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Product Overview & Strategy
Dr. Tobias Scheele
Vice President Advanced Applications
Invensys Operations Management
User Conference Sept 2012 Japan
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Business Update & Trends
Roadmap & Releases
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Cross Activities
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Technology, Industry and Business
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• Regulations
• Government
Oil majors
• Knowledge
• Optimization
• Real Time
• Ease of Use
• Cost Control
• In the Future
• Biofuels
• Heavy Oils
Business Update & Trends
Roadmap & Releases
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PRO/II 9.1 2012 Release
Key Benefits
Improved ease of use – Color code recycle stream
Improved customer satisfaction – Most robust release
Improved integration - Collaboration with many third party, flexibility to
customer on passing information to different disciplines
New Key Capabilities
Heat Transfer – Improved link to HTRI
Distillation – FRI, Koch Glitch, and Sulzer hydraulic
OPC-UA – Link to other packages
Portal Upgrade – Improved Case Studies
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What’s next:
• Improve ease of use
• Multiple Units copy/paste
• Multi-rename capabilities
• New Key capabilities
• CAPE-OPEN 1.1 Interface
• Latest DIPPR Database
• IP Protection: Thermo User
Data password protection.
DYNSIM 5.0 2012 Release
Key Benefits
Ensures DYNSIM remains the best available
technology for dynamic simulation and OTS
Enable OTS Engineers to be more efficient and
competitive when executing Operator Training
Simulator projects
Improve the long term sustainability / TCO for clients
and Invensys
New Key Capabilities/Considerations
What’s next:
• Improved Trainee and Instructor
• Training as a Service Offering
• Additional User Experience and
Engineer Productivity Improvements
• Product Enhancements for new
Industries such as Metals and Mining
and Pipeline OTS
Improved software infrastructure
Improved ease of use
Enhanced model library
Highest quality in over 5 years
Leverages today’s computing platforms for increased
speed and model size
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EYESIM 2.1 2012 Release
Key Benefits
Improved load speed (DirectX 11 implementation)
Improved rendering speed (DirectX 11)
Improved Installation features
Improved player usability
New Key Capabilities
New instructor station features
New scoring methods for e-learning module
Improved light mapping
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What’s next:
• Fluid dynamics for realism of
animations and malfunctions
• Automation tools to reduce
engineering costs
• Enhanced Kiosk/e-Learning
application features
ROMeo 6.0 2012 Release
Key Benefits
Refinery-wide performance optimization
Improved Process Health monitoring
Enhanced visualization & usability
New Key Capabilities
Integration of reactor models from ExxonMobil
Integration with Wonderware Intelligence & OPC-UA
New performance monitoring tasks
Enhanced use of color & thickness to track changes
Enhanced capability to connect to process/LIMS data
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What’s next:
•Improved Refinery-wide Opt.
•Integration with latest KBC
•Improved integration with Offsites
•Planning Integration
•Energy & Utilities management
•MINLP capabilities
•Focus on Ergonomics, user
experience & results visualization
Integrated Planning, Scheduling and
Off-sites with ROMeo
Leverage the strength of Invensys Off-sites and
Optimization offerings
Create new tools to directly generate Planning
LP Vectors from ROMeo
• Enable integration and consistency with Planning
Enable integrated workflow between off-sites
and optimization solutions
Provide most accurate real-time information to
enable optimization of crude units
Streamline workflow and planning, scheduling,
oil movements and optimization to minimize
value loss
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Planning LP
Planning LP
Data Reconciliation & Yield Accounting
– Provide an improved material, yield and unit cost management system
Value Proposition
Industry leading best practice adopted by Oil Majors
Data gathering/ quality of data is time consuming leaves little time for analysis
Multiple versions of data across the organization
Yields & Loss reporting for environmental (HSE) impact as well as JV financial transaction
– Unit by Unit Hourly/Shift Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation
– Refinery wide Daily Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation
– Refinery wide Monthly Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation & Accounting
• Loss Control and reduction:
Current unaccounted losses at a typical Refinery = 1.5%
As a result of Data reconciliation, assume that 0.5% is properly accounted
Price Differential between loss and product mix = $20 per barrel
Potential Benefits = 250,000 x 330 x 0.005 x 20 = $8.5 MM per year
Partnering with MES Enter
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The Future – Key Areas
New Applications & Content
• Integrated Industry Solutions
• Green Engineering, CCS
Deployment & Performance
• Application Virtualization
• Web Deployment of Models
• Cloud, Distributed Computing
Lifecycle Modeling & Collaboration
• Support Design-Operate-Optimize
• Workflow & Collaboration
User Experience
• Focus on User Efficiency
• Visualization, Reporting
• Tablet/Mobile experience
Connectivity & Standards
• 3rd Party Systems, Sources (Historians, EMI, etc.)
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Solutions Across the Refining Spectrum
Heavy Oils – Workforce Enablement – Enhanced Performance and Profitability
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We know what we are doing
We are successful
We have great people
We listen
We perform
We invest
We are doing the cool Stuff!
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