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Mobile Sector
Land Line Sector
Broad Band Sector
Decrease of Expenditure
Revenue increase
ARPU increase
Mobile Sector
• 2G sites in AP circle are 1748 and 3G sites
1820 . Due to delay in optimization and due to
delay in conversion from one system to other
proper signals are not getting.
• The down time of the site is also very high
• Zero back up of the present battery sets.
• Delay in procurement of the battery sets for
• Non procurement of the start up batteries
• Delay in activation of the SIM and due to tele verification subscribers are expressing
• Release of cooling stage 94 level
• Average repair time for the technical faults of
BTS is more
• Delay in increase of BTS where there is no
• Non Optimization of the BTS because of the
less staff in the OS team in cell one installation
• Installation of boosters and media at
apartments and non release of sufficient
funds the additional BTS installation is
• Non maintenance of I P sites by the
Contractors such as Satya Towers
• Non availability of Micro and Nano SIMS
• Competitive tariff plans comparing with
Private Telecom companies
• In the HO SSA’s meeting it is stated that at
least 1000 towers will be leased to get
additional revenue?What is the achievement ?
• Recharge through internet some times giving
• In MNP our circle is lagging by one lakh
connections at one time we are in a positive
growth of around one lakh connections
• Whether any reasons are identified and
rectification measures taken
Land Lines
• Out of 3201 Tele Exges in A P Circle from
167exges (5.2%)a revenue of more than 50 %
revenue i.e.,3256.75 crores is coming ,
• From 364 exchanges ( 11.4%) 30% of the
revenue1831.20 crores is coming
• Remaining 2670 exchanges remaining 20 %
revenue is coming
• Steps taken to increase the revenue of these
exges and to decrease the expr of the exges
• Distribution of telephone bills is not proper in
the circle. A vigilance inquiry to be conducted
in this regard
• The registration of Green Billing is only 12.46%
in the circle. In Hyderabad it is 25.11% . The
payments through BSNL portal is only 10 %
• Measures to increase the percentages may
please be intimated
• Reintroduction of installation charges and
shifting charges is to be reviewed.
• Collection of charges for the PBT instrument
from the old subscriber is also not good
• Land line declaim in AP Circle is 7.19%
Measures to decrease the declaim percentage
• Special measures to repair the cable pairs
• By introduction of NGN in the exchanges the
electricity load is to be reviewed so that the
electricity tariff will be reduced.
Broad Band/ FTTH
• In FTTH the target for 12-13 is 17600 and
connections provided are 946 only The target
for 13-14 is 27640 where as connections
provided are nearly 900 only.
• What are the reasons identified by the circle
management for this poor performance and
remedial measures taken in this regard
• In the Data Cards the supply of 3.6 mbps card
is only available and high speed data cards
are not available as per the demand
• Recently the speeds of BB plans are doubled is
a good move but the tariffs in this regard are
not competitive
• After utilization of certain Band width the
speed in the BB will be 512mbps where as in
Private telecom companies it is high . This may
be corrected
• Encourage FTTH because the ARPU is high by
creating competitive tariffs
• BB fault rectification teams are to be increased
• ULD for all plans in BB are to be removed
• Now only 525 plan is available for BSNL
employees Other wise new phone is to be taken
rectify this.
Decrease of Expenditure
• Leased Lines disconnections are more now a
days. It is learnt there is a sabotage in this
matter . A vigilance inquiry is demanded.
• TATA company for whom some contract is
given for provision of LL is leant that some
mischief is doing/ Is it true?
• Usage of AC By AGM/ DE as there is no
provision for them in the circle
• Hired vehicles are to be reduced and
conveyance as per the tariff to be paid instead
of Hired vehicles
• Instead of holding management meetings
every week by the SSA Heads video
conferences can be conducted to reduce
Increase of Revenue
• By better utilization of land and buildings
revenue can be increased.
• Sharing of BSNL Towers is to be increased.
• Installation of ATMs
• There is a huge unserviceable stores in the
SSA’s but speedy steps are not being taken to
avoid rusty and misuse
• Collection of Out standing dues which is to
an extent of 440 crores
• Transfer of Land in the name of BSNL
• Immediate supply of proper tools to the staff
• Sufficient supply of Cable pairs and BB
• Display of Area wise Phone numbers of the
concerned Officers at the BSNL Officers
• Updating of Service Directory
• The revenue target of AP Circle is 3256?
Reasons for non achievement?
• Out of 32 GMs in the AP Circle 16 GMs are in
HTD keeping Most of the SSA’s with out GM’s.
And the in charge GM’s are visiting the SSA’s
once in two months
Issues to be taken up with CO
New Delhi
• Power to introduce new tariffs to the CGMs
• Exemption from payment of Service Tax and property
• Certain store Items which are centralized at the time of
DOT are to be decentralized now and the required
material is to be purchased through committees
consisting unions
• All Public sector State and Central Government
sectors to use BSNL connections
• Abolish TAC’s
• Measures to collect the expenditure made on MOS
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