York Cares 2014 PPT Presentation

York Cares 2014
Why does York University
support United Way?
• Local catalyst of social change; autonomous
• Effective community fund; targets funds where
they are needed most in the city
• Helps to build team spirit internally
• Demonstrates York’s commitment to social
justice externally
United Way Toronto’s mission:
to meet urgent human needs and
improve social conditions by
mobilizing the community’s
volunteer and financial resources
in a common cause of caring.
United Way is:
• Efficient
• Effective
• Impacts people we interact
with every day
• Volunteer-driven
• Workplace fundraising model
• Combined fundraising and
administration costs in 2013:
Research & Reports
It’s More than Poverty: Employment Precarity and Household Wellbeing
Poverty by Postal Code 2: Vertical Poverty: Declining Income,
Housing Quality and Community Life in Toronto’s Inner Suburban
High-Rise Apartments
Strong Neighbourhoods: A Call to Action
Poverty by Postal Code
Decade of Decline
Youth Impact Plan and Evidence Review
Losing Ground
Focus areas:
• Build healthy people and strong communities
• Give young people the opportunity to reach
their full potential
• Support people as they move from a life of
poverty to one of possibility
Mobile Food Market
United Way Video
This year’s Goal: Participation
Fine print:
pledge form—electronic or paper
Minimum $1 per week / $52 per year
Events are fun but don’t constitute ‘participation’
Support United Way or designate donation
Ambassador—the role
• Champion of York Cares within your
• Liaison to Committee
• Canvasser
Campaign Overview
CN Tower Student Stair Climb
Saturday October 18th
Currently the Top Fundraising Team at the Public Climb
Kick Off
Tuesday November 4th, 8-10am Central Square
Please plan to attend, and encourage your teams to do so
Pledge Drive
Tuesday November 4th to Tuesday November 25th
Incentive draws will be incorporated to encourage participation
Wrap Up
Tuesday November 25th, 8:30 a.m. in the CIBC Marketplace at SSB
The Schulich School of Business French Toast Breakfast—please attend if you can, and encourage your
teams to do so. Results of the campaign will be announced at that time.
Canvassing tips
Don’t be shy about asking—find the terminology
that works for you
Decisions about charitable giving are quite
Everyone on your team is human. Don’t make
Our Canvass
• Electronic pledge [email protected]
• Paper pledge forms on request
• Incentives—details to be confirmed
• Group presentations
How much should I give?
$126 annually/$10.50 per pay Allows six women who have experienced recent
trauma to participate in a 12-week intervention and support program, helping to
improve their parenting skills and reduce family stress
$350 annually/$29.16 per pay Provides five nutritious meals a week for three
months to a senior who is recovering from surgery
$830 annually/$69.16 per pay Provides a year of language classes and
employment counselling to one newcomer, preparing them for the workforce in
their new country
$2000 annually/$166.67 per pay Allows three children from an underserved
neighbourhood to attend a homework club two days a week for one school
year, improving their grades and enhancing their self-confidence
Next steps
• Get UW onto an agenda (or agendas!) of your team
meeting/faculty council meeting before November 22
• Give thought to how you will communicate with your team
about the campaign:
• Office-based, outside workers, senior leaders
• You know best how to communicate with your team
• Attend the kick off on Nov 4, and encourage team
members to attend
• Think about fun—is there anything your team does, or could
do, to inject some fun/spirit?
When we support United Way, we are
helping to build a city where every person
is able to reach their full potential; a city
where every neighbourhood is thriving; a
city that is healthy today; a city poised for
a bright future.

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