Edwin Uy Presentation

Design And Development of an
Online Electronic Directory
System for Tagbilaran city with
A* Algorithm
Edgar Uy II, MEng
Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol. Bohol now is
well known for its many tourist destination. Usually all
travelers who wants to explore Bohol first starts in Tagbilaran
City since the main port is located in it.
In arriving to a new place one of the problems
commonly encountered is finding for an establishment on
where to stay and the route towards that particular
establishment. Although a paper map provides information of
a particular place it does not give us all the necessary
information we are looking for a particular establishment nor
does it show the image of an establishment.
The paper map does not also show the shortest path
towards an establishment. It is on these problems that the
proponent decides to develop a system that helps tourists
visiting Tagbilaran City to find for establishments and gives
the shortest path towards the establishment.
Goals and Objectives of the Study
The main objective of this study is to create an online
directory of Tagbilaran City using A* algorithm as its main
search algorithm in finding establishments. This study aims to
accomplish these objectives:
1. To find important establishments located in the city that
are vital to their stay in Tagbilaran City.
2. To find reliable and accurate information of a particular
3. To travel without the hassle of looking at a printed map
and frequently asking people for directions and
Statement of the Problem
One of the main problems encountered by a traveler
when arriving in Tagbilaran City is finding establishments and
information about it. This research project aims towards the
solution to this problem. This study aims to answer the
following questions:
1. How to find accurate or reliable information on a specific
place or establishment?
2. What does that particular establishment look like?
3. What is the shortest path towards this establishment?
Conceptual Framework
The system with its graphical user interface (GUI)
interacts with the web server and the SQL Server.
The system displays a road map on the screen. A zoom
option allows the user to look closely on the road map. The
user then chooses on the menu buttons and click on it.
Markers then appear on the road map to indicate the location
of different establishments that belongs to the specific
category. The user then clicks on a marker of his/her choice
and a picture of that establishment is then displayed and all
the necessary information is then displayed. These
information are the address, contact number, business hours
and distance from the port.
A user can also use the search menu options and type
the name of an establishment and then a marker will appear
on the road map indicating the location. The user can then
click on the marker and view a picture of the establishment
and all important information related on that establishment
are displayed. The system also identifies the nearest type of
establishment a traveler/tourist may want to visit. A search
field is provided for the user to input the desired
establishment he/she wants to visit.
Comparison of the A* with other possible routes
Route: Seaport to Metro Center
Comparison of the A* with other possible routes
Route: Seaport to Metro Center
Comparison of the A* with other possible routes
Route: Seaport to Metro Center
Comparison of the A* with other possible routes
Route: Seaport to Metro Center
Comparison of the A* with other possible routes
Route: Seaport to Metro Center
Route A1
Route B1
Route C1
Metro Center
Metro Center
Metro Center
Metro Center
1.054 km
1.191 km
1.129 km
1.147 km
The Online Electronic Directory System of Tagbilaran
City with A* algorithm indeed provides another way of
traveling in Tagbilaran City without the use of the
conventional paper map. It is better than the paper map since
the system not only displays the road map details but also the
image of an establishment and the basic information. The
image can be viewed by clicking the hover on the map. The
location of the hover on the map is also the actual location of
the establishment.
This system is unique since it also determines the
shortest path towards an establishment. This functionality is
attributed to the A* path finding algorithm which gave a
100 % accuracy. This allows a tourist to gain sight of the path
towards that establishment.
There are a lot of things that have been considered in doing
this project like correctness, user friendliness and algorithms.
The core study of the researcher is the implementation of the
A * algorithm. The researcher just considers it appropriate
that whoever would think of implementing a new version of
this project, the following recommendations shall be
1. Create a GUI that is more pleasing to the users.
2. Update map information and details on establishment.
3. Develop more functionality of the system aside from the
shortest path and nearest establishment functionality
such as traffic updates and other possible routes towards
the establishment.
4. Create more functionality on the administrator side such
as add map and traffic update.

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