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Vendor e-Invoicing
Helping the Contractor get paid by
the Department of Veterans Affairs,
by James N. Phillips Jr.
• In January, the Financial Services Center sent
out a letter to all businesses currently
conducting business with VA informing them
of the mandate to comply with the e-Invoicing
requirement for the Department of Veterans
Why e-Invoice with VA?
• Registration and Use with VA is Free
• Delivery of invoices directly into the FSC payment
system and routed nationally for approval
• Elimination of mail processing time, postage, and
invoice receipt inquires
• Elimination of data error and lost or misplaced invoices
• Verification of invoice receipt or rejection through
automated notification reports
• No installation of hardware or software required
• Compliant with HIPAA
Contract Award
Use of VA Purchase Order Number is
critical, e.g. 428-C30001 or 506-A30001
Register with OB10
Product Delivered/
Service Performed
e-Invoice submitted
through OB10
Services Certified
in OCLS (C#)
Supplies Delivery
Matched up in
FMS system (A#)
852.232-72 Electronic submission of payment request
This clause provides direction to the VA contractor.
Registering in OB10 is not required when using
purchase cards or B#’s transactions (GPO i.e.
intergovernmental transactions)
Get Started!
Click the link below!
Remember this code - - AAA544240062
It is VA’s OB10 Number and ensures your
invoices are processed Free of Charge.
VA’s OB10 Code
Remember this code
It is VA’s OB10 Number and ensures a
contractors invoices are processed Free of
Charge to them!
What an OB10 Invoice Looks Like
Wrong or
no PO # - often a
source of

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