Welcome to Lakeside PS 2014 - Durham District School Board

Welcome to Lakeside Public School
Parent Information Session 2014 - 2015
Welcome to
Lakeside PS
Welcome and Introductions
Safe Drop Off Procedure
Drop off and dismissal
School Supports
What do I send to school?
How do I support my child?
SCC - How can I become involved?
The Full-Day Early Learning
Kindergarten Program
Friendly Faces
The Lakeside Early Years Team
2014 – 2015:
 Mrs. Kennedy - Teacher
 Ms. King - ECE
Principal – John Love
Vice-Principal – Leanne Osborne-Floyd
Administrative Assistant – Linda Whittaker
Teacher Librarian – Jill Baker
S.E.R.T. – Jacqueline Dunn-Gabrielle
Pathologist – Ellen Peppiatt
Chief Custodian – Brian Gunn
S.C.C. Chairperson – John Davidson
with caption
At Lakeside Public School we…
In Kindergarten, we believe that…
Believe that each student is very intelligent
and has a unique set of skills
Each child
comes to school with their own
unique skills and abilities
Believe each student can choose to be a hero
every day
All children grow and develop at different
Want each student to have the courage to
fearlessly be themselves
Want all students to run to school and walk
Every child’s success, both big and small,
should be acknowledged and celebrated
Each child should feel safe, respected, and
included in all classroom activities
Lakeside Safe Drop Off
routine is critical to the success of the Safe
Drop Off process
involves a community effort
an essential component of our
safe learning environment
the foundation of success is the
belief that safety must come
before convenience
Drop off and Dismissal
 only students and staff members are
permitted in the Kindergarten pen
 drop off your child only when there
is a staff member on duty (8:30 am)
 report to the office when arriving
after the bell (8:45 am)
 we will only release your child to
those who have been given written
Three pictures
with pm,
 dismissal
is at 3:25
students not
picked up by 3:30 pm are escorted to
the office for pick-up
Speech and Language
Durham District School Board Speech
and Language Support and Programming:
Speech and Language Pathologist- Ellen Peppiatt
Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) – Jacqueline DunnGabrielle
What Do I Send To School?
 change of clothes
 indoor shoes
 large backpack
What Do I Send To School? (continued)
 litterless lunch
 healthy snacks
(containers that your child can
open independently) 
Culture of Care and Inclusion
Sabrina’s Law – An Act to Protect
Anaphylactic Pupils – 2006
Foodless Celebrations
 birthdays are celebrated (just not with food)
 food restrictions due to religious as well as
medical considerations (allergies)
• mailbags (Zippy)
• newsletter / calendars
• school / teacher
• phone calls
• scheduled meetings
• concerns
How Do I Support My Child At Home?
 name (recognizing and printing - using proper casing)
 fine motor skills
 social skills
 toileting (independently)
 dressing (independently)
Parental Partnerships
The School Community Council (S.C.C.)
S.C.C. Representative – John Davidson
 The Value in Supporting the S.C.C.
Planning for 2014 - 2015
office procedures
forms and up to date information
maximizing instructional time
classes – blended JK/SK,
full-day, everyday
The Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten
Program Has Arrived At Lakeside!
 each class will have one classroom teacher and one
Designated Early Childhood Educator that have
complimentary skills and work as a cohesive team
 inquiry-based learning model encourages
students to wonder, explore, investigate, discover
and report their learning in a variety of ways
 play-based approach to learning allows for
greatest level of student engagement and helps to
develop your children’s social skills and problem solving skills
Video – Intentional Play-Based Learning
The video was too big to attach as a file – you can find it online
It’s the third video from the top
Thank You For Attending This Evening!
All students in attendance will receive a Welcome to Kindergarten
bag filled with materials that they can use to get ready for school
in the Fall

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