Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Quarterly

Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau
Activity Report
VVCB Report to Board of Directors
January 2014
Visitor Center
Income Sources
Retail Income - VVCB
Increase in Revenue
Retail Sales/Income
January - December YTD
Total $4,785.99
November $1,022.17
December $2,775.40
Best Sellers – Ventura Winter Wine Walk, Wine Tours,
Postcards, Ventura Tote Bags, Ventura City Maps,
Ventura Stickers, Ventura Magnets, Bus Passes,
Latitudes Photography, CA Limited
Center ran discount promo on older apparel and gift
New Retail – CA Limited (California Apparel)
Ticket Sales/Income
Wine Tours - $1,625 ($228 to VVCB -7%)
Winter Wine Walk - $2,250 ($135 to VVCB -16%)
Consignment /Income
November/December 817.06
Up to (18) vendors and promoting more items from local
Newest Consignment vendor – Ventura Axxess
Visitor Services
Ventura Traffic
The total number of visitors to the Visitors Center for
2013/14 Fiscal YTD is 13,454 (2,130 more visitors YTD
from fiscal 2012/2013)
Total number of visitors in November is 1,615
Total number of visitors in December is 2,090
Top Visitors YTD Geographic Origins: (IN CENTER)
Canada, Germany, Australia & England
California by County
Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego & Orange
Out of State
Arizona, Colorado, Texas & Oregon
Ventura Winter Wine Walk was a huge success! The
Visitors Center was a tasting location, pouring hosted by
Limoncello and Anacapa Brewing Co. We were proud to
see so many guests inside the Visitors Center, 600+ on
this day! A good time was had by all!
A BIG THANK YOU to the VVCB Board for participating
in the Volunteer Recognition event. It was VERY well
WESTWAYS ADS 2013 vs 2014
Co-Op partnership for in advertising
with National Park Trips to feature our
beautiful Channel Islands and
Ventura’s accessibility
One month in and we have gotten over 100
asking for more information on Ventura!
National Park Trips ad FULL page with FULL
page advertorial one year targeted leads
• 350,000 readers and 100,000 print run
• 75,000 copies distributed at over 1,050
strategic locations (visitors centers,
attractions, hotels, Fortune 1,000
companies) in three western states (CA,
• 25,000 copies sold on over 5,000
newsstands nationwide, including
Barnes & Noble, Albertson's, Ralph's,
Target & Walgreens
• Digital version for IPad and Nook
available for international distribution
We Continue to grow mobile audience
- 29% of travelers have found flight plans
through mobile apps
- 30% of travelers have found hotel deals
through mobile apps
- 85% of travelers use their smartphones
while traveling
- 46% check in to a location while on vacation
using services like Facebook and Foursquare
Sales/ RFP
YTD Occupany (Star report Nov 2013)
69.5% up 2% over 2012
Sales Leads:
Nov/Dec Sales Leads Sent: 8 Leads, with an average of 4 hotel
nights and 242 Rooms.
Year to date Sales Leads: 21 Leads compared to 2013 (18)
Economic Impact YTD Leads Generated:
Nov/Dec YTD Sales Leads Confirmed Bookings:
(5) of (21) sent or 23%
Economic Impact YTD Leads Converted:
Nov/Dec (585) Attendees assisted with welcome packets of
brochures and maps.
– YTD (4,135)
Nov/Dec YTD Attendees assisted with Service Requests with
group dining, offsite event space, group activity booking:
Nov/Dec Tradeshows:
Sports Travel Team Expo
33 One on One Appointments
Dinner with BMX decision maker, John David
CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular
15 One on One Appointments, along with Seasonal Spectacular
tradeshow in the afternoon
Society of Government Meeting Planners Holiday Luncheon
150 government meeting planners were in attendance, good
networking opportunity .
FAMs, Sales Missions,
Press FAMS:
Currently planning logistics for NTA FAM trip for February 14th
Working on family leisure blogger trip in conjunction with
United Airlines FAM Feb 1-7 Feb 6th in Ventura
Client FAM:
Suzanne has been working with Proven Winners Pack Trials that
will be in Ventura as a “stop” in April 2014 and we could possibly
be a location for April 2015
Michele attending the LA Travel and Adventure show February
8-9 in Long Beach – Special hotel packages are being crafted to
offer through 6/30/14
February will be a very busy month for traveling- Travel &
adventure, MPI and possibly Soccer Nation
Public Relations
RFP Awarded! Rebecca Chambers see link below
Her Resume
NBC Los Angeles
We are gearing up for BMX Nationals videos below
that we are pushing out
Blog for Island Packers
•Currently working with Expedia Online Australia- ‘go live’ date
for Ventura’s Vacation Guide June 2014
•ClearChannel In Kind Co-op :15 & :30 second radio spots ran
12/8/13 thru 12/30/13 on KDFO Bakersfield and live streaming
on line
Working with Dupuis and DVP on Press Release for
new Brandmark Launch and “We are Ventura”
Video project
CAPS interview with Rebekah Evans, VCLA
Working with Facing Waves and Go Paddle
promoting the episode that we will shoot in May
Print and Editorials
Central Coast chosen #4 in Lonely Planet's Travel Top 10: US
Destinations for 2014
Partnering with Kemper Sports on a new avenue to promote
and market Ventura and Golf. Program starts February through
March targeting April-June overnights and package sales. The
exclusive rate will be set by hotel and established County
discounted rates will be offered for Stay & Play packages
Southern CA Golf Association (SCGA)
• Email Banner Ad targeted to 92,000 members
• highest open rate of over 85% because it contains the
members updated handicap index
Arizona Golf Association (AGA)
• Email Banner Ad targeted to 55,000 members
• another touch point for AZ market as VVCB is currently doing
TripAdvisor campaign and Corporate Certified program
• VVCB & Kemper will create Exclusive offers for stay & Play rates
will a landing page
Working on People magazine Girlfriend Getaway ad for April issue
Visits increased 25% over December 2012.
Unique Visitors increased 26% year over year.
Pageviews increased 19% over last December.
Organic Search Traffic increased 41% over
December 2012.
Pageviews for all hotels pages were 2,001 in
December 2013 (up 10% year over year)
Domestic: Consistently
Top Referrers:
Extranet- emails launched, have you logged in?
Website Reskin is getting started
Facebook Growth 12/3/12 (13,195 Fans)
12/30/13 (19,511 Fans)
723 followers (167 new)
BarkVentura Page is now up! Support from
Anacapa Animal Hospital Voted #1 readers
choice awards 4 yrs. in row
Promoting bag sales through Social Media“Don’t do the wrapping send if Ventura Bag”running a promotion Spend $25 get 50% off
Ventura tote bags
Met with Local photographer West Cooke and
will get all rights to photos
City Contract update
& 2013-14 Action Plan Update
City contract terms was an agenda item on
Economic Development Committee Meeting
in December.
Next Steps:
Meet with Mark Watkins & Lilly Rudolph on 1/28/14
5 year Strategic Plan/Action plan
(full update will be emailed along with this
presentation )
• Mid year review show positive results in our
• Integrated Marketing Plan
• Co-op Advertising in 6 months almost
surpassed full fiscal year last year
• Enhanced Visitors Center and increased
Attended CA Welcome Center at the Collection
Grand Opening
December MA CAPS interview with Rebekah Evans,
Ed for VCLA and showing the strengths and
differences of our partnership
Met with Mary Osborne to help more on press
media trips as Ambassador
Couple of highlights:
National Geographic
URL leads from NEW newsletter
Ventura VCB received 2641 clicks
between 12/12 - 12/30/13
454 leads through Dec 2013
Calendar of events
41% of keyword search is for
Ventura events
Online Visitors Guide
Phone Tracking
1st VG followed by Website
Coordinated Media Buy with VCLA
Click-through-rate (CTR), and, averaging about 0.11
to 0.12.
o Your 0.12 CTR on the LATimes site is above the site
average of 0.08.
o The 0.12 CTR on Nat’l Geo is also above their site
average of 0.08.
Dec 2012-Dec 2013 the room nights from film total
ALSO: Coatwolf rented several houses in Pierpont
for several weeks in September of this year for cast
& crew filming Chuck Hank & the San Diego Twins.
Rivers 9
228 rooms
Dawn Patrol
601 rooms
The Sand
300 rooms
MTV Reality Show 60 rooms
Working on tradeshows for upcoming
VVCB-Leisure Travel & Adventure Show
VCLA MPI Northern CA
CCTC DMO referrals Ventura 231
CCTC Region page Views- Channel Islands 2,163
Top 10 US travel destinations for 2014CA CENTRAL COAST #4
Worked with City& DVP on Restaurant week
Happening THIS week
Winter Wine Walk a HUGE success Event soldout, CP and Clock tower sold out of bundle
MA attended Poinsettia Awards with Jim Ludwig
MA attending Parks & Rec Commission meeting
on 1.15.14
MA sitting on Ventura Business Panel with
Downtown Rotary alongside Chamber and DVP
VVCB advertising on Big Belly outside center
with DVP
Staff Engagement /updates
2014 Inspiration Guide
Should be back from printers by the end of
They are here! They have resigned for 2015!
Working on getting a welcome letter from
Mayor to all attendees
Adding Reagan Library and Camarillo Outlets
as additional options
Office Space & Visitor Center:
Office Space being used in kind by PR
2nd position with VCB as employer of record
for PT VCLA admin role
Renegotiated fees
25% reduction in monthly cost
$6,000 mobile site In kind
Changing widget location
VCB Staff:
Currently doing due diligence of comparing
medical benefits with ACA- we will not be
able to continue with current coverage not
ACA compliant
Briefing on the UK market by Black Diamond ~emerging
neighborhoods- 2013 hot spot Channel Islands
New Branding Visit California's new brand platform "Dream
Big" and their accompanying logo and television commercial,
"Dreamers" was unveiled at their recent Commission Meeting.
The focus will continue to be on promoting the state's
abundance and showcasing the California attitude, shining a
spotlight on the fact that in California, we don't just dream,
we Dream Big! The spot aired at the end of October in the U.S.
and Canada and will utilized in the U.K. and Australia in the
coming months. Their new logo and will be made available in
the coming weeks
Smartphone penetration has risen to 52% of the population
and Google estimates that over 94% of all smartphone users
search for local businesses or services. 61% of owners access
the internet everyday on their smartphone and most never
leave home without it. The smartphone has become an
essential tool for the business traveler; a reported 54% book
accommodations using their smartphones
66% of potential visitors watch videos on Youtube when
selecting a destination.
THANK YOU for a GREAT 2013
VVCB Staff
Marlyss Auster, Executive Director
Hilda Kilpatrick, Office Manager
Michele Gilmour, Visitor Services Manager
Donna Francis, Visitor Services
Suzanne Baird, Visitor Services
Diane Sweet, Visitor Services
Newest Addition : Cheryl Bagby starts
Board & Advisory Board
Executive Committee
Oscar Pena - Chairman (General Manager, Ventura Port District)
James D. Ludwig - Past Chairman (Principal, KL Associates)
Nancy Pedersen - Citizen at Large (Sunflowers on the Square)- Treasurer
Victor Dollar - Secretary (Citizen at Large - General Manager Four Points by Sheraton Ventura
Beach Resort)
Michael Wagner - Restaurant/Owner/Operator
Marcia Rhodes - Citizen at Large (Road Scholar)
Barbara Quaid - Ventura County Fairgrounds (Chief Executive Officer, Ventura County
Marie Lakin - Cultural Affairs Commission Liaison
Cheryl Heitmann - Downtown Ventura Organization Liaison
Carlos Cruz-Ampudia - Small Hotel/Motel/Operator (General Manager, Best Western Plus,
Inn of Ventura)
Myron Freedman - Citizen at Large (Executive Director Museum of Ventura County)
Ed Wehan - Parks & Recreation Commission Liaison
Steve Doll -Citizen at Large (Vice President NAI Capital Commercial)
Advisory Board
Doug Wood, General Manager Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach
Shannon Hillygus, Marriott Ventura Beach
Seana Sesma, Owner AceAna Promotions
Norbert Tan, MBA, Executive Director, Ventura College Foundation
Chipper Bro Bell, Patagonia
Danny Saldana, Owner & General Manager, Anacapa Brewing Co.
Sureh Patel, General Manager, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson
Douglas A. Halter
Ed Warren, Busy Bee Café
Jenna Melnyk , DuPuis, Account Coordinator

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