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Alessandra Balduzzi; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Maria Teresa Sandri; Silvia Dellapasqua; Anna Cardillo; Emilia
Montagna; Giuseppe Cancello; Monica Iorfida; Raffaella Ghisini; Giuseppe Viale; Mattia Intra; Alberto
Luini; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Intermittent Letrozole Administration as Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy for Postmenopausal
Women with Hormone Receptor-Positive Early Breast Cancer: A Biologic Study
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2015;15(5):e257-e262. Alessandra Balduzzi; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Silvia Dellapasqua; Emilia Montagna; Anna
Cardillo; Giuseppe Viale; Paolo Veronesi; Mattia Intra; Alberto Luini; Giancarlo Pruneri; Giuseppe
Mastropasqua; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Survival outcomes in breast cancer patients with low estrogen/progesterone receptor
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2014;14(4):258-264. Caterina Fumagalli; Silvia Della Pasqua; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Anna Cardillo; Andrea Sporchia; Marco
Colleoni; Giuseppe Viale; Massimo Barberis; Giancarlo Pruneri
Prevalence and clinicopathologic correlates of o6-methylguanine- dna methyltransferase
methylation status in patients with triple-negative breast cancer treated preoperatively by
alkylating drugs
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2014;14(4):285-290. Monica Iorfida; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Elisabetta Munzone; Bernardo Bonanni; Giuseppe
Viale; Giancarlo Pruneri; Manuelita Mazza; Anna Cardillo; Paolo Veronesi; Alberto Luini; Viviana
Galimberti; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Outcome of male breast cancer: A matched single-institution series
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2014;14(5):371-377. M. Iorfida; S. Dellapasqua; V. Bagnardi; A. Cardillo; N. Rotmensz; M.G. Mastropasqua; L. Bottiglieri; A.
Goldhirsch; G. Viale; M. Colleoni
HER2-negative (1+) breast cancer with unfavorable prognostic features: To FISH or not to
Annals of Oncology. 2012;23(5):1371-1372. M. Colleoni; N. Rotmensz; P. Maisonneuve; M.G. Mastropasqua; A. Luini; P. Veronesi; M. Intra; E.
Montagna; G. Cancello; A. Cardillo; M. Mazza; G. Perri; M. Iorfida; G. Pruneri; A. Goldhirsch; G. Viale
Outcome of special types of luminal breast cancer
Annals of Oncology. 2012;23(6):1428-1436. Emilia Montagna; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Giuseppe Viale; Giuseppe Cancello; Manuelita
Mazza; Anna Cardillo; Raffaella Ghisini; Viviana Galimberti; Paolo Veronesi; Simonetta Monti; Alberto
Luini; Paola Rafaniello Raviele; Mauro Giuseppe Mastropasqua; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Immunohistochemically defined subtypes and outcome in occult breast carcinoma with
axillary presentation
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2011;129(3):867-875. 2011
G. Cancello; P. Maisonneuve; N. Rotmensz; G. Viale; M.G. Mastropasqua; G. Pruneri; E. Montagna; S.
Dellapasqua; M. Iorfida; A. Cardillo; P. Veronesi; A. Luini; M. Intra; O. Gentilini; E. Scarano; A.
Goldhirsch; M. Colleoni
Prognosis in women with small (T1mic,T1a,T1b) node-negative operable breast cancer by
immunohistochemically selected subtypes
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2011;127(3):713-720. Emilia Montagna; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Giuseppe Viale; Giancarlo Pruneri; Paolo
Veronesi; Giuseppe Cancello; Alessandra Balduzzi; Silvia Dellapasqua; Anna Cardillo; Alberto Luini;
Stefano Zurrida; Oreste Gentilini; Mauro Giuseppe Mastropasqua; Luca Bottiglieri; Monica Iorfida; Aron
Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Pathological complete response after preoperative systemic therapy and outcome:
Relevance of clinical and biologic baseline features
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2010;124(3):689-699. Laura Bonmassar; Emanuela Fossile; Alessandro Scoppola; Grazia Graziani; Salvatore P. Prete; Vincenzo
Formica; Daniela Cappelletti; Liana De Vecchis; Anna Cardillo; Francesco Concolino; Stefania D'Atri;
Alessandra Balduzzi; Francesco Torino; Patrizia Caporaso; Jack W. Greiner; Enzo Bonmassar; Mario
Roselli; Angelo Aquino
Detection of circulating tumor cells is improved by drug-induced antigen up-regulation:
Preclinical and clinical studies
Anticancer Research. 2010;30(11):4721-4730. Laura Gilardi; Concetta De Cicco; Marco Colleoni; Anna Cardillo; Emilia Montagna; Silvia Dellapasqua;
Viviana Galimberti; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Giovanni Paganelli
Investigation of 18F-FDG PET in the selection of patients with breast cancer as candidates
for sentinel node biopsy after neoadjuvant therapy
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 2010;37(10):1834-1841. Alessandra Balduzzi; Maria Cristina Leonardi; Anna Cardillo; Roberto Orecchia; Silvia Dellapasqua;
Monica Iorfida; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Timing of adjuvant systemic therapy and radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery and
Cancer Treatment Reviews. 2010;36(6):443-450. Monica Iorfida; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Alessandra Balduzzi; Silvia Dellapasqua; Anna Cardillo; Alberto Luini;
Mattia Intra; Ida Minchella; Paolo Veronesi; Giuseppe Viale; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Preoperative therapy with trastuzumab and oral vinorelbine (± endocrine therapy) in
patients with HER2-positive breast cancer
Breast. 2010;19(2):128-132. Marco Colleoni; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Giuseppe Viale; Mauro Mastropasqua; Paolo
Veronesi; Anna Cardillo; Rosalba Torrisi; Alberto Luini; Aron Goldhirsch
A nomogram based on the expression of Ki-67, steroid hormone receptors status and
number of chemotherapy courses to predict pathological complete remission after
preoperative chemotherapy for breast cancer
European Journal of Cancer. 2010;46(12):2216-2224. Rosalba Torrisi; Anna Cardillo; Giuseppe Cancello; Silvia Dellapasqua; Alessandra Balduzzi; Raffaella
Ghisini; Alberto Luini; Paolo Veronesi; Giuseppe Viale; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Phase II trial of combination of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, cisplatin, and infusional
5-fluorouracil (CCF) plus trastuzumab as preoperative treatment for locally advanced and
inflammatory breast cancer
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2010;10(6):483-488. 2009
E. Montagna; G. Viale; N. Rotmensz; P. Maisonneuve; V. Galimberti; A. Luini; M. Intra; P. Veronesi; G.
Mazzarol; G. Pruneri; G. Renne; R. Torrisi; A. Cardillo; G. Cancello; A. Goldhirsch; M. Colleoni
Minimal axillary lymph node involvement in breast cancer has different prognostic
implications according to the staging procedure
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2009;118(2):385-394. Marco Colleoni; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Nicole Rotmensz; Richard D. Gelber; Giuseppe Viale; Giancarlo
Pruneri; Paolo Veronesi; Rosalba Torrisi; Anna Cardillo; Emilia Montagna; Elisabetta Campagnoli; Alberto
Luini; Mattia Intra; Viviana Galimberti; Eloise Scarano; Giulia Peruzzotti; Aron Goldhirsch
Increasing steroid hormone receptors expression defines breast cancer subtypes non
responsive to preoperative chemotherapy
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2009;116(2):359-369. Giuseppe Viale; Nicole Rotmensz; Patrick Maisonneuve; Luca Bottiglieri; Emilia Montagna; Alberto Luini;
Paolo Veronesi; Mattia Intra; Rosalba Torrisi; Anna Cardillo; Elisabetta Campagnoli; Aron Goldhirsch;
Marco Colleoni
Invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast with the "triple- negative" phenotype: Prognostic
implications of EGFR immunoreactivity
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2009;116(2):317-328. Alessandra Balduzzi; Emilia Montagna; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Rosalba Torrisi; Francesco Bertolini; Patrizia
Mancuso; Eloise Scarano; Giuseppe Viale; Paolo Veronesi; Anna Cardillo; Laura Orlando; Aron
Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Infusional fluorouracil, epirubicin, and cisplatin followed by weekly paclitaxel plus
bevacizumab in locally advanced breast cancer with unfavorable prognostic features
Anti-Cancer Drugs. 2009;20(3):197-203. Rosalba Torrisi; Silvia Dellapasqua; Raffaella Ghisini; Giuseppe Viale; Paolo Veronesi; Alberto Luini;
Mattia Intra; Giulia Peruzzotti; Andrea Rocca; Alessandra Balduzzi; Anna Cardillo; Aron Goldhirsch;
Marco Colleoni
Preoperative concurrent chemo- and endocrine therapies for women with large operable
breast cancer expressing steroid hormone receptors
Breast. 2008;17(6):654-660. R. Torrisi; V. Bagnardi; A. Cardillo; F. Bertolini; E. Scarano; L. Orlando; P. Mancuso; A. Luini; A. Calleri;
G. Viale; A. Goldhirsch; M. Colleoni
Preoperative bevacizumab combined with letrozole and chemotherapy in locally advanced
ER- and/or PgR-positive breast cancer: Clinical and biological activity
British Journal of Cancer. 2008;99(10):1564-1571. Laura Orlando; Barbara Del Curto; Sara Gandini; Raffaella Ghisini; Elisabetta Pietri; Rosalba Torrisi;
Alessandra Balduzzi; Anna Cardillo; Silvia Dellapasqua; Paolo Veronesi; Giuseppe Viale; Aron Goldhirsch;
Marco Colleoni
Topoisomerase IIα gene status and prediction of pathological complete remission after
anthracycline-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy in endocrine non-responsive
Her2/neu-positive breast cancer
Breast. 2008;17(5):506-511. E. Montagna; V. Bagnardi; N. Rotmensz; J. Rodriguez; P. Veronesi; A. Luini; M. Intra; E. Scarano; A.
Cardillo; R. Torrisi; G. Viale; A. Goldhirsch; M. Colleoni
Factors that predict early treatment failure for patients with locally advanced (T4) breast
British Journal of Cancer. 2008;98(11):1745-1752. Marco Colleoni; G. Viale; D. Zahrieh; L. Bottiglieri; R.D. Gelber; P. Veronesi; A. Balduzzi; R. Torrisi; A.
Luini; M. Intra; S. Dellapasqua; A. Cardillo; R. Ghisini; G. Peruzzotti; A. Goldhirsch
Expression of ER, PgR, HER1, HER2, and response: A study of preoperative chemotherapy
Annals of Oncology. 2008;19(3):465-472. 2007
Rosalba Torrisi; Nicole Rotmensz; Vincenzo Bagnardi; Giuseppe Viale; Barbara Del Curto; Patrizia
Dell'Orto; Paolo Veronesi; Alberto Luini; Claudia D'Alessandro; Anna Cardillo; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco
HER2 status in early breast cancer: Relevance of cell staining patterns, gene amplification
and polysomy 17
European Journal of Cancer. 2007;43(16):2339-2344. 2007
A. Balduzzi; A. Cardillo; C. D'Alessandro; M. Colleoni
Adjuvant treatment for young women with early breast cancer
Minerva Ginecologica. 2007;59(5):513-527. 2007
Giuseppe Curigliano; Alessandra Balduzzi; Anna Cardillo; Raffaella Ghisini; Giulia Peruzzotti; Laura
Orlando; Rosalba Torrisi; Silvia Dellapasqua; Loredana Lunghi; Aron Goldhirsch; Marco Colleoni
Low-dose aspirin for the prevention of venous thromboembolism in breast cancer patients
treated with infusional chemotherapy after insertion of central vein catheter
Supportive Care in Cancer. 2007;15(10):1213-1217. Anna Cardillo; C. De Cicco; G. Paganelli; R. Ghisini; G. Peruzzotti; A. Balduzzi; A. Goldhirsch; N.
Rotmensz; P. Veronesi; A. Luini; M. Intra; M. Colleoni
Role of fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in the staging of patients with
breast cancer candidated to surgery [2]
Annals of Oncology. 2007;18(2):394-395. Marco Colleoni; N. Rotmensz; G. Peruzzotti; P. Maisonneuve; L. Orlando; R. Ghisini; G. Viale; G. Pruneri;
P. Veronesi; A. Luini; M. Intra; A. Cardillo; R. Torrisi; A. Rocca; A. Goldhirsch
Role of endocrine responsiveness and adjuvant therapy in very young women (below 35
years) with operable breast cancer and node negative disease
Annals of Oncology. 2006;17(10):1497-1503. Laura Orlando; Anna Cardillo; Raffaella Ghisini; Andrea Rocca; Alessandra Balduzzi; Rosalba Torrisi;
Giulia Peruzzotti; Aron Goldhirsch; Elisabetta Pietri; Marco Colleoni
Trastuzumab in combination with metronomic cyclophosphamide and methotrexate in
patients with HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer
BMC Cancer. 2006;6:[225]. Laura Orlando; Anna Cardillo; Andrea Rocca; Alessandra Balduzzi; Raffaella Ghisini; Giulia Peruzzotti;
Aron Goldhirsch; Claudia D'Alessandro; Saverio Cinieri; Lorenzo Preda; Marco Colleoni
Prolonged clinical benefit with metronomic chemotherapy in patients with metastatic
breast cancer
Anti-Cancer Drugs. 2006;17(8):961-967. Rosalba Torrisi; L. Orlando; R. Ghisini; P. Veronesi; M. Intra; A. Rocca; A. Balduzzi; A. Cardillo; A.
Goldhirsch; M. Colleoni
A phase II study of primary dose-dense sequential doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide and
docetaxel in cT4 breast cancer
Anticancer Research. 2006;26(5 B):3861-3864. Giuseppe Curigliano; G. Spitaleri; E. Petri; M. Rescigno; F. de Braud; A. Cardillo; E. Munzone; A. Rocca;
G. Bonizzi; V. Brichard; L. Orlando; A. Goldhirsch
Breast cancer vaccines: A clinical reality or fairy tale?
Annals of Oncology. 2006;17(5):750-762. Marco Colleoni; Nicole Rotmensz; Giulia Peruzzotti; Patrick Maisonneuve; Giovanni Mazzarol; Giancarlo
Pruneri; Alberto Luini; Mattia Intra; Paolo Veronesi; Viviana Galimberti; Rosalba Torrisi; Anna Cardillo;
Aron Goldhirsch; Giuseppe Viale
Size of breast cancer metastases in axillary lymph nodes: Clinical relevance of minimal
lymph node involvement
Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2005;23(7):1379-1389. Giuseppe Curigliano; Rodrigo Rigo; Marco Colleoni; Filippo de Braud; Franco Nolè; Vincenzo Formica;
Laura Orlando; Saverio Cinieri; Rosalba Torrisi; Anna Cardillo; Giulia Peruzzotti; Marta Medici; Raffaelle
Ardito; Ida Minchella; Aron Goldhirsch
Adjuvant therapy for very young women with breast cancer: Response according to biologic
and endocrine features
Clinical Breast Cancer. 2004;5(2):125-130. Mario Turriziani; Anna Maria Di Giacomo; Anna Cardillo; Francesco Torino; Lucio Tentori; Paola Nasuti;
Maria Chiara Massara; Mario Roselli; Enzo Bonmassar; Liana De Vecchis
Residual Telomerase Activity: A Marker of Cell Survival after Exposure to Gamma Radiation
in Vitro
Anticancer Research. 2003;23(6 C):4561-4569. Angelo Aquino; S.P. Prete; A. Balduzzi; E. Fossile; V. Formica; F. Torino; L. Bonmassar; A. Di Giacomo;
D. Cappelletti; A. Cardillo; G. Graziani
A novel method for monitoring response to chemotherapy based on the detection of
circulating cancer cells: A case report
Journal of Chemotherapy. 2002;14(4):412-416. D. Cappelletti; A. Cardillo; E. Bonanno; S.P. Prete; G. Cucchiara; M. Turriziani; J.W. Greiner; A.
Cottarelli; E. Breda; A. Aquino; E. Bonmassar; L. De Vecchis
Drug-induced modulation of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) expression in neoplastic cells
from a patient with rectal cancer
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