Meriter Medical Group

The Value of Partnership with
UnityPoint Health:
The Meriter Hospital and
Meriter Health Services Stories
Leadership Symposium
April 29, 2013
Meriter Health Services
• Meriter Hospital
• Meriter Medical Group
Review of the Madison Market
Why UnityPoint Health?
Overview of Meriter
448-bed tertiary teaching hospital founded in 1898
Fifth largest hospital in Wisconsin
Free-standing Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Hospital
$450 million in revenue; not-for-profit
3,500 employees; 1,000 member medical staff
Overview of Meriter (continued)
• Major clinical programs include:
- Cardiology
- Women’s Services
- Orthopedics
- Digestive Health
- Surgical Services
• Largest birthing center in
Overview of Meriter (continued)
• Sampling of national recognition:
- 100 Top Hospitals® by
Thomson Reuters in 2010 & 2011
- 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital®
Thomson Reuters in 2012
- Most-Wired Hospital in 2011, 2012, 2013
DeForest – Windsor Clinic.
Recognized “Best in the Nation: Recommended to Others.”
NRC Picker’s First Quarter 2013 survey
- American Hospital Association,
“Quest for Quality Citation of Meriter” in 2012
Meriter Medical Group
• Founded in 2008
• 120 employed physicians with
eight clinic locations
throughout Dane County
• Specialty mix:
23% Hospital Medicine
33% Primary Care
44% Specialists
Madison/Dane County Market Overview – Key Facts
Four hospitals within a six-mile radius
- UW Hospital and Clinics (840 beds)
- St. Mary’s Hospital/SSM (440 beds)
- Meriter Hospital (448 beds)
- Veterans Administration Hospital (200 staffed beds)
Strong Market Demographics
- Comparatively wealthy; median household income of $58,000 growing at 4%/year
- Dane County’s 4.7% unemployment rate is lower than the State and National averages
- One of the top three fastest growing counties in Wisconsin
- Stable base of employers include Government, education, healthcare, manufacturing,
biotechnology, etc.
Historically a closed Managed Care Market
- 60% of Dane County’s population is a member of one of the four local HMO’s
- 90% of the commercially insured population is a member of one of the four local HMO’s
Why Affiliate?
Board of Directors
Key Affiliation Objectives
Ensure that Meriter Provides High Quality, Cost-effective
Health Care to its Patient Population
Enhance and Preserve the Patient-centered
Culture of Care Delivered at Meriter
Enhance and Preserve the Community-oriented Focus of Meriter
Strengthen the Capitalization and Competitive Position of
PPIC to Ensure Long-term Relationship with Meriter
Facilitate the Growth of Meriter Medical Group
Create a Statewide Integrated Delivery System
Ensure Meriter’s Financial Stability over the Long Run
Status of Affiliation with UnityPoint Health
Transaction officially closed January, 2014
- Meriter Management and 17-member board remain intact
- Two members of Meriter Board appointed to UPH Board
- Operating margins generated by Meriter to be reinvested in
Meriter and Madison
Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation (PPIC) acquired by UPH
February, 2014
Meriter Hospital and Meriter Medical Group join UnityPoint
Health Partners (ACO) February, 2014
Status of Affiliation with UnityPoint Health
• Meriter’s long-term debt to become part of the UPH Obligated Group
(in progress)
• Early stage UPH Network Development underway in Wisconsin
- Affiliations, Joint Ventures
- ACO, Population Health, PPIC
• Primary Operational Focus for FY2014:
- Stabilization and Growth of PPIC
- Rebalancing Meriter’s relationship with UW Health
- Integration of Corporate Services
- Growth of ACO and access to Population Health

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