Treasurer Training
A Guide To Learn the Basics
Fall 2014
“Money is not the most important
thing in the world. Love is.
Fortunately, I love money.”
– Jackie Mason
• Basics of SAC
• Accessing Already Allocated Funds
• How to Use Contingency Funding
• SAC Funding Guidelines
• Debt Policies
• Recognition
Basics of SAC
● Our Board
o Comprised of Chair, Vice Chair, UA
Treasurer and six executive board
o We meet every week
● How We Fund
o Receive budget from UA
o Based on how much we receive we do a
fair breakdown among ~150 groups
● Yearly Budget & Allocations Process
o Takes place in the spring
o Treasurers submit budget for upcoming
year under funding guidelines
Basics of SAC
● Go to
o All relevant information
● SAC Online
o Check how much you have in your
● Like us on Facebook!
How To Access Your Funds
• Two methods
1) Use SAC funds when you buy with a check
from Office of Student Affairs
2) Use SAC funds to reimburse clubs
members through Concur
• Meet with your OSA advisor
Contingency Requests
• What is contingency?
• More funding
• Why should I apply?
• Uncertain costs from yearly budget
• Unexpected expenses
• How can I apply?
• Apply on SAC online
• List expenses and submit request
• Email [email protected]
• Meet with exec and explain request
● Use guidelines to create budget and apply
for contingency
● Available on the website
Revised and easier to navigate
Debt Policies
Maintaining Recognition
● GBM is important!
o If you miss 2 GBMs, you will be
o Have all board members subscribed to
the listserv
● Can apply for re-recognition

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