Units of Sound Online v 6 2 - by Marianne

Units of Sound Online v 6
Online Access - Anywhere, Anytime
What’s new?
Online access – set for homework
Speed student works through the programme
Screen Tutor
Different words for Reading and Spelling
Brand New Features
• Reading Check – comprehensive record of
student’s progress in all aspects of Reading
• Script for Tutor to follow, then an Action
• Writing Activities based on completed
Dictation sentences
• Small, secure steps to develop student’s
writing and proofreading skills
What does UofS Online v 6 look like?
• First we’re going to look at a page of Dictation
• Then try one of the sentence writing activities
from Stage 1
• And then try a paragraph writing activity from
Stage 2, using the first two steps of CODE
• CODE stands for Create, Organise, Draft, Edit
• CODE takes place over 3 sessions
Then we’ll look at a Reading Page
• And then look at the Reading Check you’ve got
in your hand-out
• Reading Check Stage 1 Set 4
• The student would have completed Reading
Stage 1 Page 16 before doing this
Dictation Sentence
• I’m going to swim up to the rocks.
Make the first sentence longer by adding words,
and then add two sentences to carry on the
One example
I’m going to swim up as far as I can to the rocks.
Amy says birds are nesting there. I’d like to
have a close look at them before they go.
Paragraph writing - Choose a sentence
• If Mum will pass my bag I will not miss my
• I hate to swim in the sea if the water is not
List any ideas that spring to mind - Create
Number the ideas you want to use. Cross out
ideas you don’t want to use – Organise
You’ve 5 minutes to do this

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