Brand Building
GBC 2012
• How to make MS standout from the MBA program?
• Promotion of brand – who is the promoter and how to
get a buy in from students faculty and Dean.
• How do you build your brand Internationally
• Changing the brand: Rebranding the school to leverage
university’s brand.
• Social Networking – (not able to talk about this)
• Defining brand
• Brand the school or use the University’s brand
• How to increase Awareness
• Who defines your brand
• How to develop a brand to guide program offering
Defining the Brand
• Determine the value properly. Use conversations with students
or bring in professional agency. Then get a buy-in from all
parties student, Faculty and Dean. We are all ambassadors
from our schools.
• Key concern was how to best position the brand. Should you
use the brand position of the university or focus on the school’s
brand or the program’s brand.
– Use the brand that is more established and has the most recall
– Determine the value of the program that stands out among the
– Allow this position to engage right candidates and recruiters.
• Brand positioning is a cooperative effort. While students have
a short term focus on the brand, faculty and Dean should be
engaged in building long term focus of the brand. Alums
should be engaged to spread awareness around their work
Changing a Brand
• Changing the brand is a nightmare and can come
about due to external circumstances ( Johnson school
becoming The Johnson school or school trying to
leverage University’s brand like Perdue University MBA
rather than Krammert School of MBA ). This needs a lot of
thought and changes in all the merchandising and
• Graduate MBA School has a bigger role to play in a
professional’s life than the undergraduate. We can
engage the Alumni by sending merchandize that serve
as a constant reminder of this connection.
• International Awareness can be generated by holding
best lectures and may be even having an office in
international locations.
• Michael Malenitza UCLA-Not known for
anything special: Is this
• Sarah at UW—Ranked
#2 for Marketing – Not
necessarily ranked for
Set up a student run investment fund—
this came as a student gift (98% of
students donated)
Students targeting and connecting
with Alumni
Track who was involved in which club
during their time at the school to be
able to target alumni
Bestin at UW – Student Government
has a VP of branding (brand
manager)—ensure that news is really
well managed (e.g., someone just
got hired by S&P, how do we publish
it and use it to improve perception) –
Bestin at UW
Terence at Rotman – working to
diversify, have clubs (student driven)
really running events and pulling
alumni in – they have pretty steep
fees for the clubs to have a larger
• William Fang – How do
you deal with the
rankings and actually
do anything more than
understanding how to
actually make an
impact on the rankings
• Michael at UCLA – town
hall to try and educate
the student on how the
rankings actually work
• Sarah at UW – There is a
dean in charge of the
alumni for the first 5 years
• William Fang at
Georgetown – There is a
Poets and Quants article
on how UVA improved
their rankings
• Terence from Rotman –
How to put the
infrastructure in place
and “mythology” to
enrich the brand and
create the identity,
rather than just allow it
to develop on its own
William Fang – Create events that are storied/signature
events that people can look forward to each term –
educate the first years on what is coming up
Bell curve cup – prizes and competitions, presentations
to rally people and remind them
Sarah at UW – draw the other (PT/Evening students to
educate them what is going on)
Berkeley does a male drag show – “This is so Haas”
Maybe have completion/cohort internal competitive units
weekly – have corporate sponsors sometimes, but then in
spring the student government will sponser “afternoon at
Andersen” – Have deans show up to drinking events
Student government to try and focus events that really wrap
PT/FT programs together
Michael at UCLA – weekly roast, ensure that some of the
signature events line up with some of the admit events
Bestin at UW – Mustache event- everyone from UW
showed up at a competition with Mustaches – really fuel
competition to other schools for differentiation
As president – frame the culture to the incoming students, set
expectations and vision of what you should be getting out of
all of this (either at admit days or during orientation)
Sarah at UW – ensure there is communication as liaison
to administration what the “pulse of the students” really is
and how they feel
• William Fang
• Is there a social media
• UW has Pinterest,
Twitter, Facebook
• Corey Painter –
Admitted student
• Proving that it’s worth
recruiters’ time to visit
small schools
• NUS Business School
deals with a scale
problem of student
• Do more programs to
prove small school’s
• MBA games done at
Schulich School of
Business: creates
• Manchester Business
School organizes career
fairs with alumni. Reunions
with alumni every month
– 2 months to keep the
interaction going
• Return on investment
• Emory University finds it
difficult to get companies
to visit due to its small size
• When companies visit
students feel pressure to
attend the events even
though they are not
interested in these
companies: Frustration
among students
• Manchester Career
Service Center organizes
a week long career fair
with companies spanning
a large spectrum of
• Schulich organizes a 1day career fair that
caters to 9-10 different
segments, allowing
students to attend
different sessions based
on interests
• Differentiating Brand
• Entrepreneur donating
money to different school
“brands”( Engineering, Arts,
etc.), so difficult to be well
represented and
recognized as business
school at Shulich
• Shining spotlight to media
on things that deserve
• Differentiate by saying
Schulich Business School ,
not just Shulich
Global Recognition
Solutions: Conferences, Case
Not only holding, but also attending at
top business schools
Success of such case competitions of
conferences spreads
Leverage use of media to popularize
and get school’s name out to public
Online forums to give recognition and
attention to events
Maintain strong websites that
differentiate your brand, and maintain
these websites’ presence online by
staying at the top of the page via
search engine results
Use of social media – have the dean of
respective school tweet
Feed information to your school’s
communication department for them to
Use of Student Voice
• Tell administration
problems, and feed
ideas/solutions to them
Brand Building in Student
Proving that SU is an
independent entity of
Solutions: Marketing Case
Competition to find solution
New name for organization
Make it more clear to
students as to how they
operate during the election
Update logo to be placed on
communication that goes out
to school when you sponsor
an event. Creates visibility
and awareness
Role of Faculty
Solutions: Faculty research can
drive brand awareness
Faculty can provide research
results to corporations, and
mention students who are also
interested in this field to put not
only student’s name out there,
but also school’s name
Generates reliability of faculty
research, and keeps
corporations coming back to the
Creates affinity towards school
Faculty written cases used at
other schools, generating
Initiating Infrastructure
• Leaving class
gift/donation to school
• Students need to feel
pride in school and
leads to administration
creating these

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