FAQ – e-hand in
Where can I practice?
• Click on this link and register:
Where can I find guides and help?
• On the LEARN front page you can find multiple guides. At the written exam a quickguide will
be handed out.
I can’t find my exam on LEARN.
• Check under either Learn Exam or Learn Courses after 5 July.
I am not registered for the exam.
• Contact your Study Secretariat (ISUP).
My Internet is slow and/or unreliable.
• Ensure access to LEARN through a good and stable internet connection. Consider using CBS
facilities on exam day if you are uncertain of your home Internet connection’s reliability.
How do I save a document as a PDF file?
• Check instructions on LEARN for both PC and Mac. Please do not use ”Preview” for Mac.
I cannot upload my assignment as it says that the file is too large.
• Try converting your screenshots to jpg or png format. The assignment should be under 20MB.
I have uploaded but have not received a confirmation.
• If you see that your assignment is uploaded to LEARN but you have not received a
confirmation, the size of the file may be too large or the confirmation email is simply delayed.
How many times can I upload my answers?
• You can upload new answers right up to the exam end time by deleting the ”old” answers and
uploading your new answers. You will receive a confirmation email each time you upload a
new document. After having uploaded your answers you can not simply delete them, you will
be asked to upload new answers before you can save.
Written Exams: Can I obtain a physical copy of the exam?
• No. Exams are only published in digital format. They will be in very good PDF quality where you
can copy/paste the questions or the text into a Word document. You can also highlight parts
of the text via Adobe Acrobat which is installed on all exam PCs.
When does the exam end?
• Home Assignments: 12:00 Noon is the deadline to upload your answers.
• Written Exams: As with pen and paper exams you must stop writing when the invigilator
announces that the exam is over. You thereafter have some time to convert your answers to
PDF format and upload them.
Help! I can not upload my assignment and it is now past 12:00.
• Print your assignment and hand it in at the ISUP Secretariat at Dalgas Have. You will need to fill
in a form to hand in past the deadline time.

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