1st 6 Weeks Test Review

6 Weeks Test Review
US History
Theodore Roosevelt
• He broke up bad trusts and
monopolies because it
would increase business
• He believed that an
important goal of the
government was to protect
the environment.
Ida B. Wells
•Ida B. Wells was a
muckraker who
exposed the
brutality of lynching
Progressive Era Presidents in
Chronological Order
Teddy Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Howard Taft
Progressive Era Characteristics
•Distinctive features of reforms
•A set of historical events that changed
•Economic activity that is important in the
time period
Voting Rights for Women
•Women used the following methods to
gain suffrage (right to vote):
• Public Protests
• The passing of the 19th Amendment to the
•The 17th amendment gave the
individual voter more political power
because it allowed the direct election
of the US Senator's by popular vote.
•Industrialization can be characterized
by the following:
•Steam and electricity replacing people
doing the work
•The Bessemer Process to create Steel at a
faster rate
Upton Sinclair
• He wrote “The Jungle”
which made the people
push the government to
pass the Pure Food and
Drug Act, which forced
government regulation of
the inspection of food
Citizen Involvement in the Election Process
• There were many political reforms that happened
during the Progressive Era that helped citizens
become more involved in the election process.
• Some of those reforms include:
• The 17th Amendment
• The 19th Amendment
• Direct Party Primaries
Defining the Progressive Era
•The progressive era can be defined as a
period where the US was changing the
ideas about how the US Government
Patriotism & Responsibility
•During the Progressive era Americans
showed their patriotism and responsibility
towards their country by doing the
• Voting in elections at all levels
• Being active in political debates
• Writing to representatives in Congress
National Women’s Party
• The National
Women’s Party
worked to help end
gender discrimination.
National Parks Systems
•Teddy Roosevelt allowed the
government to do projects that
allowed the government to
manage wildlife and protect it from
Urban (city) expansion.
Political Reforms
•Initiative, Referendum and Recall resulted
in the government responding to the needs
of the voters more readily/ efficiently.
Jane Addams Contributions
•Pioneer of social work
•Founded a settlement
house in Chicago
•Worked mostly with
immigrants, women
and children
Business Practices
•Business practices were regulated in
order to benefit public interest, which
is why it passed the Pure Food and
Drug Act, the Federal Trade Commission
and the Interstate Commerce
Federal Reserve Act
•The Federal Reserve Act was in
charge of regulating the monetary
policy of the United States.
•Split the original 2 parties voters in
resulting in a victory of the party
who was not split in half.
Frances Willard
•Worked towards
the temperance
(ending of alcohol,
aka prohibition)
W.E.B. DuBois
•He founded the
NAACP (National
Association for the
Advancement of
Colored People)
Open Ended
•Be able to answer questions on the
political, social and economic
characteristics of the Progressive Era.

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