TT 1-7 RHP Presentation - August 28 2014

J. Sal Saldivar, M.D.
Gynecology Oncology - Department of OB/GYN
El Paso First Health
1145 Westmoreland Drive
August 28th, 2014 - 1:00pm
Description of the Project
 AAGL approved Fellowship in MIS
 2 year program introducing 1 Fellow per year
 Faculty preceptors from Texas Tech and the community
 Supported internally by the Dept of OB/GYN
 Fellows work in clinic and hospital environments to develop interpersonal skills
alongside medical skills
 Milestones
 Increase the number of residents choosing MIGS specialties (shortage).
 Design workforce enhancement initiatives to support access to MIGS providers
in El Paso region (underserved)
 Expand MIGS training.
Benefits to the Community
• Increased Gynecologic Services Providers
Patients seen at Texas Tech, UMC, Del Sol/Las Palmas Medical Centers and
Sierra-Providence Health Network
An independent provider for the greater El Paso community
•Increased pool of Outside Applicants to our Program
• New Talented Doctors become introduced to the El Paso area for
increased specialist retention
•Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery
• lower incidence of site infections
• As of August 2014 there have been only 7 minor infections present in Post-OP
visits out of 39 MIS surgeries since April 2014
• smaller incisions and less scarring
• shorter time in the hospital
• less analgesic and blood loss
 Milestones
 Hyein Park, M.D. – New Fellow as of July 1st 2014
 New training equipment to practice techniques outside of the OR
 More patients have been seen each quarter since the program began
 Fellow Sandra Lopez, M.D.
138 New Patients and 229 Patient Encounters as of July 2014
Fellow Hyein Park, M.D. has begun seeing Patients in August 2014
 Risk Areas / Mitigation strategies
 Faculty preceptors role as supervisors and mentors
 Anticipated outcomes
 Successful completion of an independent MIS Physicians
 Connection with other local healthcare initiatives
 Southwest Center for Reproductive Health
 TX Gynecology and Laser Surgery Center
 Innovative ideas and research presented
 All three abstracts submitted by TTUHSC MIS Fellowship members have been
accepted to the 43rd AAGL Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Sandra Lopez M.D.: A Comparison of Outcomes between Robotic-Assisted Single-Incision
Laparoscopy Versus Single-Incision Laparoscopy for Benign Hysterectomy
Hyein Park M.D.: Functional Outcomes of Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Mesh Sacrocolpopexy
(RASC) and Mesh Rectopexy for Combined Vaginal and Rectal Prolapse
J. Sal Saldivar M.D.: A Comprehensive 4-Phase Robotic Gynecologic Surgery Curriculum
Congruent with PGY Levels Leads to Certification and Credentialing
 Advanced minimally invasive endoscopic instruments
 Robotic technologies - the da Vinci® Surgical System
 Improvements to processes
 Use of a mini laparotomy with an O ring wound retractor as a viable minimal invasive
procedure in removing ovarian cysts
 Ability to apply MIS technology to patient care where the availability was scarce or

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