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Dawood’s Thankfulness to Allah
The Miracle of Soft Iron
Dawood’s Thankfulness to Allah
 Offering Salah day and night is not a burden.
 The prophets used to spend most of their time in Salah and
 Dawood A.S. used to observe fast on alternate days.
 He spent one-third of the night in Salah and slept in the
remaining part of it.
 Abdullah bin ‘Amr narrated that Rasoolullah SAW had
said: “The best fasting is that of Dawood. He used to fast
one day and break his fast on the other. And the best prayer
is that of Dawood. He slept half of the night, and stood for
prayer for the third of it, and (then) slept the sixth part of
it. (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)
 Is Salah a burden for a bondsman?
 How did the prophets spend most of their time in
spite of their busy schedule?
 How did Dawood A.S. use to fast?
 How did he use to offer Salah?
 Quote the Hadith of Abdullah bin ‘Amr regarding
fasting and Salah.
The Miracle of Soft Iron
 Egypt is known for its pyramids and The Sphinx.
 The visitors go to Egypt to see the historical
monuments and ancient places.
 In fact, Egypt became famous due to Moosa A.S. who
was sent as a prophet to Bani Israel.
 He confronted Pharoah and finally he drowned in the
 Dawood A.S. was sent to Bani Israel as a prophet and
killed Jaloot who came to attack his tribe.
The Miracle of Soft Iron
 During the battle, Dawood A.S. was offered to wear the
armour which restricted his movements.
Allah taught Dawood A.S. a new technology of making
coats of mail.
Allah said in Surah Saba’ in verses 10-11: “And We made the
iron soft for him.” “Make coats of mail, balancing well the
rings of chain armour.”
Dawood A.S. used to make defensive armour .
He earned his living from it.
Due to the new technology he became a powerful king, but
never misused it because of his righteousness.
 What is the significance of Egypt?
 Where was Moosa born and to whom was he sent as a
Who was his father-in-law?
What was Dawood’s most prominent miracle?
How did Dawood use to earn his living?
Who taught Dawood A.S. the new technology?
How did he use it?
Rushing to Judgement
 “We strengthened his kingdom, and gave him wisdom
and sound judgement in speech and decision.” [Sad:20]
 Allah tested Dawood for his wisdom and judgement.
 One day, Dawood A.S. was busy worshipping in his
chamber when he was frightened by the sudden
appearance of two men.
 They had approached him to seek justice regarding a
certain issue.
Rushing to Judgement
 Dawood A.S. made the judgement on the basis of what
the smarter one of them said, without listening to the
other’s account.
Dawood A.S. immediately realized that his wisdom
was tested by Allah through two angels.
He prostrated and turned to Allah in repentence.
Allah wanted to teach him the highest standard of
A great judge should reserve his judgement till he has
listened to both sides of the story.
 Narrate the story of Dawood’s trial.
 Was his judgement sound? Why?
 What did Dawood do after realizing his mistake?
 What moral lesson do you learn from this story?
Listen to the Other Side
 A man came to a Muslim judge complaining that
another person has popped his eye. The man was
crying out of pain and the blood was soaking his
clothes. The people around the judge urged him to
order the police to arrest the accused man and throw
him in jail. The judge refused to do that and said, "not
before listening to his side of the story! ". The men
then said, "he just popped the guy’s eye." To that the
judge answered, "I don’t know what this person has
done, he may have popped both eyes of the other
Dawood Passes Away
 After the creation of Adam A.S., Allah brought forth
from his progeny, the whole generation of humans till
the end of the world.
 Adam A.S. had a glimpse of his generation and he
noticed a man with a shining face.
 Upon enquiring about him, Allah answered that he
was his son Dawood.
 Adam A.S. asked about his age, answer was: 60 years
Dawood Passes Away
 Adam A.S. implored Allah to increase his age.
 Allah answered: “But from your age.”
 Adam’s age was 1000 years
 40 years were given to Dawood, so he lived 100 years.
 He died in Al-Quds
 At what age did Dawood A.S. pass away?
 What age had Allah destined for him initially?
 How was his age increased?
 Where did Dawood die?
An Interesting Story of Adam
 Adam’s age was 1000 years.
 On his request, 40 years from it were given to Dawood.
 At the age of 960, the Malak-ul-Maut appeared to take
Adam’s soul.
 He objected saying that 40 more years were left.
 The angel reminded him that he had given 40 years to
his son, Dawood.
 The Prophet Muhammad SAW is reported to have
said: “Adam forgot, therefore his generation too
 How was Dawood’s relation with Allah? Support your
answer with a Hadeeth.
What were some of Prophet Dawood’s well-known
How did Prophet Dawood use to fast?
How was his prayer done?
Identify and write the Hadeeth (English text) that
describes how Prophet Dawood used to pray and fast.
Write the Hadeeth (English text) that encourages
Muslims to recite the Qur’an with a nice voice.

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