European Union
(EU) as a food ingredient under Regulation (EC) 258/97.
Views are wanted on the company’s application dossier
that the FSA will present to the independent expert
committee (Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and
Processes) to inform its pre-market assessment of the
novel food.
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Restaurants petitioned to
curb antibiotic use
Apr 13, 2016 03:00AM
A total of 10 large US and British restaurant groups have
been targeted by a campaign of 54 large investors, to curb
the use of antibiotics in meat and poultry.
3rd edition of World Poultry
2016 now online
Apr 11, 2016 03:00AM
In this edition we look back at the Paris climate
treaty which was negotiated in the last month
of last year. Great news, so it would seem for
food producers from around the world.
Apr 7, 2016 02:00AM
US researchers have evaluated the use of a novel
live vaccine to prevent necrotic enteritis in
WorldPoultry:All News
Seminar: Feeding young
Mar 29, 2016 02:00AM
A free seminar at Victam Asia will delve
into the importance of feeding the young
broiler chicken.
McDonald’s France partners
with French poultry sector
McDonald’s France and the French poultry sector
have signed a 3 year agreement fixing the
purchase price of chicken. The agreement is
unprecedented in its scale, 3-year duration, and
9,100 tonnes per year minimum
Benefits of probiotic-fed
Mar 25, 2016 01:00AM
Project to reduce antibiotic
resistance in poultry
Mar 31, 2016 02:00AM
Sales of probiotic-fed chicken products in the United
States have increased 34% in the last year due to the
demand for antibiotic-free poultry. US researchers
therefore set out to determine the benefits of
probiotic-fed chicken.
Cobb granted ‘compartment’
status in UK
The German Federal Ministry of
Nutrition and Agriculture (BMEL) is
funding a collaborative research
project to minimise antibiotic
resistant pathogens in key stages of
the poultry production chain.
Mar 25, 2016 01:00AM
Huvepharma wins All About
Feed award
The Huvematic® concept, developed by
Huvepharma is the winner of the All About
Feed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award.
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Mar 28, 2016 12:00AM
Progress made towards a
necrotic enteritis vaccine
Mar 30, 2016 04:25AM
Magma News
The UK farm and hatchery facilities
exporting Cobb broiler breeding stock
globally have been granted ‘GB enhanced
compartment’ status.
Cherkizovo boosts turkey
production in Russia
Mar 23, 2016 03:00AM
10 / 85
A large project to produce Grade Maker turkey meat has been
launched by the Cherkizovo Group at their production unit in
Tambov Oblast, Russia with the overall capacity of 50,000 tonnes
per year. In an effort to catch up with the rapid growth of
popularity of so-called exotic types of poultry meat among Russia
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Landworkers Alliance hang
huge banner over the
Treasury in protest of
farmland privitization
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
‘Badly handled antibiotic
regulation may mean UK
imports more produce’
The Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) hung a 7m banner
over the Treasury entrance to highlight the
continued sell off of publicly owned farmland and
council housing under the Government’s austerity
programme. The action took place as part of La Via
Shadow Defra secretary Kerry McCarthy has called for
international action to reduce the amount of
antibiotics used in livestock production. In response
to this, the Responsible Use of Medicines in
Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) says: “We welcome the
Global organisations team up
to build prosperity for
disadvantaged rural people
around the world
Cattle Show partnership
affords dairy farmers free
entry to all cattle classes at
UK Dairy Day
The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the
International Fund for Agricultural Development
(IFAD) have signed an agreement to reinforce and
expand cooperation between the two organisations.
The organisations say they are both committed to
build gr…
For the first time in its 3-year history, dairy
farmers across the UK can show their
cattle free of charge in all classes at UK
Dairy Day 2016 thanks to a partnership
between the show and the UK’s largest
agricultural purchasing group, Anglia
Arable business risk,
resilience and reward at
Cereals 2016
Arable business risk, resilience and reward will be at
the heart of the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds exhibit at
Cereals 2016. The event, taking place on June 15–16
at Chrishall Grange in Cambridgeshire, sees AHDB
Cereals & Oilseeds continue its 2016 ‘r…
Resistance to antibiotics will
become an ‘even greater
threat to mankind than
Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics will present a
greater danger to humankind than cancer by the middle
of the century unless world leaders agree international
action to tackle the threat, according to George Osborne.
Speaking to delegates at…
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New EU proposal ‘severely
weakens’ import control to
prevent black spot disease
European agricultural cooperative Copa and Cogeca
have today slammed a new EU Commission
proposal which severely weakens import controls to
prevent black spot disease in citrus fruit coming
into Europe, warning its unacceptable. The
cooperative wa…
Google and UN to use
high-resolution satellite data
to manage world’s resources
The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and Google are
working together to make high-resolution satellite data an
everyday tool in managing the world’s natural resources. It
is a joint effort that both organisations say will change the
way the …
UK refusal to support EU
school food plan ‘another
knock’ for agriculture
European farm ministers met on Monday (11 April) to adopt
a regulation that will promote the consumption of milk
products, fruit and vegetables in schools. The UK abstained
from the vote and, as a consequence, will not be supporting
the new regula…
UK pig production growth
UK pig meat production remained strong in March, with
79,800 tonnes output during the month, according to
latest figures from Defra. This equated to an increase
of around 5% compared with March 2015, once
changes to reporting periods are taken int…
Rural community recycling
sites to be cut back in Mid
The number of community recycling sites and rural
storage point bins in Mid Wales will be reduced
following a decision by the county council’s
cabinet. Councillor John Powell, cabinet member
for environment and sustainability, said: “Since
the rol…
Central Association of
Agricultural Valuers unveils
practical guide to fracking
The potential growth of fracking in the UK poses a
number of challenges and opportunities for
landowners – and now there is the first
comprehensive review to help them navigate
their way through this emerging subject.
Published by the Central Asso…
Organic sector ‘can bring
resilience to British food and
Being part of the organic sector could help build
much-needed resilience into food and farming
businesses struggling in difficult market conditions,
according to a leading organic certifier. OF&G, one of
the largest organic control bodies in the U…
Calls for extension of
Countryside Stewardship
The CLA is asking Defra to extend the application
window for Expressions of Intent for higher tier
Countryside Stewardship agreements by one month.
The move has been proposed to relieve the pressure on
land managers who received delayed or incompl…
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Rural areas may miss out in
‘universal’ superfast
broadband pledge
India PM launches online
farmer trading portal to help
boost low incomes
People living and working in isolated rural areas
may miss out on taxpayer-funded broadband
despite a Government pledge to roll-out
“universal” superfast speeds, the UK minister
responsible for the telecoms sector has warned.
Ed Vaizey told a gath…
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for
scientific methods in agriculture to increase farming
incomes and make the country self sufficient. He
was speaking yesterday while launching an
electronic trading portal, eNAM for farmers to sell…
Triticale is a valuable second
crop, research shows
Triticale is capable of competing with wheat in
terms of both yield and profitability, especially as
a second cereal, a report funded by AHDB
Cereals & Oilseeds has concluded. Research
results suggest that triticale provides a £27 per
hectare adva…
Cereal crop growth surge
demands strong regulation
Cereal crops checked by the cold start to spring, are expected to
leap forward with the onset of warmer weather and rising soil
temperatures. South West Agronomy’s, Stephen Harrison,
advocates a strong PGR programme now, to help give high
Difficult year predicted for
egg producers despite
optimism for egg
Lion Eggs chief Andrew Joret fears the next year
could be a difficult one for egg producers, although
he is optimistic about continued growth in
consumption. Andrew says fierce competition
between supermarkets has seen retail prices falling,
Pulled pork campaign
shortlisted for marketing
The levy funded body which represents the interests of
pig farmers and producers in England, AHDB Pork, has
for the first time been shortlisted for a Marketing Week
award. The annual Marketing Week Awards are widely
accepted by marketing agencies …
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
BioSecurity NZ:LatestNews
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
South America
South America
Sorry, no news feed items found
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Beefpoint:Novas do
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Comércio Internacional
19 / 85
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
America News
America News
Sorry, no news feed items found
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Sorry, no news feed items found
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For GOP nomination, every
rule and procedure is hotly
Apr 18, 2016 12:59AM
Top party members spar
Apr 18, 2016 12:48AM
Fla. reminds Cruz of slog
Apr 17, 2016 10:32PM
If Wyoming’s victory and a strong showing in Georgia
boosted the morale among Ted Cruz supporters on
Saturday, Florida proves a reminder that it’s going to be
a tough fight to wrest the Republican presidential
nomination from front-runner Donald Trump.
Cruz sweeps Wyoming
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
U.S. Defense Secretary
travels to Iraq
Apr 18, 2016 01:31AM
U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has
arrived in Iraq for a series of meetings,
including with Prime Minister Haider
al-Abadi and top U.S. military commanders.
Carter will also hold a Q&A session with
troops stationed in the country, and an
official traveling with Carter said that the
U.S. will bring in additional, “more
aggressive” resources to Iraq.
Hundreds killed in coastal
Apr 17, 2016 05:37PM
Drone hits plane headed to
Apr 17, 2016 08:49PM
Apr 17, 2016 06:36PM
It’s a Ted Cruz sweep in Wyoming.
Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican
Leader | Guns in America
Freed man: ‘I knew I was
Apr 17, 2016 10:54PM
Brazil’s lower house: Impeach
Apr 17, 2016 10:55PM
Magma News
A drone apparently struck a
plane headed into London’s
Heathrow Airport on Sunday,
Metropolitan Police said.
Arabic-speaking man kicked
off flight
Apr 17, 2016 07:56PM
One day, Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was proudly asking the U.N.
secretary-general a question. The next, he was booted from a
Southwest flight and questioned by the FBI.
Recent podcasts: Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Guns in
America | Radical Islam in America
‘SNL’ mocks Bernie Sanders
Apr 17, 2016 02:50PM
Politics meets a show about nothing, as”Seinfeld”
co-creator Larry David and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus
reunite on “Saturday Night Live.”
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$300 million state-of-the-art polar research ship.
Child brides smuggled into
Apr 17, 2016 10:56PM
Blizzard in spring? Oh,
Apr 17, 2016 05:55PM
Vietnamese girls are being drugged, tricked and
trafficked into China, where they are sold as
child brides.
Colorado is living up to its reputation as state with a
wild side — for weather, that is.
Opinion: Comedian may help
beat ISIS
Apr 17, 2016 11:05PM
Singer and model welcome
Apr 17, 2016 05:13PM
See which celebrities are expecting additions to their families.
Bono is right, comedy is one weapon that would
help in countering ISIS, says Dean Obeidallah
A species in danger
Lawsuit: Cuba cruise
Apr 17, 2016 11:06PM
Apr 17, 2016 10:32PM
When Carnival Corp. announced plans for a
cruise ship from its Fathom line to sail from
Miami to Havana in May, Francisco Marty
jumped at the opportunity to surprise his
kids with a trip back to their native land.
Candidate jokes about gang
Apr 17, 2016 11:01PM
Philippines presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte
has refused to apologize after his controversial
comments on gang rape.
Actress faces court over dog
Apr 17, 2016 11:11PM
Actress Amber Heard has plead guilty in a dog smuggling trial,
appearing in an Australian court Monday to answer to allegations
she failed to properly declare her two Yorkshire terriers when
entering the country.
Popular: Guns in America | Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize
| Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World
‘Boaty McBoatface’ wins poll
Apr 17, 2016 10:53PM
The internet has spoken — and “RRS Boaty
McBoatface” is the people’s choice to name a
23 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
24 / 85
Going out of business:
57-year-old Sport Chalet
Apr 16, 2016 03:22PM
Read full story for latest details.
Podcast favorites: Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Bernie
gets the Axe | Guns in America
Oil sinks after top producers
‘Hamilton’ actors to get share
fail to reach deal on output
of profits from hit musical
Apr 16, 2016 07:52AM
Cyndi Lauper’s concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, will be a
night to remember.
The ObamasCNN:MoneyLatest
made $436,065
in 2015
Apr 15, 2016 02:55PM
In what is likely to be the last public reveal of their
annual income and taxes, President Obama and first
lady Michelle Obama released their 2015 tax returns
Friday afternoon.
Top oil countries fail to reach
deal on production freeze
Apr 17, 2016 01:04PM
Apr 17, 2016 09:29PM
The producers and actors of the Broadway sensation
prices areshook
top that will
dole out a share of the profits to original cast members who
were involved in the show’s development, according to the
actors’ lawyer.
world’s top
oil producers walked
from a
marathon negotiating session on Sunday without
agreement to freeze
crude production,
a ‘moral
failure that could spook investors and send
tremors through the oil market.
economy.’ What is it?
Amazon Prime goes monthly
J.J. Abrams gives a big clue
in new challenge to Netflix
17, 2016 08:00PM
Rey’s parents in ‘Star
Amazon Prime is going monthly and taking even
more direct aim at Netflix.
‘The Jungle Book’
“Man is not in charge today, money is in charge, money rules.”
Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican
Leader | Guns in Americato huge $103.6
Murdoch warmed
Apr 15, 2016 09:07PM
Medical marijuana now legal
in 24 states
Apr 17, 2016
05:30PMLes Moonves’
Pennsylvania just became the 24th U.S. state to
$57 million in 2015
legalize medical marijuana.
J.J. Abrams just gave a big clue to one of the biggest
mysteries in the “Star Wars” universe.
Apr 16, 2016 07:13AM
Trump doesn’t buy idea that
try to derail
short on military
Read full story for latest details.
Apr 17, 2016 04:18PM
Donald Trump says he’s not worried about Facebook trying to
for the White House.
Podcast favorites: Bernie gets the Axe | Radical Islam in America
Most NATO countries don’t pay their fair share, and it’s
| Graham Opposes GOP Leader
becoming a sore point in the U.S.
Cyndi Lauper
use North
aide concert
to her
Apr 17, 2016 02:39PM
money for LGBT group
Journalist Michelle Fields says she never wanted last
with Trump campaign manager Corey
Apr 15, 2016
Lewandowski to “blow up” into a big story.
Apr 15, 2016 01:50PM
Apr 17, 2016 10:19AM
up to Donald Trump’s
“Oh, ooh-bee-doo, I wanna be like you.” That’s what
most films were saying about the box office numbers
brought in by “The Jungle Book” this weekend.
Apr 15, 2016 01:35PM
official: Donald Trump
The most intriguing part about the New
York Post’s endorsement of Donald Trump
might be
it says about the
Apr 17, 2016between
09:00AMthe candidate and
Rupert Murdoch.
A top China official has weighed in on one of the biggest
headlines of the U.S. presidential race: Donald Trump’s
controversial proposals on trade and relations between
the two countries.
Democrats’ ‘battle in
Brooklyn’ drew 5.6 million
Jack Lew nears decision to
15, 2016Hamilton
on front of $10
The “battle in Brooklyn” was joined by 5.6 million viewers
night.a woman on the $20
Apr 16, 2016 04:59PM
Jack Lew
is expected
to announce
this week that Alexander Hamilton’s face will remain
on the front of the $10 bill and a woman will replace
in North Carolina for
Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill, a senior
government source told CNN on Saturday.
now despite ‘anti-LGBT’ law
Apr 15, 2016 02:44PM
The NBA said Friday it is not currently planning to move the 2017
25 / 85
All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina, despite the state’s
anti-LGBT “bathroom law.”
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
27 / 85
Reliance Industries to shut
Jamnagar crude unit in May
for maintenance
Apr 17, 2016 09:32PM
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Reliance Industries , operator of
the world’s biggest refining complex, plans to shut a
crude unit from May 1 for three weeks of maintenance,
it said in a statement on Monday.
In need of cash, India chases
$117 billion in elusive back
taxes issue rules Lasith
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India’s wholesale
prices fell for a 17th straight month in
March, declining by an annual 0.85 percent,
driven down by tumbling prices of oil and
manufactured goods, government data
showed on Monday.
Apr 17, 2016 11:26PM
Malinga out of IPL
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The finance
is asking
for regular progress
17, 2016
reports from tax collectors and has set a
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Sri Lankan speedster Lasith
date for an amnesty to pay off arrears on
Malinga has been ruled out of the ongoing Indian Premier
undeclared domestic assets, as the
League (IPL) because of a lingering knee injury that kept
government intensifies efforts to meet its
him out of this year’s World Twenty20.
ambitious deficit target.
box office:
an elusive
to smashing
for Indian
industry $103.6
Apr 17, 2016 11:02PM
- Expansion
Apr 17, 2016
10:39PMis a distant dream for many
Indian manufacturers as they grapple with
ANGELES factories
- “The Jungle
and towering
debts,Book” dominated the
million, and
putting pressure on Prime Minister Narenda
making live action
to count on government spending instead of
private investment to boost Asia’s third-biggest
Shaken Ecuador hunts for
survivors amid 7.8 quake
Apr 18, 2016 12:48AM
PEDERNALES, Ecuador (Reuters) - Traumatized
Ecuadoreans slept amid rubble while rescuers dug
for survivors on Monday after an earthquake
smashed the Andean nation’s coastal region, killing
at least 272 people and flattening resort towns.
India’s wholesale prices fall
for 17th straight month in
Saudi-Iran tensions scupper
deal to freeze oil output
Apr 17, 2016 10:02PM
DOHA (Reuters) - A deal to freeze oil output by OPEC and
non-OPEC producers fell apart on Sunday after Saudi Arabia
demanded that Iran join in despite calls on Riyadh to save the
agreement and help prop up crude prices.
In crushing defeat, Brazil’s
Rousseff moves close to
Apr 18, 2016 12:49AM
BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil’s leftist President Dilma
Rousseff suffered a humiliating loss in a crucial
impeachment vote in the lower house of Congress on
Sunday and is almost certain to be forced from office
months before the nation hosts the Olympics.
Japan quake rattles markets
as factories shut; survivors
queue for food
Apr 17, 2016 10:22PM
TOKYO (Reuters) - The Japanese share market
plunged 3 percent on Monday after a series of
earthquakes measuring up to 7.3 magnitude
struck a southern manufacturing hub, killing at
least 42 people and forcing major companies to
close factories.
Apr 18, 2016 12:43AM
28 / 85
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Botched Doha deal
undermines OPEC credibility,
oil prices tumble
Apr 18, 2016 01:18AM
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices tumbled on Monday
after a meeting by major exporters in Qatar collapsed
without an agreement to freeze output, leaving the
credibility of the OPEC producer cartel in tatters and
the world awash with unwanted fuel.
Asian shares skid, crude
tumbles after Doha deal fails
Apr 18, 2016 12:18AM
TOKYO (Reuters) - Tumbling crude oil
futures knocked Asian shares on Monday
after producers’ talks failed to agree on a
plan to curb the global supply glut, while
Tokyo stocks skidded as investors assessed
the impact of a devastating earthquake in
southwestern Japan.
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Monday that she was looking closely at Google’s deals
with phone makers and operators, concerned that
conditions related to its popular Android mobile
operating system may be restricting competition.
How a boardroom feud left
Brazilian steel giant on the
Apr 17, 2016 11:18PM
CUBATAO, Brazil (Reuters) - On a warm September
morning in 2014, the 10-man board of Brazilian
steelmaker Usiminas met on the ninth floor of a blue
glass tower in Sao Paulo.
BHP CEO Mackenzie says
Brexit would lead to lost
decade of damaging
Apr 18, 2016 01:23AM
Exclusive: Chevron puts
Myanmar gas block stakes
worth $1.3 billion up for sale
- sources
Apr 18, 2016 12:07AM
HONG KONG/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - U.S. oil and gas
major Chevron Corp has put all of its Myanmar gas
block stakes up for sale, which at a combined likely
valuation of $1.3 billion, would be the biggest deal
involving Myanmar assets to date, financial sources
familiar with the matter said.
EU’s Vestager says looking
closely at Google’s Android
Apr 18, 2016 01:42AM
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Europe’s antitrust chief said on
LONDON (Reuters) - BHP Billiton Chief
Executive Andrew Mackenzie said on
Monday that businesses could face a decade
of damaging uncertainty if Britain voted to
leave the European Union in a June 23
Saudi-Iran tensions scupper
deal to freeze oil output
Apr 17, 2016 02:08PM
DOHA (Reuters) - A deal to freeze oil output by OPEC and
non-OPEC producers fell apart on Sunday after Saudi
Arabia demanded that Iran join in despite calls on Riyadh
to save the agreement and help prop up crude prices.
Nail polish and mascara:
beauty brands eye up Iran
Apr 17, 2016 02:04PM
29 / 85
DUBAI (Reuters) - When Dubai businesswoman
Negin Fattahi-Dasmal opened the first branch of
her luxurious nail salon chain in Iran this year, it
was met with both excitement and scepticism
among image-conscious young Iranians.
Chinese official calls Trump
‘irrational’ on trade
Apr 17, 2016 09:21PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chinese Finance Minister
Lou Jiwei criticized Republican presidential
front-runner Donald Trump, calling him “an
irrational type” due to his proposal that tariffs on
imported Chinese goods be increased to up to 45
Greece considers proposal to
unblock bailout review talks
Apr 17, 2016 01:22PM
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece is considering adopting measures
proposed by EU institutions now and agreeing to implement
additional reforms if it misses its 2018 bailout targets, in an effort
to unlock new bailout loans, a government official said on Sunday.
30 / 85
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Sorry, no news feed items found
31 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
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How to fix broken Brazil after
Apr 17, 2016 10:58PM
Hope must be that the country seizes the moment for
Brazil congress votes to
impeach Rousseff
Apr 17, 2016 08:57PM
Decision in favour of political trial throws country into
new era of turmoil
Apr 15, 2016 03:32PM
Legislators vote on Sunday whether to
impeach President Dilma Rousseff
Prosecutors raid Panama
Papers law firm
Apr 13, 2016 12:05AM
Newly created organised crime unit
investigates whether law firm was used for
illicit activity
Argentina flags up bond sale
Marketing material lists risks as Argentina prepares a
multibillion-dollar return to the bond market
Push to oust Brazil’s Rousseff
clears hurdle
Apr 11, 2016 09:28PM
Pessimism pervades ahead of
Cuba congress
Apr 15, 2016 03:38AM
A month after Obama’s historic visit disenchantment
over reforms is setting in
What vote on Rousseff’s
impeachment means
Apr 13, 2016 09:48AM
Country could enter uncharted territory if
president refuses to accept result
Congressional committee vote brings impeachment one
step closer
Paris and Berlin urge
tax-haven blacklist
Apr 11, 2016 12:07PM
Tough response to Panama Papers leak aimed
at territories breaching transparency rules
Brazilians grow weary of the
walking dead
Apr 11, 2016 04:06AM
Attempts to impeach Rousseff
turn messy
Brazil’s president is desperately trying to
cling to power, writes John Paul
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Apr 12, 2016 09:39AM
Brazil braces for political
Apr 13, 2016 04:10AM
Magma News
The country’s political system suffers from a crisis
of legitimacy
Panama aims for calm amid
offshore heat
32 / 85
Apr 8, 2016 06:47AM
Panama Papers: what we
know so far
Mossack Fonseca revelations fail to dent
philosophical spirit in Central American nation
Panama leaks spur Argentina
graft claims
Apr 4, 2016 02:39AM
Data leak shines light on secret offshore
companies allegedly used to hide wealth and
evade taxes
Apr 7, 2016 11:57AM
Shell companies were set up for an associate of the
Kirchners, the former leaders
Brazil vice-president faces
Panama leak highlights elite’s
use of tax havens
Apr 3, 2016 06:27PM
Release of documents reverberates from Putin’s inner circle to
Iceland and Fifa
Apr 5, 2016 04:19PM
Supreme Court adds to upheaval with order for
congress to open proceedings against Michel
Panama Papers dismissed as
‘witch hunt’
Apr 5, 2016 12:52AM
‘More dirty money in New York and London,’
Ramón Fonseca tells FT in interview
Panama faces pressure to
come into fold
Apr 4, 2016 12:22PM
Leak will test resolve to resist worldwide push for tax
MPs shone spotlight on
Mossack Fonseca
Apr 4, 2016 11:55AM
Secretive low-profile firm and its activities thrust
into the headlines
Kremlin rejects Panama leaks
Apr 4, 2016 09:07AM
US accused of whipping up ‘Putinophobia’ to
discredit Vladimir Putin
33 / 85
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OPEC And Russia Fail To
Stabilise Oil Output And
Prices Over Iran Objections
Apr 18, 2016 01:59AM
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Asia Pacific Online Video
Revenues Predicted To Hit
$35 Billion In Five Years
Apr 18, 2016 01:17AM
Fortunately oil is rather less important as a
driver of the global economy than it used to be:
everyone is becoming more sparing, more
parsimonious, in their use of the stuff. The oil
producing nations thus have less power over the
rest of us than they did when we were […]
Driven largely by China, online video
revenues across 14 markets in Asia
Pacific are projected to rocket from
$12.8 billion last year to $35 billion by
2021, a compound annual growth rate
(CAGR) of 22%, according to a new
report. Media Partners Asia’s Asia
Satellite Showrooms Spell
Success For Locals At
Shanghai Fashion Week 2016
Apr 18, 2016 01:35AM
Pacific Online Video Distribution report
also forecasts […]
Groupthink: 7 Steps To
Prevent Disastrous Decisions
Apr 18, 2016 01:00AM
Chinese designer Xiao Li (a member of Forbes
Asia 30 under 30 list) presents her collection
at Tube Showroom during Shanghai Fashion
Week. Photo courtesy of Tube Showroom
Shanghai Fashion Week (SFW) concluded on
Saturday after a nine-day whirlwind of
catwalks, presentations and trade shows that
reinforced the global appeal of […]
When you’re the new boss, it feels great to have
employees agree with your decisions. But, agreement
isn’t always a good thing, as one of my clients found out.
“John” was new in his director-level role and needed to
quickly assess several situations and make some
decisions. During one meeting in […]
Excellent News: Rural India
Is Growing, Slowly, But
Apr 18, 2016 01:20AM
It was Adam Smith who insisted that the only purpose of
production was consumption and Frederic Bastiat who
took the point further to insist that we must always look
at any economic question from the point of view of
consumption. We should, of course, follow in the
footsteps of such […]
How To Start A Publication
From Scratch
Apr 18, 2016 01:00AM
I’ve been traveling for nearly two years now and I am
constantly discovering new places thanks to other
travelers sharing their experiences. One of the ways I
was discovering interesting travelers is an online
publication called How I Travel.
Cheap Oil, Passenger Growth
Boost China Air Industry
34 / 85
Apr 18, 2016 12:59AM
The Wang clan got into China’s airlineindustryback in
1991 by operating charter flights at a time when the
country’s economy and airline industry were a fraction
oftheir current size. A decade and a half later,theWangs
amongare among the biggest private-sector winners
from a boom that has made Chinaone of the […]
Feds Paid $600K To Learn
Why People Cheat IRS On
Their Taxes. That’s Why.
Apr 18, 2016 12:39AM
No one likes paying taxes, but spending $600K to
find out why people cheat? Are stupid wastes of
money a reason people cheat?
India’s Vijay Scores New
Personal Record With
Excellent ‘Theri’ Debut
Apr 17, 2016 11:29PM
The 131 million rupees ‘Theri’ minted in South India beat
Vijay’s previous opening day best of 125 million rupees
earned by ‘Kaththi’ in 2014.
The World’s Highest-Paid
Actors 2015
Apr 17, 2016 11:29PM
Saudi Arabia’s Threat To Sell
Off $750 Billion Of US Assets
Over 9/11 Bill Is Pretty Empty
Apr 17, 2016 11:20PM
Even among governments $750
billion is real money. But this, well,
I suppose we should call it a, threat
that Saudi Arabia would sell of
$750 billion of US assets if a
certain bill passes Congress isn’t
all that much of a threat. Yes,
indeed, it’s a large amount of […]
Ex-Motorcycle Repairman
Becomes China’s Latest
Billionaire After New Listing
Apr 17, 2016 11:19PM
Former motorcycle repairman Li Gaiteng has
become China’s latest billionaire after shares in
appliance maker he controls soared on the
company’s debut at the Shanghai Stock Exchange
today. Shares in Li-chaired Shanghai Flyco
Electrical Appliance rose by their 44% daily upper
limit in early trading.The company sold 43.6 million
shares at […]
Should Millennials Delay
Retirement Savings in Order
to Travel the World?
Apr 17, 2016 10:50PM
Millennials get a bad rap for putting instant
gratification and once-in-a-lifetime experiences
ahead of their own futures. As a generation saddled
with debt and facing tough employment prospects,
they’re regularly chastised for failing to save
enough for their futures. Maybe we’re all just a bit
jealous. As much as the YOLO lifestyle […]
United States Artists
Announces $20 Million
Endowment Campaign
Apr 17, 2016 10:00PM
In 2006, in response to the decline in
unrestricted funding to artists, the Ford,
Rockefeller, Rasmuson and Prudential
Foundations started an organization called
United States Artists with $22 million in seed
funding to help fund creative projects across
the country. Over the past decade, the
organization has distributed $21 million […]
Back-End Profits In Prospect
For Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’
Apr 17, 2016 09:59PM
Shah Rukh Khan in the title role in ‘Fan’ (Photo
courtesy of Yash Raj Films) Bollywood superstar
35 / 85
Shah Rukh Khan has revealed he does not demand
upfront fees for acting in films and that he asks
producers to pay him fees when the films perform
well. So ‘King Khan’ can probably expect […]
startups with options to own the company down the road.
They might even form commercial partnerships which
blend their products with those of newer, shinier
players. But when it comes […]
Kano’s Got The Computer Any
Kid Can Build, Anywhere
Four Things Your Income
Taxes Reveal About Your
Career Prospects
Apr 17, 2016 09:27PM
They set out with a mission to enable any kid to build
their own computer from a lego-like kit, now for
Kano the next step is to make sure children across
Asia have that access – an interesting endeavor
considering the impact the concept could have –
especially on an enormous Indian youth
Apr 17, 2016 08:13PM
Even if you selected your career for more than the income, your
income taxes are a great tool to audit your career prospects. Use
the tax filing deadline as a built-in reminder to take stock of your
career. Here are four ways your income taxes reveal your career
Stocks Decline on Crude Oil
News: Options Traders Seek
Strategies to Short Stocks
Through E-Minis and SPY
Apr 17, 2016 09:27PM
At we seek to
assist traders and investors in finding the
best value for meeting their investment
goals. Understanding the dynamics of
pricing structure enables you to offset some
of your equity exposure through the use of
derivatives, specifically Options on the
E-mini Futures Contracts or SPY (SPDR
S&P […]
Innovation Starts — And Ends
— With Mindset
Apr 17, 2016 09:26PM
We love to talk about disrupting markets
and industries, but rarely put forth the
effort to disrupt ourselves. That requires
and change in mindset and, for most of us,
it’s just too hard.
Innovation Is Not About
Digital, It’s About Culture
Apr 17, 2016 08:25PM
AFP Ina Fassbender Getty Images Companies can
outsource innovation. They can launch accelerators,
incubators and hackathons. They can even invest in
36 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
37 / 85
direction. Then in a moment of organized chaos,
pedestrians pour in from all directions, moving not just in
a linear pattern across zebra crossings, but diagonally
How Many Times Will Nikkei
Issue Same Negative Spin On
Apple Production?
Apr 15, 2016 01:08PM continues with negative Apple spin
yet again
BATS Exorcises IPO Demons,
Finally Goes Public In Biggest
Offering Of 2016
Apr 15, 2016 12:36PM
In a vacuum Bats has a great IPO.
Friday Sector Leaders:
Utilities, Materials
Apr 15, 2016 12:35PM
Investors Lose When
Executive Compensation Goes
Apr 15, 2016 12:57PM
When executives compensation incentives are not
aligned with creating shareholder value, you risk
having executives whose goals are not aligned with
investors. The consequences of such misalignment are
behavior like what we have seen with Valeant
Silver Is the Market To Watch
Next Week As Prices Up
17.6% On The Year
Apr 15, 2016 12:55PM
Despite a strong start at the beginning of the week, gold
prices have ended the week in negative territory. To add
insult to injury, the yellow metal is no longer the best
performing precious metal as silver now claims that title.
Top Cyber News: Massive
Election Hack, FDIC Data
Breach, $100 Million Startups
The best performing sector as of midday Friday is the
Utilities sector, higher by 0.7%. Within that group,
NRG Energy Inc (NYSE: NRG) and Edison
International (NYSE: EIX) are two of the day’s
stand-outs, showing a gain of 2.2% and 1.4%,
respectively. Among utilities ETFs, one ETF
following the sector is the Utilities Select Sector
SPDR ETF (AMEX: XLU), which is up 0.7% on the
day, and up 13.93% year-to-date. NRG Energy Inc,
meanwhile, is up 16.86% year-to-date, and Edison
International is up 20.81% year-to-date. Combined,
NRG and EIX make up approximately 4.5% of the
underlying holdings of XLU.
Friday Sector Laggards:
Energy, Healthcare
Apr 15, 2016 12:35PM
Looking at the sectors faring worst as of midday Friday, shares of
Energy companies are underperforming other sectors, showing a
1.0% loss. Within the sector, Marathon Petroleum Corp. (NYSE:
MPC) and National Oilwell Varco Inc (NYSE: NOV) are two of the
day’s laggards, showing a loss of 4.0% and 3.6%, respectively.
Among energy ETFs, one ETF following the sector is the Energy
Select Sector SPDR ETF (AMEX: XLE), which is down 1.2% on the
day, and up 6.24% year-to-date. Marathon Petroleum Corp.,
meanwhile, is down 26.36% year-to-date, and National Oilwell
Varco Inc, is down 15.74% year-to-date. Combined, MPC and NOV
make up approximately 2.7% of the underlying holdings of XLE.
Apr 15, 2016 12:42PM
The top 10 cybersecurity stories from around the world.
39 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
UPI Almanac for Monday,
April 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016 01:30AM
By United Press International
On April 18, 1942, Lt. Col. James Doolittle led a
squadron of B-25 bombers in a surprise raid against
Tokyo in response to the Japanese sneak attack
against Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Drone hits plane landing at
London’s Heathrow airport
Apr 17, 2016 09:44PM
Shawn Price
LONDON, April 17 (UPI) — A plane allegedly hit a drone
as it came in for a landing at London’s Heathrow Airport,
Metropolitian Police said.
Brie Larson and Alicia Keys
booked for May 7 edition of
Apr 17, 2016 08:13PM
Karen Butler
NEW YORK, April 17 (UPI) — Oscar-winning actress
Brie Larson is to guest host the May 7 edition of
“Saturday Night Live,” NBC announced.
Study: Generic hepatitis C
drugs as effective as brand
Apr 17, 2016 06:43PM
HealthDay News
Low-cost generic antiviral drugs are as effective
and safe as more expensive brand-name drugs in
treating people with hepatitis C, researchers
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Getting active after knee
replacement might raise hip
fracture risk
Apr 17, 2016 06:35PM
HealthDay News
There could be a downside to knee
replacement: As people get more active,
their odds for hip and spinal fractures rise,
a new study suggests.
Sunscreen delays melanoma
in mice, researchers say
Apr 17, 2016 06:15PM
HealthDay News
Applying 30 SPF sunscreen to mice before they
were exposed to ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation
delayed the development of melanoma,
researchers report.
Hollande prepares to sign $1B
arms deal with Egypt
Apr 17, 2016 01:58PM
UPI Staff
PARIS, April 17 (UPI) — French President Francois
Hollande is set to sign an arms deal with Egypt worth
more than $1 billion following months of negotiations.
OPEC meeting fails to reach
production freeze
Apr 17, 2016 01:31PM
Ed Adamczyk
DOHA , Qatar, April 17 (UPI) — A schism
between Saudi Arabia and Iran over oil
production ended a meeting of OPEC and
other oil-producing countries Sunday to
establish a production freeze.
40 / 85
Thousands in Belgium march
against hate, anger
Apr 17, 2016 01:09PM
New polio vaccine rolled out
Apr 17, 2016 11:03AM
UPI Staff
GENEVA, Switzerland, April 17 (UPI) — As many as
155 countries rolled out a new polio vaccine worldwide
in an effort to eradicate the crippling disease.
UPI Staff
BRUSSELS, April 17 (UPI) — Thousands marched
in Brussels Sunday “against terror and hate,”
including some caught up in the suicide bomb
attacks on Belgium’s airport and metro station.
Ancient Roman villa
uncovered in British backyard
Apr 17, 2016 12:57PM
Chris Rock blasts ‘Batman v
Superman: Dawn of Justice’
Apr 17, 2016 10:58AM
Karen Butler
NEW YORK, April 17 (UPI) — Comedian Chris
Rock has no kind words to say about the recent
blockbuster “Batman v Superman: Dawn of
Ed Adamczyk
TISBURY, England, April 17 (UPI) — The remains
of an ancient Roman villa were unearthed in
England by a homeowner laying underground
electric cables.
Brazil’s lower house votes to
impeach President Rousseff
Apr 17, 2016 12:42PM
Alleged shooter of Maryland
firefighters released after
Apr 17, 2016 10:41AM
UPI staff
BRASILIA, Brazil, April 17 (UPI) — Brazil’s
lower house has approved the motion to
impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, as
voting continues.
Ed Adamczyk
TEMPLE HILLS , Md., April 17 (UPI) — A man who
allegedly killed a firefighter and critically injured
another after they forcibly entered his home was
released from police custody.
Supreme Court takes up
Obama immigration policy
Apr 17, 2016 12:11PM
Chrissy Teigen gives birth to a
daughter, names her Luna
Apr 17, 2016 10:41AM
UPI Staff
WASHINGTON, April 17 (UPI) — The
Supreme Court takes up the last major case
of the Obama era, whether he can offer
work permits to 4 million immigrants in the
U.S. illegally for years.
Karen Butler
LOS ANGELES, April 17 (UPI) — Model and
television personality Chrissy Teigen announced
via Instagram she has given birth to her first
child, a daughter.
Thousands of Chicago
teachers prepare for strike
Russian jet barrel rolls over
U.S. reconnaissance aircraft
Apr 17, 2016 10:40AM
Apr 17, 2016 11:42AM
Ed Adamczyk
CHICAGO, April 17 (UPI) — The Chicago Teachers Union
is on a trajectory to a strike after rejecting an arbiter’s
recommendation on a proposed four-year contract.
UPI Staff
WASHINGTON, April 17 (UPI) — A Russian fighter
jet barrel-rolled over a U.S. Air Force
reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea earlier
this week.
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‘Jungle Book’ is the No. 1
movie in North America with
Apr 17, 2016 10:23AM
Karen Butler
LOS ANGELES, April 17 (UPI) — Disney’s
latest incarnation of “The Jungle Book” is the
No. 1 movie in North America, earning $103.6
million in receipts, Rentrak announced
‘Seinfeld’ collaborators Larry
David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
appear on ‘SNL’
Apr 17, 2016 09:53AM
Karen Butler
NEW YORK, April 17 (UPI) — Emmy Award-winning actress Julia
Louis-Dreyfus reprised her iconic “Seinfeld” role of Elaine Benes on
this weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live.”
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
In Quake-Devastated
Ecuador, Loss Piles Up Amid
the Rubble
Apr 18, 2016 01:48AM
PORTOVIEJO, Ecuador (AP) — It was supposed to be a family
reunion to celebrate a young relative’s start of college. But the
gathering ended in tragedy when a collapsing building crushed
17-year-old Sayira Quinde, her mother, father and toddler brother
in their rusting Chevy Blazer.
A grief stricken aunt, Johana Estupinan, now is making the longest
journey of her life in a funeral hearse to the town of Esmeraldas,
where she will bury her loved ones and break the news of the loss
to her sister’s three now orphaned children.
As Ecuador digs out from its strongest earthquake in decades, tales
of devastating loss are everywhere amid the rubble. The
7.8-magnitude earthquake left a trail of ruin along Ecuador’s
normally placid Pacific Ocean coast, buckling highways, knocking
down an air traffic control tower and flattening homes and
buildings. At least 262 people died, including two Canadians, and
thousands are homeless.
Portoviejo, a provincial capital of nearly 300,000, was among the
hardest hit, with the town’s mayor reporting at least 100 deaths.
The Quinde family drove there from their home hours north up the
coast to drop off Sayira at Estupinan’s house a week before she
was to start classes at a public university on a scholarship to study
“She was my favorite niece,” Estupinan said, emotionally torn apart
after waiting at the city’s morgue for hours. “I thought I was
getting a daughter for the six years it was going to take her to
earn a degree.”
“I never thought my life would be destroyed in a minute,” she
Estupinan watched as her loved ones were loaded onto a
truck-sized hearse for the nighttime drive, the three older ones in
dark mahogany coffins and 8-month-old Matias in a casket painted
white. “It was supposed to be a short moment of family happiness
but it converted into a tragedy,” she said.
She hoped to bury her relatives in Esmeraldas on Monday, but
devastation there is also severe and she worried about whether
the hearse could make it along roads torn apart by the quake.
The Saturday night quake knocked out power in many parts along
the coast and residents who fled to higher ground fearing a
tsunami had no home to return to, or feared structures still
standing might collapse. With makeshift shelters in short supply,
many hunkered down to spend a second straight night outdoors
huddled among neighbors.
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
President Rafael Correa, who cut short a trip to the Vatican, flew
directly to the city of Manta from Rome to oversee relief efforts.
Even before touching Ecuadorean soil he signed a decree declaring
a national emergency. Speaking from Portoviejo late Sunday he
said the earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit Ecuador
since a 1949 earthquake in the Andean city of Ambato, which took
over 5,000 lives.
“Our grief is very large, the tragedy is very large, but we’ll find the
way to move forward,” Correa said. “If our pain is immense, still
larger is the spirt of our people.”
As rescuers scrambled through the ruins near the epicenter, in
some cases digging with their hands to look for survivors,
humanitarian aid began trickling in. More than 3,000 packages of
food and nearly 8,000 sleeping kits were being delivered Sunday.
Correa’s ally, Venezuela, and neighboring Colombia, where the
quake was also felt, organized airlifts. Mexico and Chile sent teams
of rescuers.
“For god’s sake help me find my family,” pleaded Manuel Quijije, 27,
standing next to a wrecked building in Portoviejo. He said his older
brother, Junior, was trapped under a pile of twisted steel and
concrete with two relatives.
“We managed to see his arms and legs. They’re his, they’re buried,
but the police kicked us out because they say there’s a risk the rest
of the building will collapse,” Quijije said angrily as he looked on
the ruins cordoned off by police. “We’re not afraid. We’re
desperate. We want to pull out our family.”
Correa said the death toll was likely to rise because many people
remain unaccounted for, though he said there was evidence some
survivors remain alive under the rubble. More than 2,500 people
are injured.
On social media, Ecuadoreans celebrated a video of a baby girl
being pulled from beneath a collapsed home in Manta.
But fear was also spreading of another night of looting after 180
prisoners from a jail near Portoviejo escaped amid the tumult.
Authorities said some 20 inmates were recaptured and some others
returned voluntarily, sensing that life on the outside was just as
Seeking security from any unrest, about 400 residents of Portoviejo
gathered Sunday night on the tarmac of the city’s former airport,
where authorities handed out water, mattresses and food. The
airport was closed in 2011 and flights diverted to a larger facility in
nearby Manta after Correa kicked out a U.S. drug interdiction
operation stationed there.
Shantytowns and cheaply constructed brick and concrete homes
were reduced to rubble along the quake’s path. In the coastal town
of Chamanga, authorities estimated than 90 percent of homes had
damage, while in Guayaquil a shopping center’s roof fell in and a
collapsed highway overpass crushed a car, killing the driver.
The government said it would draw on $600 million in emergency
funding from multilateral banks to rebuild.
But for now the digging and hoping against the odds continues.
In downtown Portoviejo, a few blocks from where a four-story hotel
44 / 85
fell onto the Quinde family’s car, the six-story social security
building is a pile of debris. Downed power cables were strewn
across the street.
“The situation is heart-rending,” Jaime Ugalde, editor of El Diario,
the city’s most-important newspaper, said as he surveyed the
damage. “I’m going to return home and hug my wife and two kids.
We’re the lucky ones. We’re alive.”
Associated Press writers Joshua Goodman and Jacobo
Garcia in Bogota, Colombia; Dolores Ochoa in
Pedernales, Ecuador; and Gonzalo Solano in Quito,
Ecuador, contributed to this report.
South Korea Says the North Is
Preparing for Another
Nuclear Test
Apr 18, 2016 01:41AM
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s president said Monday
that there are signs that North Korea is preparing for a fifth
nuclear bomb test amid reports of increased activity at the
country’s main nuclear test site.
In a regular meeting with her top adviser, President Park Geun-hye
said that North Korea could carry out such a test to try to bolster
morale as the country deals with tough international sanctions
imposed after it conducted a fourth nuclear test and a long-range
rocket launch earlier this year.
Park didn’t elaborate on what signs pointed to another nuclear test,
but ordered the military to be ready to deal with any provocation by
Pyongyang, according to media pool reports on the first part of the
meeting posted on the website of her office.
Speculation about a fifth nuclear test increased last month when the
North’s state media cited leader Kim Jong Un as ordering a test of a
nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles capable of carrying
Kim’s order came amid rising animosity with South Korea and the
United States over their annual military drills that North Korea
describes as an invasion rehearsal. The drills are set to run until
next week.
Analysts say an atomic test could happen before North Korea holds
a landmark ruling Workers’ Party congress in early May so that
Kim can burnish his image as a powerful leader at home and
further cement his grip on power.
South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said Monday that South Korean
and U.S. authorities detected two to three times more vehicle and
personnel activities than normal this month at the North’s
northeast Punggye-ri nuclear test site — where all previous four
bomb tests took place.
A U.S. website that monitors sensitive sites in North Korea said
Friday that it saw further signs from satellite imagery that the
North was looking to produce more plutonium for nuclear weapons
at its main Nyongbyon nuclear complex, north of Pyongyang.
Earlier last week, the website 38 North said recent satellite imagery
of the Punggye-ri area showed little evidence that Pyongyang was
planning a nuclear test, though it added that the country may be
able to carry out a test on short notice.
Foreign experts said that a fifth test could put North Korean
scientists and engineers a step closer toward a goal of
manufacturing a warhead small enough to place on a long-range
missile that could reach the U.S. mainland.
South Korean defense officials say North Korea currently does not
have a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile, although it has
made strides in its weapons development programs in recent years.
Last Friday, a North Korean missile launch meant to
celebrate the birthday of Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s
founder and Kim Jong Un’s late grandfather, ended in
failure, according to U.S. officials. South Korean media
reports said the failed missile was a new, powerful
mid-range missile that could theoretically place U.S.
military bases in Asia within reach.
Calls for More Aid for Japan
Quake Zone as Toll Rises to
42 Dead
Apr 18, 2016 01:33AM
(MINAMIASO, Japan) — The U.S. military prepared to join relief
efforts Monday in disaster-stricken areas of southern Japan as
authorities struggled to feed and care for tens of thousands of
people who sought shelter after two powerful earthquakes that
killed at least 42 people.
Ten people remained missing, and rescuers were redoubling search
efforts on the southern island of Kyushu, where many areas were
cut off by landslides and road and bridge damage. Forecasts for
heavy rains, which would make land and collapsed buildings even
more unstable, added to the urgency of the searches.
Toyota Motor Corp. said it would shut down most of its vehicle
production in Japan over the course of this week because of parts
shortages stemming from the earthquakes. Nissan Motor Co. also
halted production at some facilities.
With 180,000 people seeking shelter, some evacuees said that food
distribution was a meager two rice balls for dinner.
“We are doing our best,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told lawmakers
when challenged by the opposition over the government’s handling
of the relief effort. “We are striving to improve living conditions for
the people who have sought refuge.”
“Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we will be working
toward a full recovery,” Abe said.
Gradually some roads were being reopened, and older men in
security guard uniforms were helping to direct traffic in the drizzly
U.S. Forces, Japan, said troops were preparing to provide aerial
support for Japan’s relief efforts. The U.S. has major Air Force,
Navy and Marine bases in Japan, and stations about 50,000 troops
in the country.
Many whose homes were not seriously damaged sought shelter as
the area was rocked by more than 500 aftershocks from two big
quakes that struck late Thursday night and in the early hours of
“Without water and electricity, we can’t do anything. Without the TV
on, we can’t even get information about disaster relief operations,”
45 / 85
said Megumi Kudo, 51, standing in a line for water outside a
community center in Aso city. “We can’t take a bath, not even a
Kudo came with his wife and a 12-year-old daughter, carrying
several empty gallon-size plastic containers to get water while his
80-year-old mother waited at home. “It’s better to be prepared than
sorry, as we learned the hard way,” he said.
His house survived, despite major roof damage, but like many, the
family was sleeping in their cars.
A few blocks away, 75-year-old Tokio Miyamoto said he was wary of
sleeping alone in his house, so he was lugging his futon bedding
every evening to an evacuation center. “It’s a hassle, but it’s too
scary to be alone,” he said.
Miyamoto said the evacuation center was short of food, with only a
couple of rice balls per meal for each person.
Japanese media said most of those missing were in Minamiaso, a
mountain village southwest of 1,592-meter (5,223-foot) Mount Aso,
the largest active volcano in Japan. There, dozens of troops, police
and other rescue workers were shoveling debris and searching
through places where they may have been buried.
A few stretchers were on hand in case anyone was found alive.
Earthquakes on successive nights struck Kumamoto city and the
surrounding region late last week. Nine people died in the first
earthquake, and 33 in the second. Kumamoto, a city of 740,000, is
on Kyushu island.
About 80,000 homes in Kumamoto prefecture still didn’t have
electricity Sunday, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
said. Japanese media reported earlier that an estimated 400,000
households were without running water.
The areas of Kyushu affected by the quake include technology hubs
and other manufacturing, and the disruptions to transport and
logistics were expected to ripple through the economy.
Toyota’s shutdown began Monday at a factory in Kyushu and was to
progress to other plants in Japan through Friday. The company said
resumption of operations would depend on the availability of parts.
Other companies, including Sony, have
announced stoppages of some of their factories
in Kyushu.
Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi
Vows to Amend Junta-Era
Apr 18, 2016 01:12AM
(YANGON, Burma) — Burma’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi
vowed Monday to push for constitutional amendments to build a
true democracy in the Southeast Asian country as it emerges from
decades of military control.
Suu Kyi made the comments in a nationally televised address to
mark the start of the Buddhist new year, highlighting her hopes for
the future and also the difficult tasks ahead for her new
“Our policies and principles are to ensure national reconciliation,
internal peace, the rule of law, amendments to the constitution and
keeping the democratic system dynamic,” she said.
“The constitution needs to be one that will give birth to a genuine
democratic union,” she said. “We need constitutional
Suu Kyi’s power to change the constitution remains hamstrung by
the military, which still retains considerable power in government
and parliament. But she has repeatedly said the current
constitution — written during the era of military rule — must be
revised so the country can move forward.
The constitution reserves key ministerial posts in the Cabinet for the
military, which heads the Home Ministry, the Defense Ministry and
the Border Affairs Ministry.
It also allots 25 percent of the seats in parliament for military
officers, ensuring that no government can amend the constitution
without the army’s approval. Suu Kyi has been working to build
alliances with the military but has reportedly angered the military
with her government’s initial acts since taking power two weeks
Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, won a
landslide victory in November elections, ushering in the country’s
first civilian government after 54 years of direct and indirect
military rule.
Suu Kyi is the country’s most popular political figure but was unable
to become president because of a clause in the constitution that
bars anyone with a foreign spouse or child from holding the job.
Her two sons are British, as was her late husband.
To get around that clause, Suu Kyi selected her longtime confidant,
Htin Kyaw, to become president. One of his government’s first acts
after taking power at the end of March was to give Suu Kyi a newly
created position called “state counsellor” which is akin to that of
prime minister.
Htin Kyaw’s government has made it a priority to release political
prisoners detained during military rule. Prior to the New Year, his
administration freed more than 100 political detainees and on
Sunday granted amnesty to another 83.
“We will continue to try to release political
prisoners, political activists, and students facing
trials related to politics,” he said in televised
comments Sunday to mark the new year.
Amazon Prime Is Offering
Monthly Subscriptions For
the First Time
Apr 17, 2016 11:03PM
Online retail giant Amazon began offering monthly subscriptions for
its web streaming service on Sunday, as it seeks to compete
directly with online video sites like Netflix and Hulu.
Amazon Prime, the company’s bundle of offerings that also includes
a music library and unlimited photo storage, will cost $10.99 a
month, CNN Money reports. The bundle was previously only
available for a $99 annual fee.
In an apparent direct response to Netflix’s dominance of the online
television space, the company will also offer separate monthly
subscriptions for Prime Video at $8.99 per month. Netflix,
meanwhile, will reportedly increase its monthly fee from $7.99 to
$9.99 from May onwards.
Although the annual subscription will still work out to be cheaper,
Amazon says it wants to offer customers the option of avoiding a
yearlong commitment.
[CNN Money]
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Watch Beyoncé’s Extended
Preview Video for ‘Lemonade’
Apr 17, 2016 10:31PM
For the past few months, Beyoncé has been teasing something
called “Lemonade.” We’re still in the dark on what it is, exactly —
maybe a new album, maybe a new video — but on Sunday night,
she teased us once again with a clip posted to Instagram.
It’s a gritty vignette that kind of evokes a Terrence Malick film —
ethereal shots of nature, distant voice-overs, etc. — but otherwise
doesn’t answer many of our questions. Fortunately, the wait’s
nearly over — Beyoncé announced that “Lemonade” will premiere
on HBO on April 23 at 9 p.m. E.T.
#LEMONADE premieres on 4.23 9ET | 6PT HBO
A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Apr 17, 2016 at
5:59pm PDT
Amber Heard Pleads Guilty on
Australian Quarantine
A British Airways Airbus Got
Hit By a Suspected Drone
While Landing at Heathrow
Apr 17, 2016 10:08PM
A British Airways flight collided with an object believed to be a
drone Sunday as it prepared to land at London’s Heathrow
Airport — commonly reckoned the world’s busiest. It is the
first ever reported collision between an airliner and a drone,
following a series of near-misses in recent months.
Steve Landells, of the British Airline Pilots Association, said such an
incident was “only a matter of time,” the BBC reports.
The British Airway Airbus A320 was en route from Geneva and
preparing to land in London when the front of the plane struck an
unmanned object. The flight landed safely at Heathrow; no arrests
were reported.
U.K. regulators said that anyone flying drones close to airports
could expect serious penalties.
Brazil Lower House Okays
Impeaching President,
Sending Vote to Senate
Apr 17, 2016 10:25PM
Actress Amber Heard saw illegal importation charges
against her in Australia dropped on Monday, after she pleaded
guilty to lying to immigration while bringing her two dogs into the
country last year.
Heard and her husband, Hollywood star Johnny Depp, attended the
Southport Magistrate’s Court in Queensland on Monday, the BBC
reported. The couple also tendered a video apology, uploaded by
the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water
Resources, in which Heard said they were “truly sorry that Pistol
and Boo were not declared,” referring to their pair of Yorkshire
The saga, which became known as the “war on terrier,”
began in May 2015 when Heard brought the two dogs into
Australia, where Depp was shooting the latest Pirates of the
Caribbean film. Authorities were only alerted to the animals’
presence, who flew in with Heard on a private jet, when a local dog
groomer in Queensland posted a picture of them on social media.
Dogs entering Australia, according to bio-security laws, must spend
at least 10 days in quarantine.
Read more: Listen to an Official and Radio Host Argue Over Johnny
Depp’s Dogs in the Most Australian Interview Ever
The incident soon escalated into a full-blown controversy,
with then Agriculture Minister (now Deputy Prime Minister)
Barnaby Joyce famously saying it was “time that Pistol and Boo
buggered off back to the United States” and that Heard and her
husband shouldn’t be exempt from the laws just because of their
status as Hollywood royalty.
“If we start letting movie stars … come into our nation, then
why don’t we just break the laws for everybody?” Joyce said at the
Apr 17, 2016 09:23PM
BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Brazil’s lower house of Congress voted late
Sunday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, delivering a major
blow to a long-embattled leader who repeatedly argued that the
push against her was a “coup.”
Rousseff is accused of using accounting tricks in managing the
federal budget to maintain spending and shore up support. She has
said previous presidents used similar maneuvers and stressed that
she has not been charged with any crimes or implicated in any
corruption scandals.
However, she failed to secure the support she needed, and more
than the necessary two-thirds of lawmakers in the Chamber of
Deputies voted to oust her.
“What an honor destiny has reserved for me!” shouted Bruno
Araujo, a member of Socialist Democratic Party, upon making the
decisive “yes” vote. Both cheers and boos erupted as Araujo waved
his arm in the air.
With at least 342 of 513 deputies voting in favor, the measure
passed. Several lawmakers had yet to vote, so the final tally could
be an even wider victory for the opposition.
The measure now goes to the Senate. If by a simple majority the
Senate votes to take it up and put the president on trial, Rousseff
will be temporarily suspended.
In that case, Vice President Michel Temer would take on the
presidential duties and the Senate would have 180 days to conduct
a trial against Rousseff. Senate leader Renan Calheiros has
suggested his body would consider the measure within a month,
but no date has been set.
47 / 85
Rousseff has options. She could appeal to the Supreme Federal
Tribunal, Brazil’s highest court, on the grounds that the
accusations are faulty. She has hinted she might do so.
She could also heavily lobby senators and at the same time use the
union muscle of her Worker’s Party to bring thousands to the
streets to pressure the Congress.
“This is just beginning,” said Jose Guimaraes, who is a member of
the Worker’s Party. “It’s going to be a slow and gradual war that
we’ll undertake.”
The lower chamber’s decision was the culmination of months of
fighting that brought to the surface deep polarization that goes to
the heart of daily life Brazil. Impeachment proponents said
Rousseff’s budget moves hurt Latin America’s largest economy by
hiding deficits and allowing overspending that contributed to its
worst recession since the 1930s.
They argued the only way to move beyond the paralysis is to remove
Rousseff, the country’s first female president, whose popularity
ratings have dropped below 10 percent in recent months.
Government supporters said something much more nefarious was at
play: Elites angry about the hold on power of the Worker’s Party
the last 13 years saw an opportunity to snatch it back. They
repeatedly pointed out, as did Rousseff herself, that some of the
biggest proponents of impeachment are facing serious allegations
of corruption.
Watchdog groups and political analysts often cite a jaw-dropping
tally: About 60 percent of the 594 members of Congress are facing
corruption and other charges.
The deepening crisis comes as Brazil grapples with problems on
multiple fronts. The economy is contracting, inflation is around 10
percent and an outbreak of the Zika virus, which can cause
devastating birth defects, has ravaged parts of northeastern states.
Rio de Janeiro is gearing up to host the Olympics in August, but
sharp budget cuts have fueled worries about whether the country
will be ready.
Just below the surface throughout the debates in the Chamber of
Deputies was the “Car Wash” investigation, a probe into a kickback
scheme so vast that dozens of top politicians and businessmen have
already been jailed.
While Rousseff herself has not been implicated, the kickbacks at
state oil company Petrobras allegedly happened on her watch and
that of former President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva. While many
lawmakers and regular citizens blame her for letting the graft
happen, many sitting lawmakers are accused in the scandal.
Simone Morgado, a member of the centrist Brazilian Democratic
Movement, said impeachment proponents were trying to derail a
democratically elected president.
“Given that Dilma didn’t commit any crime, like so many others in
this chamber, which has no shame, I’m voting ‘no!’,” she said
during the voting, which saw the legislators cast their ballots one
by one.
Temer, a 75-year-old with the Brazilian Democratic Movement, a
party without any concrete ideology that has a reputation for
backroom wheeling and dealing, has tried to cast himself as a
statesman above the fray and a unifying force that can heal a
scarred nation. Rousseff has called him one of the ring-leaders
trying to bring her down.
Temer has been linked to the Petrobras scandal. Also, because he
signed off on some of the questioned accounting maneuvers, he
could later potentially face impeachment proceedings.
The second in line to replace Rousseff is Eduardo Cunha, the
Chamber of Deputies speaker and long-time Rousseff enemy. He is
facing money laundering and other charges for allegedly accepting
some $5 million in kickbacks in connection with the Petrobras
scheme and could also be stripped of office over allegations he lied
when he told a congressional committee he didn’t hold any foreign
bank accounts. Documents later emerged linking him and his family
to Swiss bank accounts.
Under the special legal status afforded to Brazilian legislators and
other top politicians, they must be tried by the Supreme Court,
largely shielding them from prosecutions.
Political analysts say another big factor in the impeachment push
was Rousseff’s inability to wheel and deal. The hand-picked
successor of Silva, a once wildly popular leader, Rousseff had never
held elective office before the presidency and was frequently
out-maneuvered by Cunha and other opponents.
Critics said she comes off as stand-offish and arrogant, and her
unwillingness to engage in back-slapping and wooing of opposition
leaders cost her as the economy started to decline and she was
unable to gather support for reforms.
“Impeachment is the way that the political system found to get rid of
an incompetent leader,” said Luciano Dias, a political consultant
based in Brasilia.
Associated Press writer Jenny Barchfield reported this
story in Brasilia and AP writer Mauricio Savarese
reported from Rio de Janeiro.
HBO’s Vinyl Was a Major
Disappointment: What Went
Apr 17, 2016 09:01PM
On Sunday night, HBO will launch the sixth season of Game of
Thrones, its most-watched show ever. Thrones boasts a devoted
army of fans who’ve spent the past year speculating about the
fate of Jon Snow, and enough critical credibility to take the Best
Drama Emmy last year — HBO’s first winning show in that
category since The Sopranos.
The latest GoT premiere can’t come soon enough for a
network with a great deal of strengths that lately don’t
include its drama slate. The diminishing returns provided by Vinyl
, a period show about the New York recording industry, have
been this year’s biggest TV plot twist, and show just how far
HBO has to go to reclaim the TV-drama crown from an
increasingly robust set of competitors. After a
flawed-but-promising launch, how did Vinyl go so wrong, and could
it ever rock?
To be clear, I was no particular fan of the two-hour pilot, directed by
Martin Scorsese; it felt overstuffed both with cliché and incident (a
murder plotline and a backstory about a grave injustice along racial
lines that felt out-of-place on a drama notionally about a record
company). Bobby Cannavale was working perhaps too hard to sell a
character drawn from a word-cloud about male TV protagonists of
the past decade. His Richie Finestra — an inattentive husband who
abuses substances as a way to briefly escape the painful level of
48 / 85
passion he brings to his job — was, from the start, more an idea of
manhood than a man. If a show’s going to be ambitious about the
volume of drama it expects us to follow, it can’t skimp on the
characters who are supposed to make us actually care.
But shows often learn how to be about what they’re about as
they progress. And Vinyl’s pedigree — stars Cannavale,
Ray Romano, and Olivia Wilde; producers Scorsese, Mick
Jagger, and Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter — seemed to
imply that it would find its footing. Instead, Vinyl leaned yet more
heavily as it wore on what didn’t work.
The show relied too strongly, for instance, on empty-calorie
cameos from actors dutifully but not transcendentally playing
rock gods, either interacting with fictional characters or
performing their hits. Every Vinyl viewer will have their own least
favorite; mine has to be John Lennon and Yoko Ono bumping into
Wilde’s Edie Sedgwick-inspired character Devon at Max’s Kansas
City. There’s got to be a more fitting homage to one of music’s
greatest than chucking a look-alike on the screen and presuming
familiarity will be enough to impress.
But worse still was the show’s reliance on tropes around addiction
that, if they ever really worked on TV, have grown tired. Don
Draper, TV’s great recent addict, was charming enough for the
viewer to entertain the notion that he had some core of humanity;
Richie Finestra is just a loud jerk. Devon leaving him to move to the
Chelsea Hotel felt both like a third-season-finale development
uncorked early out of a dearth of ideas and like the only choice that
made sense. “I got clean,” Richie tells her deep into the season,
begging forgiveness. “For how long—a day?” she replies. His
addiction is so endlessly recursive, pushing him again and again
into the depths without modulation or novelty and pushing other
great actors to the side, that her frustration is ours. By the time, in
the season finale, that Richie declares that he’s running an
anarchic company now and encourages his employees to
spray-paint the walls, his coping mechanisms feel old-hat. How long
are we meant to run from reality with him?
HBO is apparently aware Vinyl isn’t working; they brought an end
to Winter’s work running the show as it goes into its second
season, calling it “an appropriate time to make a change in the
creative direction of the show.” Creative turnarounds are within
the realm of possibility at HBO; just last year, The Leftovers
rebounded from a too-challenging, needlessly baroque first
season with a second set of episodes that were among the
year’s very best. But The Leftovers was building on a
universe that had real yet unfulfilled promise. There’s little
in Vinyl’s world of uninteresting clichés that feels like it’s a tweak
away from greatness.
Worse still for the premium-cable service, The Leftovers
failed to draw in new fans; its next season will be its last.
While HBO, which does not sell ads on its air, is
understandably more concerned with subscriber numbers
than with Nielsen figures. Vinyl’s low viewership, never breaking a
million viewers an episode, can hardly be something to cheer.
HBO is, to be clear, a very successful enterprise, with the
reigning Emmy champions in drama (Thrones) and comedy (Veep
), a movie catalog, Sesame Street, and talent from Jon
Stewart to Bill Simmons to Beyoncé on their team. But
their inability to develop a consistent drama hit since the Thrones
launch in 2011 feels perhaps tied to that safety. Cable
TV’s best new dramas since 2011 — Showtime’s Homeland,
FX’s Fargo and The People v. O.J. Simpson, and, though it’s
early yet, USA’s Mr. Robot would be on that list — feel like the
results of networks trying to take meaningful risks with their
brands. Vinyl is a show using familiar language to tell a story about
unimpeachable rock gods. It’s all “quality” and no delight. It’s a
blue-chip stock, and exactly the kind of risk-free endeavor that the
best of TV is quickly moving past.
49 / 85
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9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
50 / 85
51 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Rousseff loses impeachment
Apr 18, 2016 12:48AM
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Oil meeting breaks up without
Apr 17, 2016 08:37PM
Brazil’s lower house of congress votes to start
impeachment proceedings against President
Dilma Rousseff, who is accused of manipulating
government figures.
A meeting of the world’s leading oil producers to
discuss capping output and reverse tumbling prices
ends without agreement.
Ecuador quake deaths rise to
Apr 17, 2016 09:48PM
Police probe after ‘drone’ hits
Apr 18, 2016 01:38AM
At least 272 people are confirmed dead after
Saturday’s powerful earthquake in Ecuador, as
thousands of troops are sent to affected areas.
A police investigation is under way after a
passenger plane approaching London’s
Heathrow Airport was hit by what is believed
to have been a drone.
Heard avoids dog-smuggling
Australia early election
trigger debated
Apr 18, 2016 12:00AM
Apr 18, 2016 12:14AM
Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard avoids a
conviction for illegally taking their dogs into
Australia last year after pleading guilty.
Australia’s upper house begins debating a bill on labour
reforms that is likely to trigger a “double dissolution”
‘Further tremors expected’ in
Oil slump drags down Asian
Apr 17, 2016 11:21PM
Apr 18, 2016 01:10AM
Nearly 250,000 people are told to leave their homes amid fears
of further tremors, an aid agency says, after two powerful
quakes hit Japan in two days.
Asian stock markets fall due to big drop in oil
prices after producers fail to agree on a
production freeze at their meeting in Qatar.
N Korea ‘preparing fifth
nuclear test’
VIDEO: Johnny Depp dogs
apology video
Apr 17, 2016 11:10PM
Apr 18, 2016 12:48AM
South Korea has detected signs indicating the North is
preparing to carry out its fifth nuclear test, President Park
Geun-hye says.
Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard recorded a
message apologising for breaking Australia’s
quarantine laws, and advising travellers to respect
53 / 85
VIDEO: The moment Ecuador
earthquake struck
Apr 16, 2016 09:54PM
VIDEO: Charlie Chaplin
museum opens in Switzerland
Apr 17, 2016 02:15AM
A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake has killed
more than 200 people in Ecuador, this is the
moment it struck.
A new museum dedicated to the life and work of
Charlie Chaplin is opening in his former home in
VIDEO: What happened to
India’s snake charmers?
Beirut: Eavesdropping on
Syrian conflict
Apr 17, 2016 02:33PM
Apr 17, 2016 06:06PM
Many in India now regard snake charming as an
offensive stereotype that’s out of place in a
modern nation. But what happened to the
charmers themselves once the ancient tradition
was banned?
The community in Beirut is pondering what role Lebanon
should play in the fight to stabilise its war-torn neighbour
Syria, says Hugh Sykes.
VIDEO: The Syrians in Beirut
who are staying put
The Clintons’ crime bill
Apr 17, 2016 06:08PM
Hillary Clinton is finding her husband’s 1994 federal
crime bill to be a stumbling block on the campaign trial.
What impact did it have on present-day mass
incarceration in the US?
Apr 17, 2016 05:29PM
The BBC’s Lina Sinjab spoke to four Syrians living
in the Lebanese capital Beirut who say they have
no intention of going further afield.
VIDEO: Clooney: Money in US
politics ‘ridiculous’
Apr 17, 2016 09:41AM
How did it go wrong for Dilma
Apr 18, 2016 12:33AM
The Brazilian economy, not corruption, may see the premature end
of 13 years of rule by the Workers’ Party, says the BBC’s Daniel
Gallas in Sao Paulo.
George Clooney has admitted that there is a
“ridiculous” amount of money involved in US
politics, following criticism of the sums raised at
VIDEO: Brussels marches
‘against terror and hate’
Apr 17, 2016 12:28PM
At least 7,000 people took to the streets of Brussels
in a march “against terror and hate”.
VIDEO: Roman villa under
Wiltshire garden
Apr 17, 2016 12:33PM
One of the biggest and most elaborate Roman villas
in Britain has been unearthed in Wiltshire.
54 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Falling oil prices rattle
Apr 18, 2016 01:06AM
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Kuwaiti currency basket yield
Apr 15, 2016 07:51AM
Stocks and bond yields slide as Brent price plunges
Decision to scrap dollar peg has cut exchange rate
volatility, but failed to spur diversification
Big questions for markets this
Apr 18, 2016 12:21AM
Caution reigns over
commodity currencies
Apr 15, 2016 05:43AM
ECB, Doha meeting and US earnings in focus
China and oil, the two bugbears of markets at the start of the
year, remain main F/X drivers
Markets spotlight:
commentary in review
US and European stocks
extend gains
Apr 17, 2016 09:22AM
Insight and Smart Money columns that readers
may have missed
Apr 14, 2016 03:27PM
Dovish central banks, steady oil and earnings
hopes underpin sentiment
Markets Diary
Apr 17, 2016 05:37AM
Anticipation of US interest rate rise in December may
be bolstered by further economic data
Japan warned not to devalue
the yen
Deutsche chief warns of
Brexit risk to City
Apr 14, 2016 11:26AM
London will lose position as main hub for European
sovereign debt and currencies, says Deutsche
Apr 15, 2016 05:08PM
Exchange rate commitments mean Tokyo lacks options as
stronger yen drags on economy
Wall Street slips after strong
Brazil’s end game inspires
fear and hope
Apr 14, 2016 10:07AM
Lawmakers will vote this weekend on whether to
impeach President Dilma Rousseff
Apr 15, 2016 03:27PM
Solid China data fail to boost major stock indices;
oil under pressure
Brexit marks pound as
currency to avoid
Apr 14, 2016 10:06AM
China jitters and volatile oil have both
55 / 85
receded as investor fears
Recovery speaks to a broader improvement in
EM sentiment
Questions hang over EM
currencies rally
Apr 14, 2016 08:20AM
Earnings sugar rush masks
pain for stocks
Apr 13, 2016 04:40AM
‘Remarkable’ rally could go into reverse as
signs of change beckon
Low expectations leave companies with easy bar to beat, but
long-term profit worries remain
Corporate bonds outshine
European stocks
Apr 14, 2016 02:31AM
Eurozone economy struggles for traction
against a weak global backdrop
Singapore loosens monetary
Apr 14, 2016 02:29AM
Central bank moves to stance of zero
appreciation in currency
Unilever sales hit by euro
Apr 14, 2016 01:50AM
Emerging market demand is holding up for owner of
brands including Magnum ice cream and Dove soap
Stocks hit 2016 highs after
China data
Apr 13, 2016 03:48PM
Wall St joins in rebound in global equities
Poland to decide on Swiss
franc mortgages
Apr 13, 2016 05:26AM
Law and Justice’s decision on $42bn of loans
could have far-reaching systemic consequences
Sceptics doubt Brazil bounce
will last
Apr 13, 2016 05:08AM
56 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Caixabank launches fresh bid
for BPI
Apr 18, 2016 01:15AM
Takeover offer values Portuguese lender at €1.62bn
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
M Stanley and Goldman
results hopes rise
Apr 17, 2016 10:11AM
UBP puts focus on Asia after
Coutts deal
Apr 17, 2016 09:07PM
Swiss group aims to double assets under
management to $20bn
Better than expected earnings allow US ‘financials market
to finally exhale’
Why banks do not want to
think about death
Apr 17, 2016 08:28AM
Cheap oil trips up Gulf’s
Apr 17, 2016 11:00PM
Watchdogs should not expect living wills to
somehow make institutions more capable of
Economic Outlook
Apr 17, 2016 05:26AM
Corporate and national balance sheets are tipping
into the red as oil’s historic low price bites deep
Central bankers from the eurozone and
Sweden’s Riksbank due to set interest rates
HSBC sets up £10bn SME
loan chest
Apr 17, 2016 05:08PM
Lender shrugs off Brexit and peer-to-peer platforms to
back small companies
The nonagenarian taking on
home lenders
Apr 17, 2016 12:56PM
The 92-year-old Wharton professor emeritus who
remains hard at work on a mortgage advice
Clear-out imminent at Greek
bank boards
Apr 17, 2016 04:41AM
Rescue vehicle expected to fail 20 of 55
directors in suitability test at top four
Germany’s roots risk
European stability
Apr 17, 2016 02:59AM
In a monetary union, no government is supposed to question
the independence of the central bank
Mallya rejects allegations he
redirected funds
Apr 17, 2016 11:57AM
Spokesperson for India liquor baron ‘strenuously denies’ claim
over $64m Kingfisher loan
US regulator has big banks in
his sights
Apr 15, 2016 01:35PM
Tom Hoenig has warned peers that sanguine policies
57 / 85
are storing up financial and economic trouble
Italian banks: The rescue
Apr 15, 2016 12:33PM
When bankers were called in by the finance minister they
knew stakes were high — at least €4bn
Citi hit by investment bank
profits drop
Headwinds for the bank still majority-owned
by UK taxpayers don’t look like easing
anytime soon
Dissidents kick up Queen’s
Club storm
Apr 14, 2016 10:40PM
Objections raised over plan for 10-year deal with the Lawn Tennis
Apr 15, 2016 12:19PM
US group to stop breaking out results for its crisis era ‘bad
MPs to probe UK bank capital
Apr 15, 2016 12:19PM
Move by Commons committee follows clash between Sir
John Vickers and the Bank of England
Gold is overpriced and well
worth it
Apr 15, 2016 12:06PM
Maybe the yellow metal is not overpriced enough, says John
Citi profits fall less than
Apr 15, 2016 06:21AM
First quarter investment banking revenue drops 27 per cent
Pot company faces tough road
after US IPO
Apr 15, 2016 01:46AM
MassRoots, a social media site for marijuana, seeks
Nasdaq listing despite federal ban
Time to admit painful truth on
RBS stake
Apr 15, 2016 01:19AM
58 / 85
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Press release Results of the
59 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Euro area securities issues
Apr 11, 2016 04:00PM
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
ECB:Statistical Press
Euro area monthly balance of
payments (January 2016)
Mar 20, 2016 05:00PM
Euro area households and
non-financial corporations:
4th Quarter 2015
Apr 10, 2016 04:00PM
Euro area quarterly balance
of payments and
international investment
position (fourth quarter of
Apr 6, 2016 04:00PM
MFI interest rate statistics
Apr 3, 2016 04:00PM
Euro area insurance
corporation and pension fund
Mar 31, 2016 04:00PM
Monetary developments in
the euro area
Mar 28, 2016 04:00PM
61 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
62 / 85
"Dat teruggekeerde
Syriëstrijders in rijksregister
ingeschreven zijn, betekent
niet dat ze uitkering krijgen"
Geniet van de beste
countrymuziek volgens
bewolkt met kans
op lokale bui
Nog enkele dagen zonnig en
vrij droog weer, weekend
ronduit koud
Voor u uitgespit: 5
vooroordelen over duurzame
Halve wereld zakt naar ons
land af voor deze
Na vertraging door
aanslagen: drie
aangekomen in Pairi Daiza
Apr 16, 2016 10:41AM
dierenpark Pairi Daiza in Brugelette zijn vanochtend drie
aangekomen. Dat meldt het park in een persbericht. De
drie vrouwtjes, Carina, Coco en Zelda, komen uit een Australisch
beschermings- en voortplantingscentrum.
Zeven doden door noodweer
om te ontspullen
meer geluk
met minderpiramide
spullen onder
Apr 17, 2016 11:56AM
Lawine in Franse Pyreneeën
doodt twee alpinisten
Wereldberoemde gestolen
postzegel duikt na 61 jaar
weer op
63 / 85
Tijger doodt verzorgster in
Amerikaanse dierentuin
Apr 15, 2016 09:46AM
De Socialistische Mutualiteiten hebben vorig jaar op ruim
1.500 patiëntenfacturen van hun leden voor in totaal
400.000 euro aan (al dan niet bewuste) fouten gevonden.
Het ziekenfonds raadt patiënten dan ook aan om facturen
van onder meer ziekenhuisopnames, geneesmiddelen en
raadplegingen bij artsen, goed na te kijken alvorens te
betalen. Ook bij de andere ziekenfondsen kunnen leden
terecht voor de controle van hun facturen, maar zij
houden geen cijfers bij.
Mail steekt 2 keer Atlantische
Oceaan over en redt Chinees
meisje van zelfmoord
Apr 15, 2016 03:33PM
Een verzorgster in de dierentuin van Palm
Beach in de Amerikaanse staat Florida is
vandaag overleden nadat zij was
aangevallen door een tijger. Dat hebben
medewerkers van de dierentuin gezegd,
meldt de Palm Beach Post op zijn website.
Vakbonden tekenen akkoord
met directie van Tihange
Stakers bestoken massaal
fabriek met rotte eieren
Amsterdam gaat toeristen
waarschuwen voor nepdrugs
Beter weer in zicht maar eerst
nog kans op nachtvorst
Waarom je altijd facturen van
de dokter moet nakijken voor
je betaalt
64 / 85
65 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Sorry, no news feed items found
66 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Commotie na uitspraak
Jambon: "Twee feestende
moslims opgepakt na
Apr 18, 2016 01:36AM
die woorden hard, ofwel verontschuldigt hij zich
voor het woordje ‘significant’. Want daarmee
veralgemeent hij en dat is het tegenovergestelde
van wat een minister van Binnenlandse Zaken moet
doen”, zo zei Almaci maandag in De Ochtend op
Radio 1.
Meisje dat aangerand werd
op vliegtuig krijgt schuld
want “ze droeg extreem kort
Apr 18, 2016 01:05AM
Een tiener die een vliegtuigmaatschappij
had aangeklaagd omdat ze in een van hun
toestellen zou aangerand zijn, heeft een
boze brief teruggekregen van de
luchtvaartmaatschappij. Daarin staat dat
het broekje van de tiener wel heel kort
van de dolfijnen te springen. De politie
kon uiteindelijk de daders oppakken.
Vrachtwagen vol droog beton
kantelt op Gentse Ring:
verkeer staat volledig stil
Op de ring rond Gent is maandagochtend een
vrachtwagen vol droog beton gekanteld ter
hoogte van Oostakker. “De vrachtwagen ligt
over de volledige breedte van de weg en heeft
zijn lading droog beton verloren”, zegt Peter
Bruyninckx van het Vlaams Verkeerscentrum.
Het verkeer op de R4 staat volledig stil.
Rovende lifters waren
weggelopen uit instelling
Apr 17, 2016 07:00PM
De politie heeft de vijf lifters die dinsdagnacht
Jan Clerinx (25) op brutale wijze van zijn auto
beroofden in Tongeren, geïdentificeerd. Twee
van hen zijn opgepakt.
Mohamed opgepakt na tien
meter lopen tijdens 10 Miles
Apr 17, 2016 10:36PM
Surrealistisch. Zo omschrijft Mohamed Achahbar (37) wat hij
gisteren meemaakte op de Antwerp 10 Miles. Hij werd vlak na
de start overmeesterd door vier politiemannen en twee uur
opgesloten in een cel. “Omdat ik een Antwerpse Marokkaan
met een baardje ben”, denkt hij.
Halfnaakte activisten
verstoren show door in
dolfijnenbad te duiken
Negen milieu-activisten hebben
zondag de show in het Boudewijn
Seapark verstoord door in het bad
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Apr 18, 2016 12:41AM
Volgens minister van Binnenlandse Zaken Jan
Jambon (N-VA) danste een “significant deel” van de
moslimgemeenschap na de aanslagen. Een
“schofferende en stigmatiserende” uitspraak, vindt
Groen-voorzitster Meyrem Almaci. “Ofwel maakt hij
Apr 17, 2016 10:13PM
Magma News
10 Miles eindigt in drama:
Kevin (16) sterft na finish
Apr 17, 2016 07:00PM
De 31ste editie van de Antwerp 10 Miles is geëindigd in
een drama. Een jonge loper (16) zakte vlak na de
eindstreep in elkaar. Hij werd nog ter plaatse
gereanimeerd en weggebracht naar het ziekenhuis, maar
67 / 85
daar bezweek hij in de loop van de avond.
Drie keer meer groene
wagens in drie jaar tijd
Apr 17, 2016 11:12PM
In drie jaar tijd is het aantal groene wagens in België ruim
verdrievoudigd. Dat blijkt uit nieuwe cijfers van de FOD
Mobiliteit, schrijft Het Laatste Nieuws maandag. Op
het totale wagenpark vertegenwoordigen voertuigen
aangedreven door elektriciteit, aardgas of waterstof
echter slechts 0,2 procent.
Jonge broers in elkaar
geslagen na ruzie over meisje
op kinderfuif
"Opvolging Milquet heeft
meerkost van 600.000 euro"
Apr 17, 2016 11:19PM
Dat Joëlle Milquet vervangen wordt door twee
in plaats van één minister zal een meerkost
hebben van 602.000 euro. Dat zegt Michel
Legrand, voorzitter van Gerfa (Groupe d’étude
et de réforme de la fonction administrative) in
de kranten van Sudpresse.
anti-terreurcoördinator uit
kritiek op België
Apr 17, 2016 07:00PM
Twee minderjarige broers zijn vrijdagavond in het
ziekenhuis beland nadat ze in elkaar waren geslagen
door een grote groep volwassen mannen. Aanleiding:
een discussie op een kinderfuif in Schoten. De politie
onderzoekt de zaak.
Gilles de Kerchove, de anti-terreurcoördinator van de EU, heeft
in een interview met de Britse krant The Guardian
kritiek geuit op het Belgische
terreurbeleid. “België heeft geen
alternatief voor vervolging en voor gevangenisstraffen. Een deradicaliseringsprogramma is er niet.”
België ontsnapte afgelopen
jaar drie keer aan vliegramp
Leerlingen BSO te dik, ASO te
Apr 17, 2016 10:59PM
Apr 18, 2016 12:08AM
Apr 17, 2016 07:00PM
Door technische problemen bij
luchtverkeersleider Belgocontrol is ons land het
afgelopen jaar drie keer aan een vliegramp
ontsnapt. Dat schrijft Het Laatste Nieuws
maandag. In twee gevallen werd zelfs
overgegaan tot een ‘clear the sky’, een
noodprocedure waarbij alle vliegtuigen het
Belgische luchtruim moeten verlaten.
Bijna één op de vijf schoolgaande jongeren tussen
13 en 18 jaar in Vlaanderen en Brussel is te dik.
Opvallend: overgewicht en obesitas komen
beduidend meer voor in het beroepsonderwijs.
Problematisch ondergewicht is dan weer een
typisch probleem voor het ASO.
Belgisch meisjesteam turnen
plaatst zich voor het eerst
voor Olympische Spelen
Apr 17, 2016 10:36PM
Het Belgische meisjesteam is zondag in Rio
de Janeiro derde geworden op het
olympisch Test Event turnen, en heeft zich
zo geplaatst voor de Olympische Spelen.
Een historische prestatie want het is voor
het eerst dat een Belgisch meisjesteam
daarin slaagt.
Clooney haalt "obsceen veel
geld" op voor Hillary Clinton
Apr 17, 2016 10:39PM
Filmster George Clooney en zijn vrouw,
mensenrechtenadvocate Amal Clooney,
hebben zaterdagavond met een
sponsorparty in hun villa in Los Angeles
de verkiezingskas van de
Democratische presidentskandidate
Hillary Clinton gespekt. De
toegangsprijs voor het feest: 33.400
dollar per persoon, of omgerekend zo’n
30.000 euro.
68 / 85
stemmen voor afzetting
Kim Clijsters heeft groot
Apr 17, 2016 11:29AM
Ex-tennisster Kim Clijsters en haar man Brian Lynch verwachten
hun derde kindje. Dat kondigde Clijsters zelf aan op Twitter. Jack
(2,5) en Jada (8) krijgen er binnenkort dus een broertje of zusje bij.
Apr 17, 2016 10:47PM
Nadat de voorzitter van de Arbeiderspartij de
nederlaag van de regering al had toegegeven, heeft
de Braziliaanse Kamer van
Volksvertegenwoordigders zondag nu ook officieel
met een tweederdemeerderheid voor de afzetting van
president Dilma Rousseff gestemd. Dat betekent dat
de mogelijke afzetting van Rousseff nu in de Senaat
gestemd zal worden. Die zal beslissen of Rousseff
voor 180 dagen geschorst zal worden.
Jimmy is nieuwe
wereldrecordhouder strijken
Apr 17, 2016 10:59PM
Jimmy De Frenne mag zich sinds zaterdagavond de nieuwe
wereldrecordhouder strijken noemen. De man streek 82 uur
ononderbroken voor het goede doel.
Zo snel liep Sven Nys in de 10
Miles van Antwerpen
Apr 18, 2016 12:08AM
Hij is dan wel afgezwaaid als topcrosser, Sven Nys blijft
een atleet. Dat bewees hij zondag op de 10 Miles in
Antwerpen. Nys deed over de afstand van 16 km iets
meer dan 1 uur 2 minuten, en zit daarmee vooraan in het
klassement. Hij stelde nog nooit zo ’n afstand te hebben
gelopen, en vreest het wel vandaag in de benen te
voelen. Nys’ ex-teamgenoot Sven Vanthourenhout was
nog iets sneller.
Hele wereld komt naar
Vlaanderen voor ‘het paarse
Apr 17, 2016 10:00PM
Met het eerste weekend waarbij de boshyacinten in volle
bloei staan, is de stormloop naar het Hallerbos in Halle
ingezet. Het natuurlijke blauwe bloementapijt, een
bijzonder natuurfenomeen dat zich elk jaar in de lente
ontvouwt, lokte duizenden bezoekers.
69 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
weegt op EVS
Apr 18, 2016 01:51AM
09:51 De Europese beurzen kleuren rood bij de
start, nu het overleg over de bevriezing van de
olieproductie niets heeft opgeleverd en de olieprijs
verder wegzakt. Vooral de olieaandelen krijgen
klappen. In …
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Apr 18, 2016 12:47AM
08:47 Argentinië keert maandag naar de
internationale kapitaalmarkten terug. De
regering hoopt op zijn minst 12,5 miljard dollar
op te halen om haar geschil met de
aasgierfondsen op te lossen.
Olieprijs valt na mislukt
Turkije pakt aanhangers
Gülen op
Apr 18, 2016 12:34AM
08:34 Een vergadering in Doha van zestien landen,
samen goed voor de helft van de wereldwijde
olieproductie, is zondag op niets uitgedraaid. De
olieprijs gaat ruim 4 procent lager.
Apr 18, 2016 01:29AM
09:29 De Turkse politie heeft maandag
tientallen aanhangers gearresteerd van de
islamitische prediker Fethullah Gülen, de
aartsrivaal van president Recep Tayyip
Gimv stapt uit
halfgeleiderbedrijf GreenPeak
Apr 18, 2016 12:25AM
‘Opvolging Milquet door duo
kost 600.000 euro meer’
08:25 De Nederlands specialist in
draadloze technologieën wordt
overgenomen door het Amerikaanse
Apr 18, 2016 01:14AM
‘Continuïteit verzekerd voor
09:14 Volgens de onafhankelijke
ambtenarenbond Gerfa is dat de
meerkost van de vervanger van minister
Joëlle Milquet door 2 nieuwe ministers.
Een van die ministers, Alda Greoli,
Apr 18, 2016 12:24AM
08:24 Vlaams minister van Welzijn Jo
Vandeurzen erkent dat de aanbesteding
voor een nieuwe generatie enkelbanden
is misgelopen. Maar dankzij afspraken
met de huidige fabrikant ‘is de
continuïteit verzekerd’…
Aardbeving Japan treft
Apr 18, 2016 01:05AM
Braziliaanse kamer effent weg
voor afzetting Rousseff
09:05 Vooral Toyota, dat 40 procent van
zijn wagens in eigen land bouwt, voelt de
gevolgen van de aardbevingen die Japan
vorige week troffen.
Apr 18, 2016 12:23AM
Argentinië maakt comeback
op internationale markt
08:23 Het vertrek van de Braziliaanse
presidente Dilma Rousseff is weer een
stap dichterbij. De kamer gaf in de nacht
van zondag op maandag immers groen
70 / 85
licht aan de afzettingsprocedure tegen de
linkse poli…
Aardbeving eist al 272 levens
in Ecuador
Apr 18, 2016 12:03AM
08:03 Een aardbeving met de kracht van 7,8 op de schaal van
Richter heeft zware vernielingen aangericht in het noorden van het
Zuid-Amerikaanse land.
71 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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72 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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73 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Nu te koop in de Humoshop:
de dubbel-cd ‘20 edities
Humo’s Rock Rally’
Apr 14, 2016 05:05AM
Het heeft ons twee maanden intensieve vergelijkende studie
gekost, maar nu weten we het zeker: de aller-, állerbeste songs
van 38 jaar en 20 edities Humo’s Rock Rally zijn nu terug te
vinden op één handzame, tamelijk fantastische dubbel-cd.
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
De wondere wereld van
Sophia: ‘Als ik geen pijn voel,
heb ik het gevoel dat ik niet
Apr 11, 2016 11:25PM
Robin Proper-Sheppard is geen onbekende in België. In de
vroege jaren 90 kwam hij samen met zijn band The Godmachine
naar Europa, en sindsdien verblijft de Amerikaan vooral in
Brussel en Londen. Na het overlijden van bassist Jimmy
Fernandez zag een nieuw muzikaal collectief het
De mailbox van Arnon
Grunberg: ‘Cellist en spil’
Apr 12, 2016 11:31AM
Laten wij de verontwaardiging overlaten aan idealisten.
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‘Festivalitis’ op 2BE:
kamperen met Sam De Bruyn
en Sean Dhondt
Apr 12, 2016 06:24AM
Bloed, zweet, tranen en bier: ook deze zomer zal Festivalitis
een begrip zijn op uw beeldbuis, en wel vanop Werchter,
Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland, de Lokerse Feesten, Suikerrock,
Dour, Les Ardentes én Graspop. Het kanaal waarlangs al dat
vocht uw huiskamer zal binnenlopen is dit jaar 2BE. Mocht
het u ontgaan zijn: JIM, de vorige thuishaven van ‘Festivalitis’
, is intussen opgedoekt. Uw gidsen doorheen dat muzikale
geweld zijn het heerlijk allitererende duo Sean en Sam achter-namen: Dhondt en De Bruyn.
Lees verder
levenslicht: Sophia. Jarenlang was de gang van zaken:
liefdesrelatie loopt stuk, plaat - geboetseerd uit verdriet en gal komt uit. Maar zeven jaar na zijn laatste album breekt Robin met
die gewoonte.
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‘Antwerpen evacueren wordt
een nachtmerrie.’ Hoe goed is
België voorbereid op een
nucleaire ramp?
Apr 11, 2016 12:00PM
Nu IS-terroristen nucleaire toplui bespioneren en kernreactoren
meer scheuren vertonen dan een uitgedroogde rivierbedding,
dringt de vraag zich op: wat als er een kernramp gebeurt? Bij het
crisiscentrum van Binnenlandse Zaken liggen de nucleaire
noodplannen klaar. Maar werken ze wel? En wat met Antwerpen,
de stad met een half miljoen inwoners die in de schaduw van een
kerncentrale, maar buiten de nucleaire schuilzone ligt? ‘Met zijn
haven en zijn oververzadigde ring is Antwerpen een logistieke
Lees verder
Hoe flink is links? Tom Lanoye
versus Herman Brusselmans:
‘Het is een meningsverschil’
74 / 85
Apr 11, 2016 11:59AM
75 / 85
zonder helden is een leugenaar. In ‘Revue Lanoye’, een
Een schrijver zonder vijanden is geen schrijver, een schrijver
76 / 85
Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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Guldensporenpark 120
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Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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Guldensporenpark 120
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Magma News
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
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Guldensporenpark 120
9820 Merelbeke
Action de contrôle annoncée
à Colfontaine et Quaregnon
Apr 4, 2016 08:00AM
Action de contrôle annoncée à
Colfontaine et Quaregnon
Mar 30, 2016 04:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Jan 13, 2016 07:00AM
Roeselare: Resultaten
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Dinant: Resultaten
Mar 9, 2016 06:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Dinant: Resultaten
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aarschot- Resultaten
Nov 23, 2015 03:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Eeklo: Resultaten
Mar 9, 2016 06:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Eeklo: Resultaten
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Nov 23, 2015 03:30AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie Aarschot
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Feb 15, 2016 07:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Jodoigne: Resultaten
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Jodoigne: Resultaten
Mon, 18 Apr 2016 at 10h00
Jan 20, 2016 05:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Roeselare: Resultaten
Feb 2, 2016 05:00AM
Magma News
Symposium van het
Wetenschappelijk Comité van
het Voedselagentschap:
"Trend watching and food
safety control"
Nov 23, 2015 03:30AM
Symposium van het Wetenschappelijk
Comité van het Voedselagentschap:
“Trend watching and food safety control”
81 / 85
Bijkomende haard van
rundertuberculose op bedrijf
in de provincie Limburg
Nov 5, 2015 10:45AM
Bijkomende haard van rundertuberculose op bedrijf
in de provincie Limburg
Reactie van het FAVV op de
foute verklaringen in de pers
na de brand in een
varkensbedrijf in Engis
Oct 30, 2015 11:45AM
Reactie van het FAVV op de foute
verklaringen in de pers na de
brand in een varkensbedrijf in
Aangekondigde controle-actie
1000 Brussel: Resultaten
Oct 22, 2015 08:00AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie 1000 Brussel: Resultaten
Open bedrijvendag in het
FAVV. Kom ons ontdekken op
zondag 4 oktober!
Sep 29, 2015 08:30AM
Open bedrijvendag in het FAVV. Kom ons
ontdekken op zondag 4 oktober!
Resultaten controle-actie op
vleessalade – bereidingen bij
Sep 17, 2015 07:00AM
Resultaten controle-actie op
vleessalade – bereidingen bij
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Durbuy: Resultaten
Sep 15, 2015 03:30AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie Durbuy:
Bijkomende haard van
rundertuberculose op bedrijf
in de provincie Limburg
Sep 11, 2015 08:30AM
Bijkomende haard van
rundertuberculose op bedrijf in
de provincie Limburg
Aangekondigde controle-actie
Sep 2, 2015 08:30AM
Aangekondigde controle-actie Durbuy
Haard van rundertuberculose
op melkveebedrijf in de
provincie Limburg: Stand van
Aug 24, 2015 06:30AM
Haard van rundertuberculose op melkveebedrijf in de provincie
Limburg: Stand van zaken
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