UNCW Resources for Military Affiliated Students

Amanda Parkstone
Transfer and Military Admissions Coordinator
Military Admission
 Active duty and veterans who have served two or more years
apply as transfer students (even if they have little or no
traditional college credit) by allowing their military
training/experience to count as transfer credit.
Application fee is waived for current active duty members of
the military.
Military Transcripts are required as part of the application
process (Joint Services Transcript/CCAF)
No traditional college credit? Start in University College with a
military specific transfer advisor
Traditional college credit? Still required to meet minimum GPA
standard for admission.
Not admissible based on MCR’s or college GPA? Admissions
Contract and Education Plan
Credit Evaluation
 Active duty and Veterans may transfer up to 93 credits and
can include military credit and credit by examination (AP,
 In order to view transferable military credit for training and
experience, you must follow the directions listed below:
1. Visit our Transfer Credit Equivalents website
2. Select “Military-Americas” from the first drop down box
3. Military Credit (MC from the second drop down box)
 UNCW awards either departmental elective or general
elective credit as applicable for military training and
experience reported on military transcripts.
 The university physical education requirement is
waived based on basic or recruit training.
Military Tuition Benefit
 If you are active-duty or military dependent and you do not
qualify as a resident for tuition purposes, you may still be
eligible for the Military Tuition Benefit.
 Under this special North Carolina statute, members of the
armed services stationed in North Carolina on active duty
and their dependents may be eligible to pay a reduced
tuition rate which is equivalent to the in-state tuition rate.
 You must file a special application for the benefit that
includes an affidavit on official letterhead confirming
active military status and duty station and military
dependent status if applicable
VA Education Benefits
UNCW’s VA certifying official:
Shannon Miles [email protected]
 If you will be using your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, the
maximum amount approved by the VA for North Carolina
public universities is sufficient to cover in-state tuition and
fees but NOT out-of-state charges
 We can help you get your bill figured out and help you
defer your payment if you have financial aid or VA benefits
 We can help you get your books if you are waiting on your
financial aid or VA benefits to pay out
 In order to place any type of hold on your account, our
office must have all VA documents in your file.
The Perch
 PERCH services, provided by the Office of the Dean of Students,
contribute to the successful transition and university engagement of
off-campus, non-traditional, graduate, and military-affiliated students
• Providing Personal support
• Delivering Educational opportunities
• Connecting students to UNCW and Wilmington Resources
• Arranging opportunities for Community development
• Assisting with your off-campus Housing search
Events for Military Affiliated students: Military Welcome Reception,
Veteran’s Day Ceremony, Family Friendly movie matinees, meet and
greets, etc.
Listserv for e-mail communication
Military Affiliated Newsletter
Student Veterans Organization
The Student Veteran's Organization fosters support for all
veterans of the Armed Forces, members of the Reserves,
National Guard, and their spouses. Membership is open to all
students who are affiliated with the military.
Monthly meetings (Wednesday 5pm)
President: Jenna Drescher [email protected]
“Loved Ones of the Armed Forces” exists to develop relationships
among those who are affiliated with those serving in the military. The
club will bring people together and will allow them to further discuss
the military from a loved one’s point of view.
Monthly meetings (Tuesday 8pm)
[email protected]
Disability Resource Center
 Academic environment
 Living environment
 Examples:
 ET
 RD
 Computer
 Note-taker
 AT
 Sign language interpreter
 Etc.
 Learning Specialist
 Workshops/1:1
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Studying Skills
Test-taking Strategies
Reading Strategies
Note-taking Strategies
 Computer Lab
 Assistive Technology (AT)
 Etc.
Counseling Center
 Free to all currently enrolled students
 Staff includes: Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers,
Licensed Psychological Associates and Licensed Professional Counselors
 Goals: Assist students in maximizing their success at UNCW and in life and
to help students build a more satisfying and successful college experience
Services Provided:
 Short Term Time Effective Counseling
 Group Counseling
 Individual Counseling
 Couples Counseling
 Outreach Programming
 Consultation
 Referrals
 Substance Abuse Assessments and Consultations
 Note: The Counseling Center does not provide services relative to legal or disciplinary
 Violence Prevention & Response
 Sexual Assault
 Relationship Abuse and Violence
 Harassment
 Stalking
 Healthy Relationships
Phone Number: 962-CARE
 Opportunities for Student Involvement:
 “My Stand Mentor” training program
 CARE Peer Educators
 One-in-Four Male Anti-Sexual Assault Peer Educators
Services Provided:
Support for student survivors, victims, and secondary survivors
Advocacy with on or off-campus proceedings
Confidential consultation for students, faculty, and staff
Assessment and intervention on campus violence culture
Campus-wide and targeted prevention programs
 Substance abuse prevention
 Accurate, non-judgmental information
 Training to make safe, healthy choices
 Smoking and tobacco use cessation services
 Promotion of alcohol-free campus events
 Opportunities for Student Involvement:
 CROSSROADS Peer Educators
 UNCW Collegiate Recovery Community
Phone Number:
University Learning Center
 Math Lab
 Writing center
 Learning services
 Supplemental Instruction
 Study Skills and Study Sessions
[email protected]
UNCW’s Military Task Force
 This intra-campus committee was established in fall 2007 and works to address current and future
issues affecting the admission, continuing enrollment, progress toward a degree, and quality of the
university experience for UNCW’s military affiliated students.
 The Task Force consists of UNCW faculty, staff, and administrators throughout campus who
collaborate to create and/or refine policies, advocating for our military affiliated population.
 Meets 4-5 times per academic year
 Members Include:
UNCW’s Chief of Staff
UNCW’s Military Liaison and Extension Site Director
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
President, Student Veterans Organization
Military Admissions Coordinator
UNCW’s VA Certifying Representative
Research Librarian
Asst. Director of Disability Resource Center
Director of UNCW’s Career Center
University College Transfer and Military Academic Advisors
UNCW Legal Counsel
and “military liaisons” from: Student Accounts, Counseling center, University Learning, Onslow
Extension Site programs, The Perch, Continuing Education Center, Transition Programs, etc.
UNCGA- Military Education
Ann Marie Beall
Director of Military Education
Phone: (910) 399-6405 / Fax: (919) 962-5463
General Administration - Chief of Staff - Federal Government Relations
Email: [email protected]
Amanda Parkstone
Transfer and Military Admissions Coordinator
UNCW Office of Admissions
[email protected]

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