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Supplier Descriptions
• Preferred Suppliers: Preferred suppliers that
provided special pricing and incentives to the
OSU and A&M systems.
• Punch-out suppliers: Suppliers that provide
discounted contracted pricing on their website,
which is then returned to the OK Corral.
• Hosted Catalog: An electronic form of a
suppliers catalog with their pricing featured in the
OK Corral.
• Non-Catalog item: any item that is not directly
available through a contract or hosted supplier
within OK Corral.
Shopping Basics
• Shop
• Name Your Cart
• Assign/Submit Your Cart
Log Into OK Corral
The username in the top banner contains My Profile
and access to shopper and requester pending actions.
Users can access their profile by selecting the dropdown menu.
The username also gives Shoppers and Requesters
access to My Pending Requisitions, My Recently
Completed Requisitions, and My Recently
Completed Purchase Orders.
My Profile options are
grouped by similar task in
a single user profile menu.
My Bookmarks allows users to bookmark pages that
are used most often. Navigate to the page you would
like to bookmark, then click Bookmark This Page to
create the bookmark.
Action Items are located in the top banner. Clicking on
the action items takes the user to the appropriate area
to complete the needed action(s).
Notifications lets you view your notifications. Newer
notifications are highlighted. Clicking on a notification
will navigate you to the appropriate screen to take
needed actions.
By clicking on the
icon you can view you cart
preview that shows the items in your cart as well as
your cart total. You can also proceed to checkout by
clicking the Checkout button.
Quick Search lets you search for various documents
from anywhere in the OK Corral.
Clicking the drop menu lets you search using specific
items (Invoice number, PO number, etc.).
Types of Invoices:
• Electronic – Electronic invoices from catalog
• Manual – Paper invoices which will have to be
entered manually into the OK Corral.
• < $50,000: Department enters the invoice in the OK
Corral (If Accounting receives the invoice, they will
enter the invoice in the OK Corral if all information is
available). Department should scan all invoices and
attached to the invoice created in the OK Corral.
• > $50,000: Accounting will enter all invoices.
Questions, Comments
or Concerns?
• OK Corral Help Desk – 405-744-5985 (8am-5pm) or
• Email – [email protected]

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