Brisket Takeout Menu

Gourmet Burgers…….6
6oz handmade by our chefs using prime chuck steak
Classic with Cheese d
Blues * d
Vegetarian d
Fried Chicken g,d
Served in a brioche bun D,E,G
* Add £1
Slow n Low Bbq……7.5
Pulled Pork M
Baby Back Ribs {half} m
Served with Brioche/Flatbread G
House Fries £2
Sweet Potato Fries D £3
Coleslaw D,E £2.50
Slow ‘n’ Low
Our BBQ meats are cooked
slowly at low temperatures so to
relax meat and keep juices within
D = Dairy, N=Nuts, Sh=Shellfish, su= sulphites
G=Gluten, SS= Sesame, E = Eggs,
S = Soya, M=Mustard, C=Celery,
F= Fish, V= Veg, Vg = Vegan
Kitchen may contain traces of allergens
Tel. 0207 - 281- 0199
121 Stroud Green Rd,
N4 3PX
[email protected]

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