(without notes)(April 2014)

Achieving a Digital
Integrated Care Record
Beverley Bryant
Director of Strategic Systems
and Technology
NHS England
30th April 2014
What do we mean by paperless?
 Safe, digital record keeping
 Nine stages of Clinical Digital Maturity Index (CDMI)
 Held in a structured way for retrieval
 Workflows within and across organisation boundaries
 Transactions/workflows to and from patients (appointments,
prescriptions, test results, correspondence reminders)
We owe patients a seamless, paperless NHS, but if they want a letter - fine
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What are the benefits of paperless
to the NHS?
Clinical diagnosis
Patient & staff experience
Reduce burden & improve
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2018 and beyond
 Must have clinical ownership
 Must have Board level drive & leadership
 We need to build capability - IT professionals, vibrant
supplier base
 Must have delivery/change capability
 Centre needs to drive standards for interoperability
 Communities of Practice & spread of innovation
 Mixed economy, best of breed, single solution & open
But it is not OK to do nothing
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Technology Funds
Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Tech Fund 1
Nursing Tech Fund
Process for Tech Fund 2
Benefits & VFM ratios to inform future Tech Funds
Economic analysis to underpin case for investment – revenue as well
as capital for ongoing sustainable operations
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Clinical Digital Maturity Index
 Engage with it
 It needs developing
 Enterprise wide
 Mental Health &
 Next iteration May 2014
 6 monthly plans audit of
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How might the NHS tackle it?
Board level responsibility
Clinical ownership & buy-in
Robust delivery plans
Recruit IT professionals from across NHS on delivery & support/operation/upgrade
Open standards – insist on them
Apply for Tech Fund and then deliver
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Procurement & Commercial Support
England Open
Programme is
about increasing
the range of
digital solutions
available for the
care community.
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NHS England
will launch a
Toolkit” to allow
Trusts easy
access to best
guidance and
What will NHS England do Re Open Source?
 Spread awareness of the deployment of Open Source Solutions with
the NHS and support them in procuring associated services
 Promote the engagement of Clinicians and front line users through
the Code for Health initiative
 Generate Communities of Interest around solutions and areas of
 Support the use of IDC Technology Fund and Nurse Technology Fund
for Open Source initiatives
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Leadership and Professionalism for Change
Strong organisational leadership
Strong leadership of the informatics
Professional standards and
accreditation (individuals, teams
and organisations)
Invest in professional development
Apply same standards to suppliers
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