Team 6 Agency, marginalisation and diversity: transitions of young

Team 6 Agency, marginalisation and
diversity: transitions of young
people from various backgrounds
• NordCrit
– Nordic Research Neetwork on Critical perspectives
on Children, Young people, Welfare and Education
– Elina Lahelma
– Anne-Lise Arnesen
– Lisbeth Lundahl
– Dennis Beach
– Elisabet Öhrn
• Ongoing publications included in the Centre’s
– Special issue in Nordic Studies in Education on
Criticalperspectives on children young people,
welfare and education (2013)
– Edited book on Critical ethnography to be
published by Tufnell Press (2014)
• Citizenship, agency and difference in upper
secondary education (Elina Lahelma)
• Troublesome transitions, school-to-work
transitions of young peope at risk in a
longitudinal perspectice (Lisbeth Lundahl)
• Achievement and gender (Elisabet Öhrn)
• Studets at risk. Pathways to vocational
competence (Anne-Lise Arnesen)
• Work out in detail joint research analyses
• To discuss collaboration including other projects
and people in the team
– Small meeting in September and October within team
– Larger gathering with other teams buiding on previous
cooperation in NordCrit ooperation
– with team 4 (Dennis Beach)
– and team 2 (Lisbeth Lundahl, also in team 6)
– and - new - team 7
• June 2014 – NordCrit conference with papers
on methodology in research on
marginalisation, agency and diversity
• Conceptualisations of our focus, e.g
• The inclusion of new groups, especially PHD
and junior researchers
• The matter of funding
– New applications for some analyses

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