Aviation Business Park Accelerator Presentation GO EDC 120313

Idea of focusing on fostering growth in
aviation related business
Diversify the economy
Niche market where we have significant supporting
EAA and AirVenture
Existing aviation businesses Sonex, Basler Turbo
Aviation education programming at UW Oshkosh and Fox
Valley Technical College
Formed by Chamco in 2009 to champion
aviation related economic development in our
 Representatives from Chamco, the County, the
City of Oshkosh, Chamber, EAA, AeroInnovate,
airport tenants, FVTC
 Diversity in disciplines and background
 Passion for the airport and aviation related
economic development
 Now doing double duty as Targeted Industries
Study Aviation Working Group
AeroInnovate helps aeroinnovators from
across the globe who are starting and
growing aero-related businesses and bringing
related new technologies to the marketplace.
Our goal is to facilitate the alignment of
passionate, successful "investors" and industry
leaders with the best aviation-related
opportunities in the world to help get deals
Investor Roundtable
Pitch & Mingle
One-on-One Connections
Key Partnerships
 Sikorsky Innovations
 Defense Alliance
 Rockford Area Aerospace Network
 Canadian Consulate
 Space Angels Network
Mission: To promote, stimulate and facilitate aerospace
related education and economic opportunities , capabilities
and activities in Wisconsin.
UW Oshkosh = Consortium Lead/Executive Office
Committee Work
 Industry Awareness & Marketing
 Education
 Advocacy
 Business Development
 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Winnebago County as the home of general
aviation innovation in the United States
Oshkosh Aviation Business Park
First order of business: land purchase
80 acres for sale adjacent to the airport
Failed County Board vote
Historic partnership between city of Oshkosh
and Winnebago County
Land purchased March 2013
Map, other details
Donated building creates opportunity for
Feasibility study done 2012 evaluates trends
and best practices recommends developing a
comprehensive business accelerator program
with a dedicated support facility two options
 Repurposed building
 New building at proposed Aviation Business Park
Two objectives
 Build an aviation business cluster
 Foster business start ups and growth in
▪ aviation related business but also
▪ advanced manufacturing
▪ advanced materials
▪ information technology and
▪ clean technology
First phase: 80 acre park dedicated to
aviation related business only (200 acres
 Direct taxiway access to world class facilities at
Wittman Regional Airport
 National draw
 Consistent with state-wide Aerospace Consortium
efforts and WEDC priorities
How can we can foster new business growth:
 Provide new and growing businesses what
they need to be successful
 Accelerator program
 Growth Management Academy concept (Targeted
Industries Study)
Traditional incubator: low cost physical
space, common area and shared services
Accelerator (TechStars model):
 intensive mentoring,
 seed financing, investor connections , and
 low cost physical space and shared services
Accelerators are programs, not just buildings
Entrepreneurs create jobs: 2010 Kauffman
Foundation Study
TechStars accelerator model has proven track
record of success
Companies such as Johnson Controls, HarleyDavidson and Oshkosh Corporation were
once start ups in Wisconsin
Fox Valley third largest population center in the
state – no accelerator program
 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
 Opportunity created by Aviation Business Park
 Exploring relationship with Gener8tor –
successful program in Southern WI
 Other unique local resources
 Angels on the Water
 AeroInnovate/EAA/Wittman Regional Airport
 Business Success Center
13 week intensive mentoring program; 5-10
entrepreneurial opportunities per year
$15,000 in seed financing (5% equity stake)
Access to expertise of UW Oshkosh faculty
and staff, successful entrepreneurs and
business leaders
Access to UW Oshkosh student interns
Networking events
Physical space with support services
20,000 sq ft facility
 common area and services
 capability to support light manufacturing
 high end technology infrastructure
House accelerator program, accelerator
graduates and other entrepreneurs, service
providers to entrepreneurs and potentially
corporate “skunk works”
$11M project
With financial support from the city of
Oshkosh, Winnebago County and the
Economic Development Administration ($2M
Pending DoD grant to support planning
$2.75M in remaining financing needs
We will help businesses create jobs
 UW Extension Economic Impact Study
 TechStars results
Diversify our economy
Continue to build entrepreneurial ecosystem of
Provide knowledge sharing opportunities for
UW Oshkosh faculty and students
Attract more capital, entrepreneurs, faculty,
students and businesses to our region and state
October 2013-September 2014: accelerator
planning, design and fundraising; aviation
business park development planning
Summer 2014: Infrastructure for park put in
place; marketing at AirVenture
Fall 2014: Test run of accelerator program
sans facility; begin construction on support
Spring 2015: first accelerator class in support
Chamco Aviation Development Committee
 Resource Procurement
 Program
 Facility
City of Oshkosh
Winnebago County
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Chamco, Inc.
Fox Valley Technical College
Seeking more . . .
Go Titans!

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