Librarians in the Trenches - Health Sciences and Human Services

Janet M. Schneider
Chief, Library Service
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
Tampa, FL
Longman, Phillip
The Best Care
Anywhere: Why VA
Health Care is Better
Than Yours.
Polipoint Press, 2007
VA’s Computerized Patient Record System
In order to make good health-care decisions and enhance safe
care, veterans and families need to be knowledgeable and
Veterans are educated in self-care, receive information on their
diagnosis and treatment plan, and understand any variation
from recommended clinical guidelines.
Veterans have access to their electronic medical record, and may
contribute to documentation in their records.
Veterans are provided decision support to understand treatment
choices, including appropriate library/media resources,
computer services and other technology.
Health literacy and cultural competency are considered in all
education and communications to assure that learning occurs.
Pilot Program begun in 2001 in Tampa and
Bay Pines VA Medical Centers, Florida
Implementation team membership:
•IT staff
•Health information management (HIMS)
•National program managers
More driven to find information
More active in discussing health options
Family often more proactive than patients
Go to computer before print
Information/Digital literacy issues
My HealtheVet Secure Messaging (SM)
Changing customer
IT issues

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