TMS Student Intro Lesson for GApps

for Students
Introduction to your new GApps Account
What is GApps?
Email - Communicating with teachers
Calendar - Organization - planning, scheduling
Drive - Collaboration on: documents, presentations,
spreadsheets, forms
Access anytime, anywhere, on any device
● GApps is a suite of tools provided to help
with your education.
● It is expected that you will follow the
Acceptable Use Policy and school rules.
● Violations will be handled by administration.
● Use the tools responsibly.
Acceptable Use Policy
“All users accessing school system electronic networked resources, including
the Internet, are expected to only use these resources for instructional
purposes, research, or to conduct the business of the school division. All SCPS
students and staff members are prohibited from using the division’s computer
equipment and communication services for sending, viewing or downloading
illegal or inappropriate material via the Internet. Students are prohibited from
accessing materials that SCPS deems to be harmful as defined in Code of
Virginia Section 18.2-372 dealing with obscenity. All use shall be conducted in
a thoughtful, considerate, responsible and legal manner.” Code of Conduct,
pg. 32
“The use of Spotsylvania County Public Schools’ electronic
network resources and the use of the Internet while at
school/work is a privilege, not a right. In addition, SCS
considers the safe and appropriate use of the Internet and
networked resources to be essential to the safety and
welfare of the school division.” Code of Conduct, pg. 33
If you receive an inappropriate message
● Forward the information to your teacher.
This may change soon, stay tuned
to your
Student Dashboard
● TMS Google Dashboard
● Links to: Mail, Calendar, Drive, SCORE,
PASS, Destiny, School Website
● Spotsylvania County Calendar
● GApps Support
Google Dojo - Earn belts for taking quizzes on
Login Information
Elizabeth Marie Gappleton
Email address:
[email protected]
e1024567 - first initial + student ID
If we have duplicates:
[email protected]
Student Rights
Elem - students can exchange email only with faculty
Middle - students can exchange email only within SCPS
(any user)
High - students can exchange email with anyone
Move to “folders”
Create appointments
Invite guests
Access class calendars
Access county calendars
● Upload files for storage
● Create Google Documents - Documents,
Spreadsheets, Presentations
● Organize by using folders
Create a folder for each class

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