Oklahoma Virtual Library - Bartlesville Public Library

E-books, e-audiobooks, & music
On your computer, use your web browser to go to
Click “Sign In” on the upper right of the tan bar. Select Bartlesville Public
Library from the drop-down list.
Enter your Bartlesville Public Library card number, including all the leading
zeros. Note that you can check the box below to have your computer save
your library card number for future sessions.
Find an item you want to check out. Note you can search using the search
box at the top (for a title or author) or you can browse using the links in the
mint green area, or browse the book covers.
Here, I’m browsing the Food and Cooking collection.
You can filter the search using the links on the left side as well as the
three buttons on top. Here I’m filtering to show Kindle format ebooks
Now I’ve added the filter “Available now” by clicking the middle button on
top. Notice that the book covers now all show a dark book shape in the top
right corner. For audiobooks, that shape is a pair of earphones. If the shape
is greyed out, that means the item is currently checked out by someone else
and is not available.
When you find the item you want, click on the book cover to go to the
detail page for that title.
Check to make sure the
format is one you can use on
your ereader.
When you are ready to check the item out, click the Borrow button.
The Borrow button changes to Go to Bookshelf. Click that button.
On your bookshelf, you can see all the titles you currently have checked
out, and can download them to your computer to transfer to an ereader.
You can also get to your bookshelf from the My Account link on every
Notice that some
books have a
Read (in your web
browser) button.
You can actually
read the book on
your computer if
you choose.
The books that
do not have a
read button, just
a download
button, are audio
Click the Get for Kindle Button.
You will be taken to the Amazon.com website. You will need to sign in to
Amazon with the email address and password associated with your
Amazon.com account.
Click “Get library book.”
Kindle Fire users: you should be able to access
http://okvirtuallibrary.lib.overdrive.com on the webbrowser on the Kindle
Fire. Follow the previous instructions, only on your Kindle Fire instead of
on your computer. It will take a few minutes before the title shows up on
the home screen of your Kindle Fire.
If the website looks different than the one presented here:
If the 'Desktop' version of the library site is not displaying on the Kindle
Fire, the steps below should resolve the issue.
1. Open the Internet browser on the Kindle Fire.
2. Press the 'Menu' key and select 'Settings'.
3. Scroll to the 'Desktop or Mobile View' option and change this setting
from 'Automatic' to 'Desktop'.
4. Clear the web browser's cache and cookies.
After performing these steps, attempt to browse the library site again and
checkout a Kindle title.
If you have wifi on your Kindle, and if you are in an area with wifi access,
your book will automatically download to your Kindle the next time you
turn it on.
If you do not have wifi on your Kindle, you will need to download the file
to your computer, then plug your Kindle into your computer using the USB
cable that came with it, and you will need to move the file from your
computer to the documents folder on your Kindle.
Save the file to your downloads folder. Be sure you pay attention to where
the file is stored on your computer.
Plug your Kindle into your computer using your USB cable. Open the
downloads folder on your computer.
On your computer, find your Kindle icon. It’s probably under computer or
My Computer. Open the documents folder in the Kindle folder.
Click and drag the downloaded file to the
documents folder in your Kindle folder.
Then eject and disconnect your kindle.
For older Nooks and other ereaders without web browsers and internet
access, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions onto your
computer. http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions.html
You will also need to register with adobe.com by giving them your email
address and a password you choose. At Adobe.com, click Sign In. Then
select the option to create a new Adobe ID
At Ok Virtual Library, check out a book using the previous instructions, and
be sure to choose a book in the EPUB format. Go to your bookshelf, and
click the download link. Save the file to your computer.
Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
Drag the file from your download folder and drop it onto the Adobe
Digital Editions window.
Click the three-book icon on the top left to go to library view.
Connect your Nook (or other eReader) to your computer using the USB
cable. The Nook will appear in the left panel of the screen.
Drag the cover of the book from the frame on the right and drop it on the
Nook icon in the frame on the left.
Disconnect the Nook from your computer. On your Nook, the book should
appear in your Library—touch the Library button on the bottom of the
For Nook: Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Go to Library
view (the three book icon.) When you click on the book cover, you will see
a triangle in the upper left corner of the book cover. Click on it.
Just click
For Kindle: Go to Amazon.com and Manage My Kindle.
Click on the Action
button to the right
of the book you
want to return.
Click Return this
Still on Manage My Kindle, click on the action button again on the book
you have returned. Click Delete from Library.
For iPads, Nook Tablets, Tablet PCs, Android
Devices, Smartphones, and Computers
For borrowing ebooks, audiobooks, & music
Download Overdrive Media Console from your App Store or, on your
Computer, from http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/
•Open Overdrive Media Console
•Tap “Get Books”
•Tap Add A Library
•Search for Bartlesville (or search for 74003 zip code)
Tap “OK Virtual Library”
Select Bartlesville Public Library
Enter your Library card number including all leading zeros
Search or Browse to find an item to check out
Choose a book to check out and tap add to cart
Tap Proceed to Checkout
Choose your lending period (either 7 or 14 days)
Tap confirm check out]
Tap download
Tap bookshelf
Note: If you have
chosen an audiobook,
it will take awhile for
all the chapters to
download so you can
listen to it.
How to import MP3 titles into iTunes using Windows
If you like to have your iPod sync automatically with your iTunes library
or want to use iTunes to listen to MP3 titles, you may want to import
them into iTunes.
What you need: iTunes (9.1 or newer), A borrowed MP3 title
Open OverDrive Media Console (OMC) on your computer.
Select a title. Click the Transfer button.
Click Next
Make sure that iTunes Library is selected in the 'Player' field, then
click Next.
Click Finish. Your title will now appear in your iTunes library. Once a title
is in your iTunes library, you can listen from iTunes or easily transfer the
files to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
To return an Overdrive Media Console item on the computer
OverDrive Media Console - Delete
The Delete button allows you to delete titles from your Media library
and your computer.
Note: The Delete button is only enabled when a title or collection is
If you've finished with an MP3 audiobook early, you also have the
option of returning it to your library. Just select the title you want to
return, then click Delete.
Note: You can select more than one title by holding down the Ctrl
key and clicking on audiobooks that you want to remove.
Once you click Delete a dialog will appear giving you the option to
both return and delete the title or titles.
Click Return/Delete to both return and delete the audiobook(s).
Note: At this time, only MP3 audiobooks may be returned to your
To return an item using the mobile Overdrive Media Console App
Click on the plus sign next to the title,
then click Return/Delete.
Note: when you use Overdrive Media Console on a smartphone, tablet, or
other mobile device, you are seeing the mobile version of the OK Virtual
Library website. That version will only show items available in EPUB and
MP3 format. It will not show items available in WMA or Kindle format.
Music available for checkout from OK Virtual Library is only available in
WMA format.
WORKAROUNDS: (use at your own risk)
To see everything available in the OK Virtual Library on a mobile
device or tablet, you must use an alternate browser, such as Chrome,
which will show the desktop version of the website and will show all
the formats available for checkout.
You can download the free Kindle reader app on your
smartphone or tablet to read books in Kindle format.
To listen to WMA files, you must have an app that will play them—
they are Windows Media Audio files and are intended to be played
with Windows Media Player. Apps that might work on an Android
device are PowerAmp and WinAmp—we have not been able to test
them. The other option is to download an app that will convert WMA
files into MP3 files.
We recommend that if you want to check out music from the OK
Virtual Library, you use a computer to check it out. You can either
listen to it on your computer using Windows Media Player, or transfer
it to an MP3 player using the Overdrive Media Console app on your
We don’t recommend checking out WMA files on a tablet.

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