Information on the new NIH biosketch format

Changes to the NIH Biosketch
December, 2014
Notice Number:
Key Dates
Release Date: November 26, 2014
…NIH and AHRQ will require the use of the new biosketch format in
applications for research grants submitted for due dates on or after
January 25, 2015.
HOLD THE PRESS: NOT-OD-15-032: Change of plans
NOT-OD-15-032: NIH Modified requirements
for Biosketch with a date extention
NIH has modified its requirements and the updated biosketch is now
required for grant applications submitted for due dates on or after May 25th.
Individual fellowships, R36 dissertation grants, and diversity supplements
should use the Fellowship Application Biographical Sketch Format Page and
related pre-doc and post-doc instructions and samples, while research grant
applications, career development, training grant, and all other application
types should use the general Biographical Sketch Format Page and
instructions and sample. - See more at:
Why a new biosketch format now?
• “…The new NIH biosketch emphasizes accomplishments instead of
just a list of publications…*”
• The primary focus of the new NIH biosketch will be the magnitude
and significance of the scientific advances associated with a
researcher’s discoveries and the specific role the researcher played in
those findings. This change will help reviewers evaluate not on the
publication reputation or how many times, but instead by the
*Rock Talk, 12/1/2014
So what are the changes?
• Formatting
• New Sections
• New data points collected
• Citing of links to complete listing of published work
• Will allow up to five pages for the entire biosketch
• Opportunity for researchers to describe their specific role in those
discoveries and to annotate their description with up to four
Let’s look
Note the new Formatting
Note the:
• OMB number
• New approval date at the top of the form
• Different Formatting
Section Redo: Personal Statement & Selected
Gives the PI
the opportunity
to identify experience,
And expertise along
with publications that
reflect their science
New Section: Contribution to Science
Note the new heading
entitled Contribution to
Science which matches
contributions with associated
Just a few things to bring to your attention…
Notice the MyNCBI reference in the link that can now appear on the
NIH Biosketch
PI’s are encouraged to use SciENcv to build these biosketches. SciENcv
works with or without MyNCBI.
*Taken from NIH Biosketch example
**Take from forms link in the NIH Forms and Application section
NIH Resources
• Q&A on new form set:
• NOT-OD-15-024:
• Form examples:
• Rock Talk Blog:
• Biosketch Format page examples:

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