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Linear Motion Problems
Group Practice!
Grab a whiteboard and a box set 
• A motorboat is traveling due north in calm
water at a speed of 6.0 m/s. The operator
puts the motor in reverse and the boat
receives an acceleration of -1.5 m/s2.
• How long after the boat is put into reverse
does it momentarily come to a stop?
• How far has the boat traveled while it
decelerated to a stop?
• A car moving at 32.0 m/s hits a wall and
stops in 0.020 s. Calculate the
acceleration stopping the car.
• The driver of a pick-up truck going 100.
km/h applies the brakes, giving the truck
a uniform deceleration of 6.50 m/s2 while
it travels 20.0 m.
• What is the velocity of the truck in m/s at
the end of this distance?
• How much time does it take the driver to
come to a stop?
• A rocket accelerates from rest at a
rate of 40.0 m·s-2 until it reaches a
velocity of 1800. m·s-1. How much
time does this take?
• A jet aircraft being launched from an
aircraft carrier is accelerated from
rest along a 94m track for 2.5 s.
What is the launch speed of the
• A car accelerates at 2.5 m·s-2 E for
16 s. After this time the car is
moving at 10.0 m/s W. Calculate
its initial velocity.
• An Olympic biathlete shoots a bullet
at a target 50.0 m away. If the
average velocity of the bullet is 323
m·s-1 How much time does it take for
the bullet to reach the target?
• From the moment a 40.0 m/s fastball
touches the catcher’s mitt until it is
completely stopped takes 0.0125 s.
Calculate the average acceleration of
the ball as it is being caught.
• Top-fuel drag racers are able to
uniformly accelerate at 12.5 m/s2
from rest to 100. m/s before
crossing the finish line. How much
time elapses during that
• How far has the drag racer traveled
down the track in that time?
• An Alaska Airlines jet traveling at 88.0
m/s lands on a runway and comes to a
stop 11.0 seconds later before taxiing to
the gate.
• What is the acceleration of the jet as it
• How long does the runway need to be for
this jet to land?
• A motorcycle traveling at 16 m/s
accelerates at a constant rate of 4.0
m/s2 over a distance of 50. m.
What is its final velocity?
• Police find skid marks 60. m long on a
highway showing where a car made an
emergency stop. Assuming that the
acceleration was -10. m/s2 (about the
maximum for dry pavement), how fast
was the car going when it began to skid?
• Was the car exceeding the 80 km/h
speed limit? (show your work to justify
your answer).

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