BB roadmap and MSE

Broadband Product Road Map
2012/13 H2
2013/14 H2
2013/14 H1
Migration from 20C IPstream to 21C Wholesale Broadband Connect
IPstream ‘Stop Sell’
IPstream retirement within WBC & Datastream in total
Advanced Services on 20C Stop Sell
and retirement
WBC footprint exceeds 90%
Begin WBC rollout to further 195 sites
Launched Fixed Rate Product
Further WBC expansion (To be agreed)
Ofcom Broadband Market Review
WBC EP 40G host link in trial
Launch 95th Percentile billing on WBMC
Usage report enhancements
Launch Reseller model
Advance Services (WBC Assured) Stop
Sell and retirement
Out of hours migration product available
Consumer switching: Ofcom Statement
Launch of metro-node
TR101 BB CR improvements
Multi-Service Edge Rollout and Migration
MSE Trials
FTTC Checker: Date Changes
PCP only trials
220Mb FTTP Launch
BBAC technology flag & speed ranges
FTTP 330/20 rental Offer
Differentiated SLA launch
Wires only self install
Migrate from LLU offer £40 off
Fibre Only Exchange strategic solution
Remote assure trials
Fibre on Demand Launch
Availability Checker Update
Differentiated throughput trial
Vectoring Trials
OR £ Rises
Release AF
13th Jan
Release AG
18th Mar
FOD Distance Based Charging
FTTP 1XX, 40/15, 330/20 Stop Sell
EMP Mitigation and Consumption
FTTC self install systems trials
Release AE
21st Oct
KCI improvements
BD UK areas roll out
Release AH
13th May
Release AI
15th Jul
Future activities are aspirational and not fully committed
Release AJ
16th Sep
Release AK
17th Nov
MSE: Multi Service-Edge
Andy Wright
MSE: Multi-service Edge
What are BT doing?
Who is affected?
What does it
mean for you?
How are BT’s
plans going?
See briefings: BB450-12, BB589-12, BB795-13 & BB 796-13
and previous ISP forum presentations all to be found at
• Growth in bandwidth demand from increased volume and usage requires us to
expand the BT Wholesale 21CN Broadband Platform.
• We are introducing a new Broadband Remote Access server (BRAS) called Multiservice Edge (MSE)
• We’ve 3 main trial sites starting with Bradwell Abbey, Ipswich & Poplar then:
535 MSEs deployed by March 2014
• Every CP is affected.
• i.e. anyone who buys WBC, WBMC Dedicated or WBMC Shared
• Copper or Fibre
• You need to take action in your network
• Your end users will be migrated overnight with service outages
• Our plans are going well:
• CP end users migrated at multiple sites
• For current IP addresses, all CPs nationally are successfully tested
• More work to complete with new tunnel IP addresses
MSE: What does it
mean for you?
All CPs
How does it affect
your end users?
Who can I talk to about
this programme?
See briefing: BB450-12, BB589-12, BB795-13 & BB796-13
You need to open new tunnel addresses on your LNS
We will contact you to confirm this is done
Any questions? please contact [email protected]
• As part of the authentication process and within accounting records there are
additional NAS IP addresses in RADIUS IETF Attribute 4.
• We’ve tested those with each and every CP.
We have also notified you of new IP addresses (tunnel source IP addresses).
You need to open your network to support these new tunnels.
We will advise you shortly when these will be available in BT’s network for you to see
We will contact you to confirm this is done
• You have notified us of additional tunnel source IP addresses (or that you are using
default addresses)
• We will contact you to test these.
We will migrate your end users onto MSE with overnight outages
We are giving 2 weeks notice (PEW notice). The schedule is on
SVLAN move outages are currently 30 mins on the 1st night & 5 mins on the 2nd
We still intend to introduce a single stage migration. We will keep you informed
• We are happy to talk. Please contact [email protected]
Or WBMC shared contact Michael Matthews ([email protected],com)
Or WBMC Dedicated or WBC please contact Gerry Hewitt ([email protected])
Or Andy Wright ([email protected])

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