Week 3: "Flowers for Algernon"

Bellwork #4: Monday, 8/26/13
Whenever I have a homework assignment, I always
write it down in my student planner.
A. Change assignment to assinment
B. Change assignment, to assignment
C. Change always to allways
D. No change needed
Explanation: _______________________________
Monday’s Agenda
RL.8.1, RL.8.3, RL.8.4, RL.8.10, L.8.2c, L.8.5a, L.8.5c, L.8.6
I. Bellwork (Proofreading Skills)
II. Return Week 2 Sp.Test & #ed Heads Ques.
A. Questions
B. Spelling Test
III. Introduce Sp. words/Voc
A. Spelling Test #2 (Friday 8/30)
1. #s 1-25
B. Discussion of terms (relate to real-life)
IV. Review of Literary/Reading Skills Terms #s 1-35
A. Test Wed., 8/28
B. Post-It Note Matching Activity
1. Group Assignments (omit #11)
C. Feedback Carousel
V. Review of the lesson/Homework Assignments
Monday’s Homework
Write each spelling word that you missed on Spelling Test #1
10 times each.
Write your spelling words set #2 (#s13-25 from your handout)
5 times each.
Study your spelling words #s1-25 for your test on Friday, 8/30.
Study your vocab. terms and definitions #s 1-25 for Quiz
TOMORROW Tuesday, 8/27.
(Your spelling words and vocabulary terms are the same
words. See handout.)
Study your Literary Terms/Reading Skills Terms and definitions
for your test on Wed., 8/28.
Begin reviewing your notes (#ed heads together questions,
review questions, etc. from class) from "Flowers for Algernon"
for a quiz on Part 1 on Friday, 8/30.
Bellwork #5: Tuesday, 8/27/13
Would you pass the salt, please? It’s over
A. Change please? to please.
B. Change It’s to Its.
C. Change their to there.
D. No change needed
Tuesday’s Agenda
RL.8.1, RL.8.4, L.8.4a
I. Bellwork (Proofreading Skills)
II. Homework Check (Written Spelling Words)
III. Vocabulary (#s 1-25)
IV. Review Literary Terms/Reading Skills Terms
A. Subplot, Parallel Epds, Climax,.., (Glencoe PPT)
1. Complete Chart (TSA Grade)
B. Irony (3 Types)
2. Complete worksheet (#ed Heads Together)
V. Review/Homework Assignments
Tuesday’s Homework
Study your Literary/Reading Skills Terms and
Definitions for TEST TOMORROW Wednesday,
Study your spelling words (#s 1-25) for your TEST
on Friday, 8/30.
Bellwork #6: Wednesday, 8/28/13
Identify the type of sentence the following
Because Sandra waited until the morning of the test
to study, she didn’t do well on it; however, since
Marla studied about an hour each night, she made
an A.
A. Complex sentence
B. Compound sentence
C. Compound-Complex sentence
D. Simple sentence
Explanation: _______________________________
Wednesday’s Agenda
RL.8.1 & RL.8.3
I. Bellwork (Proofreading Skills)
II. Literary/Reading Skills Terms and Definitions
III. Cause & Effect Multiple Intelligence Activity
IV. Review/Homework Assignment
Wednesday’s Homework
Remember Benchmark Testing is tomorrow, so
please be in attendance.
Study your spelling words #s1-25 for test on Friday.
Review any notes, including the questions from the
#ed Heads Together activity, from Part One of
"Flowers for Algernon" for a quiz on Friday.
Bellwork: Thursday, 8/29/13
RL.8.1, RL.8.3, RL.8.4, L.8.4a
You will not complete a Proofreading exercise for
Bellwork today.
You will complete Benchmark Test #1 during the first
part of class today.
1. Place your cell phones and/or other electronic
devices on top of your desk.
2. Make sure it is turned OFF.
3. Remove ALL OTHER ITEMS from the top of your
desk. (In a moment, you will place your backpacks,
purses, etc. in front of the room along the wall. We
will organize this by rows.)
Before the test is administered, we will review the
process of checking out and returning the laptops.
Thursday’s Agenda
I. Bellwork (Preparation for Benchmark Test#1)
II. Benchmark Tests #1
III. After Test Assignment
A. "Flowers for Algernon" Part 1 Review
1. Questions 2, 3, 4, & 5 from pg. 50
IV. Review/Homework Assignment
Thursday’s Homework
Complete questions 2, 3, 4, and 5 from page 50.
Remember to answer in COMPLETE sentences
and TTQA!!!!!
Study your spelling words (#s1-25) for your test
Review all notes for a quiz on Part 1 of "Flowers
for Algernon" tomorrow!
Bellwork #7: Friday, 8/30/13
According to the passage, Charlie has an operation in
order to become smarter, or more intellectual.
A. Change According to Acording.
B. Change smarter to more smarter.
C. Change intellectual to intelecktual.
D. No change needed
Explanation: ______________________________
Friday’s Agenda
RL.8.3, RL.8.4, L.8.2c
I. Bellwork (Proofreading Skills)
II. Spelling Test (#s 1-25)
III. "Flowers for Algernon" Part 1 Quiz
A. Questions from Thursday’s Homework
page 50 #s 2-5
IV. "Flowers for Algernon" Part 2
A. Begin reading (page 51)
Friday’s Homework
Begin reviewing your spelling words for next
week (#s1-38).
You will have a vocabulary test next week for
Review any notes taken on Part 2 of "Flowers
for Algernon."

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