Blue Lodge Proficiency Award - Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon

 Origin:
 WB Bob Fountain, Grand Lecturer
 Patterned after Proficiency Cardholder Program
 Awards:
Basic Blue Lodge Proficiency
Intermediate Blue Lodge Proficiency
Advanced Blue Lodge Proficiency
 1. Recite from memory a portion of the ciphered work;
2. Host a “Basic School of Instruction”
 3. WM must hold at least a “Basic Proficiency
 4. Exemplify from memory:
 4. Exemplify from memory:
 A. Opening and Closing on all 3 Degrees, L&S;
 B. Calling from Labor to Refreshment & R-L;
 C. Announcing an Alarm;
 D. Calling the Lodge at Ease; and,
 E. Purging the Lodge when SW not satisfied.
 1. Successful Basic Requirements; and,
 2. Exemplification from memory any one of the 3
 1. Successful Basic Requirements; and,
 2. Exemplification from memory all Three Degrees.
 1. The LEAA remains the “Gold Standard”;
 2. All from memory;
 3. Witnessed by any Custodial Deputy Instructor;
 4. School of Instruction:
A. Lodge Installed Officers
B. Certified Instructor
C. Invitation to other Constituent Lodges
D. Qualifies for Basic Cardholder Proficiency
 5. SOI and Exemplification may be on different days;
 6. All work to be done by the Lodge Installed Officers;
(See Section 206 Term of Office)
7. Must achieve 99% Accuracy;
8. Candidate Lecture NOT included;
9. No carryover from one year to the next;
10. Implementation Date January 1, 2012.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are the Degree Lectures included?
A: Yes, but only the ciphered portion.
Q: Must an installed officer recite the degree lecture and
the apron lecture?
A: No, but must be a member of your Lodge
Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Must assorted wayfarers, fellowcrafts and
others be installed officers?
 A: No, but they must be members of your Lodge.
 Q: What is the “proficiency period”?
 A: The term of officers as specified in Sec. 206
Statement & Finally
 The installed officers must perform their own
parts. Any other parts may be filled by any of your
own Lodge members. Per Section 203.4 the
Chaplain, Organist and Tyler need not be
members of your Lodge, but, if not, they may not
participate in the ciphered work for this program.

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