TEM Travel Training 3-19-14

Welcome to Travel & Expense
Management (TEM)!
Changes are coming!! Here are some important
• April 9, 2014, 10:00am-11:30am: Repeat of SNRE Travel
• May 1, 2014: All SNRE travelers should use TEM for new trips.
• June 1, 2014: Approvers should be trained and approving
travel through TEM
• July 1, 2014: Required that all travel in Fiscal Year 2015 must
be in TEM
TEM Exceptions
There are two exceptions to using TEM. These still require the
normal paper TA process.
• Non-Employee travel
• No Cost Travel (no cost to UAF, another entity pays all
Workflow Process of TEM
TEM Training and Resources
The TEM training videos for travelers are
two different ways:
• UAOnline (https://uaonline.alaska.edu/)
Login to UAOnline
Access the Finance Tab
Click on On-Line Training
Click on Travel & Expense (TEM)
Click on whichever video you wish to view
• Statewide TEM Website
(http://www.alaska.edu/travel/documentation/) - requires
accessing through the UA Network or VPN. Contains other
valuable resources.
The SNRE brochure contains more
department guidelines than the
Statewide Brochure.
• Your login credentials for TEM Production are the same as your login
credentials for UAOnline (use the first six characters of your pin
number). The URL for TEM Production is as follows:
• As a reminder, the proper setup of your profile is critical. Please
verify that:
• your mailing address is correct, especially if you are not set up for direct
• your email address is correct (no typos!) so that you receive all TEMproduced correspondence;
• and that the 30-million # (i.e. UA ID) of your first approver is included.
• Set up Adam Dewey as your first approver in your Profile (type in
last name).
• Set up Deborah Gonzalez and Adam Dewey as your delegate.
• Keep in mind that Workflow access for approvers is only granted to
those individuals who have taken the full TEM training. Travelers
can access TEM at anytime.
• Only employees have access to TEM. For non-employee use paper
SNRE Travel Website: http://www.uaf.edu/ces-snrasbusoffice/travel/
SNRE Travel Email address: [email protected]
Adam Dewey contact info: [email protected],
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